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Sunny May 2018
We used to be together.
Through the bad times and bad weather.
I thought we could brave the storm.
But instead you left me to the swarm.

Talking, reading, laughing. We did everything.
But now, we don’t do much of anything.
Sometimes I wonder, back on that day.
You didn’t speak to me. Were you going away?

I didn’t know it then. Guess I missed the sign.
I tried everything, you know, to make you mine.
I know things were rough, and I know times were tough.
But now I wonder. Was I not good enough?

Then the day came. You cast me out.
When you walked away, I couldn’t shout
I think part of me knew, I had been betrayed.
I just wish I knew sooner that you would fade.
Linus Stevenson Dec 2017
One day I will love,
and it will be radiant!
One day fiery passion
will singe my veins!

One day I will love,
and it will be decent.
One day muted strings,
and a monotonous melody.

One day I will love?
And will it be dreadful?
One day a knife,
and blood on the ground...
They deposed of laughter in the rain
listened on this terrain
in their awful pegs retentive clamour
while dark gruesome hours descended
as them that didn't willingly tie for their enamor
while flatulence then finally was hardily retorted in debate
yet their nostalgia doom relived this planet in this luxury then so they'd flatten this inn divide
while in lies that pack frozen in their teeth
Luna Craft Aug 2017
There is a heavy insistence from those close to me that I'm better.
That this dip in my improvement is nothing more than temporary.
After all most flowers must wilt before they truly bloom.
But I am bitter, I feel nothing from these roots.
A shadow of years of practice.
I doubt that I am a necromancer and my talent is dying;
If I try to remain on this path I'll die a failure.
Maybe I should go against my goals for money or fame
Something I can grasp that won't pass through my fingers.
Baby steps towards a future I didn't prepare for but one I'll survive.
Piotr Sordyl Jul 2017
Wind filaments
hurl withered leaves;
We cuddle our smiles.
In the autumn of our lives, we hold our hands close to our hearts in fleeting moments of decline.
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