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Anastasia Jun 6
There were rainbow colors in the skies
She had clouds in her eyes
She saw things with colors no ones ever seen before
She had keys to every door.
All of them except for his heart
And it slowly tore her apart
It tore her to pieces
And now she is dreamless
And all of her colors are gone
old poem. it's... not very personal. but i liked it enough to post it. hope you do too. <3
Caitlin Apr 15
With a sigh of relief
the numbness is back.
I wake up in the morning
waiting for when I can take my medicine
and go back to sleep.
I'm not abusing it.
I take it when I'm supposed to.
But sleep is my favorite past time
because nothing hurts when I sleep.
What of the young Donna
Reclining with book in hand
A sigh circling her lips
A glaze greeting her gaze
Her thoughts bored of days
Endless days
Depthless days
Where every voice and all actions
Are slowly stewed
In rich stock of routine
And people arrive, bowls in hand
Forming long, bending lines
Like the Depressions of old
Where defeat, distrust, damage
Linger and lay
Within the sleepless eyes of many
Inspired by the painting A Decadent Girl by
Ramon Casas
KL Taguiam Dec 2015
We sat under a star-filled sky,
at each other.

We sat under a cloudless sky,
holding hands as you lean on my shoulder,
where we are heading.

We stood under the pouring rain,
losing what we have,
what could have been,
and what should have been.

I sat under a starless sky,
reaching out
to the void,
hoping it would consume,
this unending pain;
hoping it would consume,
this utter dreamless life.
This poem is dedicated to those who have experienced loss. May the hollowness never defeat you.
Sydney Marie Jun 2015
I wanna punch walls
And throw glass
And curse all the curse words

Yet I stay still and quiet.
Chloe Sep 2014
Every night is an abyss,
Of which I struggle to survive,
Pitch-black voids of nothingness,
Keeping myself alive.

Do you see meadows of green,
Upon forests of daisies,
Or do you see a dear one,
So close yet so far?

I see none, hear none,
All that surrounds me is dark,
Every night a ****** battle,
To keep myself sane.

But I fear that one day,
I will lose the battle,
Never to wake again,
For I am, dreamless.
I have to apologize for this one, not sure what was going through my brain.
Emily Von Shultz Jan 2013
The dawn has rendered me dreamless yet again,
Or at least of the only dream that mattered.

Surrendering myself to my subconscious has never been easy for me,
but dreams were the last place I knew you to exist,
and I would gladly brave all the nightmares that came along with them,
if it meant that I could just hold you again.

Lost- Your name has become synonymous with "Lost."
It breaks my heart every time I hear it,
and yours was a very common name,
but I'll say it all the same,
because I still enjoy the sound.
"Lost" is an unfortunate word, yes, but it implies that there is a possibility of being found.

Alive- They say you are "Alive."
I disagree.
Your meaningless words and vacant stare
scream to me that you are not in there.

Your obnoxiously noisy heart beats blindly,
it knows not of how it teases me and fills me with desire.
Your soul was the sacrifice and your body was the pyre.

— The End —