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Crystal Freda
I was either in the depths with Icarus or I was on to something special. ( C . C )


Peter Kiggin Dec 2016
Cry,Cry,Cry,Cry Cry........................Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry.

I can't tell , I can,t tell; if love don,t mean a thing
You never believed me;but whatever did trust really bring.
I want you to leave me then at least I'm right about birds that can,t help but sing;
You think you deceived me ; I was always ahead of you running
You think you'll be happy now,happy now, because you were frightened for giving in;
All the world has changed babe and it don't mean a ******* dream;
I hope you still think of me as a gentle man I'm still,but that's always been easy , I'm just like a bee that,s lost it's sting.