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Kate Willis Mar 2016
Once upon a time
a long time ago
in a land far away
there lived a princess,
a damsel in distress;
with a hope
that one day
her life would be made whole
with a kiss from a prince.

A prince,
a hero  of sorts.
He’s fought dragons and
monsters and
He defended his kingdom
with all his might
with the hope
that his life would be made whole
with a perfect
damsel in distress.

At the center of the tower,
the one in which the princess lives
is a man,
of an unfortunate, horrible
And just like the princess,
and the prince,
the antagonist, the
is just as cliché as the rest
with a hope
That he will rule the kingdom.

The one guarding the girl,
the damsel in distress,
is the monster -
the dragon,
the one from childhood stories.
He shoots fire from his mouth
the color of blood
and he defends
the princess with all his might,
with a hope that one day
he’ll taste the prince’s blood.
Because all fairytales are cliché, right?
K Balachandran Mar 2016
To make a long, curious, story short,
the damsel in distress a while forgot,
her troubles, rescued him from the rot,
and in the process found her way out.
heard the age old story of damsels waiting
for princes in shining armor for rescuing,
ad nausem,wanted a change as reality is different,
now is the time when damsels are in missions
to rescue boys still not men,  in distress
let's put the record straight, give her her due
uzzi obinna Feb 2016
Tell the Queen, there is a King who will always care
Tell the Princess, there is a Prince who with another she will never share.
Tell the Servant Girl, there is Boy who will her burdens bear,
Tell that Damsel, that to see her cry will not be fair,
Tell the Countess, that for her beauty a Count will not seize to stare,
Tell that Woman, that You will love her from year to year,
And that if ever she feels lonely, there will be no need to fear,
For there will always be a Hero, who for her will shade a tear,
And a Knight who will ride through heat and cold for a creature priceless and rare.
Women are the wells from which life is drawn.
Raven Jul 2015
I am not
a damsel in distress.
I need no saving
from the tower that I built.
farron May 2015
and that's when i realized,

you will not come home to me, you never could.

i am not soft or flexible, i am all sharp teeth and rough tongue.
i am more carnage than compassion.
my jaw clenches to show i could be nothing but cruel, never will be kind.

and who wants to call a wild beast theirs?
the fairytales never end that way.
Paramount Pawn May 2015
This is the part of the story
Where the hero and his damsel realize each other's feelings
But what if we change it a bit
The damsel loves the hero
But the hero already has another
Quite a shocker for a damsel
Though love finds its way
It cannot be the same
Knowing that there once was another
The damsel let go of the hero
And set off for her own story
This time
The part of this story is that
She is now the heroine
River Scott Dec 2014
Classic fairy tales
Always start with once upon a time
Then somewhere a princess is put in danger
A little later her knight in shinning armor
Comes riding in
Saves her
They live happily ever after.

**** that.

I never enjoyed those stories
I never understood why the princess didn't help herself
I always resolved to never need saving
And yet, I never realized why they were always saved
Because humans need each other
I need to be saved.

Not in the knight in shining armor way
But I need someone to be there
I need someone to hold me
When night comes
At three am when I'm screaming at myself
At four am when I'm crying in my bathroom floor
At five am when I pass out and have nightmares
At six am when I wake up exhausted
At six pm when I come home and collapse

I never wanted to be that damsel in distress
But I never realized that in order to heal
Someone has to push me.

- r.y.s
That's why I hate fairy tales. They remind me I'm not strong.
Hunter K Nov 2014
Fight with all your might,
As you can be your own brave knight.
So take a big bite,
Of this new rewrite,
The damsels are about to alight,
From their high plight.
I dunno, I got bored. I meant to write about something else but it became that
Tryst Sep 2014
A damsel, fair with braided hair,
Her beauty wild beyond compare,
Came bustling to the summer faire,
Her petticoats a-flowing;

She settled there, upon a chair
And watched the young men stop and stare,
But none of them would dare to dare
To coax her with a-wooing;

In her despair, she gasped for air,
No one it seemed would know or care,
Her beauty hid a deep despair
That she was not a-showing

And unaware how to declare
The secrets that she dare not share,
The damsel left to who knows where,
And no one is a-knowing

How came a damsel quite so rare,
With beauty fair and braided hair,
Alone with no one's love to share,
Her petticoats a-flowing
First published 9th Sept 2014, 23:00 AEST.
A Aug 2014
I am a damsel;
I need not a prince.
I need not a knight.
I'm a modern damsel with a need for life.

I am a damsel;
Distress is always there.
Challenges are everywhere.
I'm a modern damsel who takes down mountains.

I am a damsel;
I feel fear, and maybe that's a good thing.
I feel uncertain, and maybe that's not a bad thing.
I am a modern damsel who gets to feel everything...

Because that's what damsels in my generation can do.
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