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Cherry May 2019

What  brings tears to your eyes?
I was shattered completely within,
My eyes went off control;
I split into tears still relieved the treachery,
He* then provoked, “Eh girly men don’t cry!”
Then a squabble ran onto my mind;
Why don’t men cry?

You distill within, you calm thine down:
You hop, you break, of course you frown.
Tears just roll down, to calm thy within,
Banding the aid that you got to fit.

The purity lies in the tears,
They wash off one’s filth, soothe and revive;
Gives you the fortitude and a roar
“High time to break the concealed fear”

Don’t rub off thy moisture
Let it remind;
You are a pow than the people behind
Your soul soothes, thy mind blows;
Fade the horror your life shows.
This has been a frequently asked question. An allegation stays that men haven't learnt to shed tears.
Find the reality through this extract of my emotions.
I'm losing my mind
Everyone sees it,
i'm not the same
Definitely not sane
I'm a wishful thinker
Though i have a lot to tinker
I'll lose my mind
If that keeps everyone else sane
Who will save me today
Before my mind has gone away
I keep getting asked "are you okay?"
Good question.
When will I finally be pretty?
Good question
I'll cut my hair and fake a smile
Hoping someone will stay a while
Why am I such a crybaby?
Good question
they say a broken heart is one that's been loved
But I guess nothing's perfect.
Who am I?
Good question
The best questions are the ones without answers.
I've been gone for a while please forgive me
Whisper Mar 2018
I find a way to relate anything and everything to home.
Oh look, it's a bag of chips.
               I used to eat chips at home.
Oh look, it's a pencil.
               I used to use pencils at home.

And each time it makes me cry.

Someone passes by me wearing perfume that smells like Mom's,
I start crying.
I see the words mom, dad, parents, home, family,
I start crying.

Am I just a crybaby?
Or am I allowed to feel sorry for myself once in a while?
Because if you were in my place, you would too.
Anyone would.
Don't deny it.

Please just let me feel sorry for myself now.
Don't call me weak.
Don't call me over-sensitive.
Don't call me a baby.
Don't tell me to cheer up.
Don't tell me to focus on the good.
Don't tell me to shut up.
Don't say I'll be okay.
Don't say it'll all be over soon.
Don't say I'll get over it.

Just let me cry.
I'm so done with this I just want it to end already
mythie Jan 2018
"Why are you crying?
You knew it was going to die."

Humans are strange creatures.
I've known that from the start.

You were no exception.
For the time being.

You cried over everything.
Animals dying, falling over.

Whatever it was, you'd cry.
In a way, I thought you were pitiful.

But I have grown since childhood.
Remembered who I was, once upon a time.

I'd cross worlds to protect you.
Even though you contradict me all the time.

You don't like what I say.
I never understood why.

I killed all those humans for you.
Those heathens.

But even then, you cry.
You cried and cried until no more tears would flow.

I remember the words to spoke to me.
Each one slipping out on a sharp tongue.

You had no more tears.
They had run out.

You hated me.
Despised me.

So we fought.
I thought we could reconcile.

Begin again.
Life brand new.

But when I turned to you to speak.
What stared back at me was dull.

A hollow vessel.
Void of a human heart.

You wouldn't speak to me.
You wouldn't breathe for me.

No matter how much I yelled.
You would never hear.

And for the first time in my life.
I cried.

"Hey, Akira,
What are these feelings?"
in celebration of the release of 'devilman: crybaby.'
Galbraith Frase Dec 2017
Give me happy pills,
Write me silly riddles
Let crybabies have their giggles
Don't force me awake at dawn
Chiffon nails unlike my Queen idle

Give me happy pills,
Drown me once, twice, or thrice
Cannot quite identify between sugar & spice,
***** spoiled brat with her spoiled milk,
De-feather the throne and join the heist

Give me happy pills,
Show me how to love and show me how to sin—
Locate me to my demons I have never been,
A corpse is a corpse—
When his pale lips turns into beige
Just an ordinary broken cassette,
In the age of fifteen

Give me happy pills,
Slap me a mega laughter until I die
Tell me saber, how to curve a smile
Adorableness faints in a cradle—
When she started to cry,
Atleast give me forever for awhile
Happy pills are always the best
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