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Oscar Jan 22
Wasting time, hours spent doing nothing.
She once thought she could hold the world in her hands,
stand on mountains and face the gods.
Now she's stuck. Lost, trapped and out of time.

She worries about time, watching clocks tick by;
her hours are spent trembling, anxious of the rising sun.
The moon holds her gaze, gleaming down from her kitchen window.
"Why did you leave me?" she calls out, eyes sorrowful.

The moon just stares, fixated on the girl in the window.
Time keeps ticking by, the moon turning into the sun.
As the rising dawn arrives, setting fire to the cold sky,
she holds her head high and whispers,

"The sun will always rise." The sun smiles back,
radiating warmth that keeps her from turning to stone.
Smashing the clock, shattering glass on stone floors.
The girl breaths a sigh, the clock's ticking stopping.
this made me feel better
Oscar Jan 6
Love makes you crazy. Love glues your phone to your hand,
waiting for that text. For that call. For that notification.
It's just justification for the lies, but it's enough to send you mad.
Love makes hours seem like centuries away,
miles seem like planets and distance seems like dimensions apart.
Love is a red ribbon around your heart, tying two lovers together.
It's the bond between old souls, binding you down.
Love turns your heart into an anchor, grounding you to just one.
Eyes seem like books, chapters of stories I want to write with you;
waves I get lost in, my boat capsizing and my soul sinking.
Love is the storm that crashed my ship, pulling me under
and turning me into a ruined relic. Love is the ache in my chest,
waiting for my phone to ping. Waiting for you to come home.
Love is the fire that melts the ice in my heart, burning a brand.
Love is knowing something is poison, yet consuming it whole.
im still kinda upset that you left me on read, but i could never be angry at you. i guess i thought we were breaking apart, but the distance has proven to drive me mad. mad for the touch of skin on skin, mad for the exchange of words that i'd die for. i want the i love yous and the soppy messages. i want you. i love you.
Oscar Jan 6
Real and raw, I'm angry at you.
There's a future we've built with stolen bricks,
foundations we cemented through texts and skype calls.
There's a distance between us, a million miles separating
our hearts and our souls. We're connected through the web,
a spider knitting us together like a handmade sweater.
I'm so hung up on you, biting back words behind fists.
I tell myself, this is it. This is it. I'm done, we're breaking.
Then you text and a weight is gone, the dependence back in place.
I can't be angry at you. I can't be upset. I'm nothing but happy.
im *******
Oscar Dec 2018
days get longer, even though the sun light grows short
there's a tension in the air, christmas joy doesn't seem so joyful.
even though days drag, weeks fly by before you know it
and it's been months of the constant battle.
good and bad. light and dark. it's not black and white,
it's crying at three am because no one can hear.
it's fake sleeping when they come to check on you.
it's easting more fruit and spending days sleeping alone
because you can't fight the feeling that the world's ending,
but the earth keeps spinning and the sun keeps shining.
you're too young to understand, too young to feel this way.
tie your hair up, straighten your shirt and face the world.
fight your battles with tear stained eyes, your room messy
and your brain even worse. fight the battle because of your sister.
fight because you can't bear to lose. you can be better!
"this is just a phase you're gonna outgrow"
im crying
  Dec 2018 Oscar
Kaylee Ann
The chains hang on the floor
The pain of my past locks them back into place
My past mocks me
They harass me I’m useless they say
As I lay lifeless on the cold floor
They blindfold me, it’s dark
They flog me with words
They insert their truth of me
I miss my careless youth
When I had a shameless mind
At the same time, I was blind from the world
Now I am labeled as evil by my own mind
Oscar Dec 2018
glued together with bonds of failing marriages,
engagements don't survive and the kids are leaving home.
tied down and trying to escape with death's carriage.
my family isn't much, but it's better than being alone.
university is soon, but i'm full of such disparage
i don't want to be me, i just want to roam.

my poetry is barely audible, hitting the wall and falling
flat against listening ears. is this all i'll amount to?
writing alone - at 3 am - always missing my calling?
life's gambling, i realise, i can't help but feel blue
i told my drama teacher about my poetry. i want to be more open with poetry, but i feel as though my poetry is below standards and doesn't compete with other high intellects. i'll never be oscar wilde, but i'll settle for just oscar
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