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Meghan Young Aug 2018
This monster that lives inside of many.
Takes people daily.
It's unfair that this monster lives in all of us.
Yet some can control it.
Others get consumed and killed by it.

We need to open up more about this monster.
Why is selfish If the monster consumes another victim.
This monster is hard to live with daily.

He screams and he won't give up.
He makes you fight with yourself.
He makes you hurt others.
He is unseen by many,
Cause nobody can talk about it.
So he remains hidden behind walls so high.

He consumed another restless soul.
This monster lives in all of us...
He just hasn't reached you yet.
Beware he is coming for everyone.
Rowan Ayman Jul 2018
The poet me
Is a shy kid hiding behind the door
Is a rose with not yet opened petals
Is the tear which didn’t escape
The eyes out of fear of judgment

It’s the girl who runs away from her crush
Although they had a hundred talks
In her head
Her eyes full of love so she looks away
And still wishes to see him

I like fantasy and I’m a fool
I say it’s just not real

But my heart holds on to it
Like it’s the last tree branch on a cliff
Like it’s the last water bottle in a desert
Like it’s love
I write to relieve hidden feelings and deep thoughts , the poet me is my hidden truth
vera Jan 2018
lying under the fluorescent lights
wading in the white sheets
the lights faded in and out
it took everything in him to suppress the tears accumulating
even with the red liquid surfacing from every scorched part of his body
he couldnt let himself cry
because MEN dont cry
boys cry.

the last time he cried
he was too young to remember
except for what his father had done
when he saw the glistening drops rolling down his face
slammed him into the ground
and the sprained wrist he acquired
was his reminder everyday that
MEN dont cry
boys cry.

but he let that glorious shining tear roll down anyways
because maybe men cry too.
hsc Apr 2015
Let me scream;
Let me cry.
Let me let out what's inside.
I'm not strong enough to hold it n anymore ..
Shylah S Apr 2015
You deny being a poet
Yet every word you say

Is poetic.
How can I convince him to try poetry?
Erin Hankemeier Apr 2014
Sometimes I Just Cry
I Have To Let It Out
This 10W just came to me when I was sitting in school during a stressful day. I did not cry, but "I Have To Let It Out".

— The End —