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What used to matter
Now its all useless.

All those those things I thought were true
Seems like I didn't even had a clue.
Even though I was used to the pain
Cause it was the only thing made me feel alive!
Now it seems to not matter
It was all useless!

Waking up everyday with the same burden
Caught in the web I, myself had woven
What it really seems
Is that nothing really matters!

My head starts spinning
My body's shaking
Thinking about what could've done!
My feet starts walking
My hands are reaching
Desire for my world to burn!

And still I am here
Just waiting for you...
Drowning in the pool of agony
With disbelief in Separation!!!
Irene J Sep 2019
If we never found our way to each other,

I just want you to know that my feeling was sincere.

I could've loved you better,

but it was only in my wildest dream

that I'll ever have you love me back.
to the guy who makes my cold heart melt
who is my best friend, a guy who I always rely upon.
but I wish you'd realize
Seanathon Dec 2017
The ocean
Crashing rolling in the deep
Turning stones slowly felt to sand
Beneath the feet, and yet

No one can tame the tidal crash
Where the waterways collapse and meet

Though many have tried
How the waves of time wash over us all
In the shallow end of this single life

Because regardless of fear, or the deep
So the morning tide will ever subside
And yet never live to see the setting sun

Just as the castles of our yesterday will be swept away
By the water pulling at our feet

So the ocean will always crash and roll
With a gentleness and honest swell
Resting calmly in-between
Each wave
For A Could've Been Friend
Tommy Randell Aug 2017
Don't leave your Life
On a Shelf
In a cupboard
Okay, a re-write from last week's 'Life Has a Use by Date'
I feel this is better. If I knew how to 'centre' it in BOLD I would
Tommy Randell Aug 2017
If we didn't
Then we should've
If we'd known
Then we would've
If we failed
Then we could've
Don't leave your Life
On a shelf
In a cupboard

Tommy Randell 26th August 2017
4Anonymous7 Sep 2016
A chance, an opened door, a flickering light
You could've held me close, you could've held me tight.
But instead you left me alone as I faded away,
Growing weaker and weaker with every passing day.
So don't say you didn't see it coming, don't say it's not fair.
You had so many chances, but you never seemed to care.
Ambika Jois Jul 2016
I could’ve done the right thing
Many moons ago
If only I could’ve understood
How my heart, I could follow

I didn’t know myself enough
Yet denied it when you claimed to
I was afraid to let myself in
Always thought, maybe it’s too soon

I knew when something didn’t feel right
I could feel my skin shiver and my bones tremble
I could never tell what, precisely,
Whatever the truth was, often remained a jumbled mumble

I went so far away to find myself
Days and nights I cried in emptiness
That’s when I understood myself
Then it was clear that you and I are the oneness.

I’m grateful for the struggle
For without it, I wouldn’t have travelled so far

I’m regretful for the pain
For because of it, I have travelled away so far

I’ve accepted my slow growth as this is who I am
For because of it, I have travelled so close

I admit my greatest gain today – You,
For because of you, I have found myself.
‘Better late than never’ is one of the most famous phrases used in our day-to-day lives. That time we were late to an event or that time we went over a deadline… The quote is used so frequently that when we are actually overdue for one of the most important events or decisions in life, we not only feel grateful for having approached or accomplished it in the end, but we also face the consequences for our lateness.

Your heart finds a million ways to remind you that something is missing, and when you can no longer take the weight of the manacles, you will break free and find the courage to listen to your heart and surrender to its needs without a single ounce of shame, for it always will be better late than never to do the right thing.
I finally met someone like me
He's sharp of wit
Charming in attitude
Smooth in conversation
Closed off in emotion
Supportive in nature
Understanding off loss
Non-committal to admissions
He is everything I have ever searched for
Yet because he is such
We can never be
For I am too much like him,
And he is too much like me
So alas I'll watching him pass
Just a drifter such as I
Such a shame it is to find perfection,
Only to watch it pass me by
Michael DeVoe Oct 2015
We are grown ups
Full grown *** adults
Making out in the front seat of your car at the edge of a crowded parking lot in front of a high school where mothers are picking up their daughters from their first homecoming dance
You know, like grownups do
But that’s not really what we are
Not here, not all day
Today we’ve been movie characters
We’ve been comic strip accidents
We’ve been fairy tale destinies  
The clock is striking midnight soon
This fidgeter’s bracelet still doesn’t fit over these fat fingers
Come morning you’ll be back in the castle
Where princesses belong
Stupid fairy god mothers always ******* up a perfectly good nursery rhyme
A collection of poems by me is available on Amazon
Where She Left Me - Michael DeVoe
cait-cait Dec 2014
your taste lingers thick
on my tongue,
like the wedding cake
placed before me;
half-eaten, and
mostly smeared,
as i think of what
he could've done for me,
but didn't
i went to a friend's fancy greek wedding and the cake was terrible. i can still feel it in my stomach, yuck.
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