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Anthony Mayfield Dec 2018
Alone in bed
I'm crying.
Dark eyes lose their spark
All because somebody lied
And they don't feel cornered
It's what they've learned from a colony of lustful hearts

All I feel
Is heartbroken
I'm close but feel so far
Someone always lies
And they never feel cornered
It's what they've learned
From a colony of lustful hearts

I'll cry on your shoulder
I refuse to rot
Although someone lied
I won't let it keep me cornered
I won't be a consequence
From the colony of lustful hearts
I won't be a consequence of the colony of lustful hearts
Mya Sep 2018
You make me happy
I felt like I've been sitting in the cold
Dark corner
All alone
Until you came and said
To me
Pyre Aug 2018
Just another metal bird
with a dictated flight path
I'm just another ****** up ray of sunshine
Too many people that come and pray at my shrine
L Ron Hubbard was just the start of an ideology that's too dangerous
Too many people following a leader instead of their ideals, it's so real
yet it's only as tangible as the wind
it's not what you think
it's really not what you think
wishing life could be darker
just so I could enjoy the brighter day that I've kept a bay, that I've slept away
starting another fray.
just so you can feel at home, raised on a battlefield of the sexes, getting off on your exes pain, one more kiss in the rain, one more kiss that will maime,
another made up character that we look up too, just to hope we can be true to oursleves, cause after all were different, like everyone else.
yet anywhere else is a better view, than your own eye sockets.
Hiding more than your ring finger in that pocket, destroying your mother and building rockets.
it's our adolescence, time to fly on our own, and leave those that raised us behind. in a neighborhood that watched us grow.
I've seen the terror churn inside too many good people...
maybe that's why people still believe in god, not because they think he's real, but because they hope he is.
because maybe.
just maybe.
He'll be at the end of this long and dark tunnel.
III Aug 2018
You seem like a thing of the past,
Like a book I've read years ago
And forgotten most of the plot to.  

Though a vague structure of the events
Remains cemented forever in
The corners of my mind
More dark and unkempt,
The details that once made it hurt
Have withered into dust,
Now only scattered
In small concentrations
Across the ledges of my days
That I forgot once carried the weight
Of my adoration for you.
Anshara Jun 2018
In the corner of my memory
In the corner of my room
Lies a brown piano I've spent my life with.

In the corner of my memory
I hear music being played
Magical fingers dancing upon the keys.

In their corner of my memory
I see brown hair and brown face
But jet black eyes and a musical smile

In the corner of my room
A bully I see, against lockers
Outcast locked in its room.

In the corner of my memory
I see water. I breathe water.
No painful expression, just peace.

In the corner of my memory
In the corner of my room
Lies a brown piano,
I'm now spending my existence with.
This poem too is inspired by a song in BTS's Wings album.. The song is First Love by Suga..
Listen to it.. You'll all love it..
Saif Jun 2018
Shes's the pretties carrier of a soul,
A Damsel fallen through a wonder hole;
She bounces in joy all around the place,
A moment she's here, and another she's everywhere.

Her face round like the softest stress ball,
Eyes with a diamond's shine
Hair fallen down the shoulder like a waterfall.

Ohh My!! I tell you
She's like a divine doll
She's as cheerful as a bird in dawn
She's got flair of grass in a fine uncut lawn.

He never touched her, never spoke to her or even said a Hii
Just kept getting mesmerized from the Corner of an Eye !!!
love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you

there will be joy
in every part of your heart
as Cupid fires
his loving dart
you'll be awash
with a gleeful delight
all the affection having
a feeling so right

love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you

so walk about
the neighbourhood block
you'll see a partner
ambling toward your dock
those long held dreams
of love becoming real
all this and more
will so appeal

love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you  

don't hesitate
nor procrastinate
finding love's many
surprises will satiate
twill be the makings
of a splendid ambience
as love kindles
its sparkling magnificence

love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you
DP Younginger May 2018
There is a boy,
A presence stumbled upon in the shadows,
He hides his face to conceal his identity,
I see his flaws, but no one points at them and laughs,
He is surrounded by rusty chairs and a cloud of darkness,

He does not speak.
He does not think.
He simply stares at the world.

An empty dreamer with all intentions of barking,
He wants me,
I see him,
But my soul is engraved for another,
This boy,

I want to know what he desires.
I want to know if he stares at me for a "hello".
I want his attention.

The next day, he is gone,
A glimpse of his presence is captured, but not saved,
A figure of darkness and a corner of loneliness,
Shaded patterns of sadness echo in my senses,
Silently pushing me towards the abyss,

A face of fade.
A smile so still.
A beautiful soul trapped beneath a blank, stern, and silent scope.

I still want to know what he thinks,
My future is set in place, but is watched by the dark,
This boy needs light,
He needs a guardian,
To graduate with a wing of gold,

This foggy corner represents a relationship.
This boy signifies change.
This darkness is my unhappiness.

A narrative poem broken down into three sentences,
But do not be blind to the objective,
The words beneath the cracks,
I write about a boy,
A second image pierces my periferells,

On the left, is love.
On the right, is curiousity.
On the real, curiousity kills the cat.

I killed the boy,
I shot his nerves, point blank, with the roll of my eyes,
I just need attention,
I need constant attraction,
I adore his love,
I cherish my love for him,
Engraved in darkness,
Altered by a corner,
Continuous attention feeds my emptiness,
Fade away,
Into my dark corner.
Written in Fall of 2008. Recently edited. From the perspective of "my love". The font from "Altered by a corner" to "Into my dark corner" should gradually decrease in font size, but I could not edit in that way.
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