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Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
When you say sorry;
When you start to care
Emotions are set in motion
Thoughts, pain, memories come crashing back
Seeping through the cracks
that I never knew existed.

I never knew I was broken from within,
Until I felt my emotions bleeding through the edges.
I never knew my thoughts were suppressed,
until they came crashing down upon me like turbulent waves.
I never knew I was sad,
until I tasted the pain that was rotting like venom in the corner of my brain.
I never knew darkness brewed within me,
until it diminished the light within as it stretched over the bright sky.
hannah Jul 2019
I'm sick
And you're with her
And I'm with me
He moved
Or maybe I did
I'm not quite sure
What Spanish has to do with this
Lost in thoughts
Half dream
Half reality
Doing my best
Not to obsess or
Fall apart
In my tiny corner
Wiping my nose
Roaming the halls
In my mind
Desperate for anything
But especially you

It's truly a bit
That I still miss him
So long gone
Might as well be dead
In a hospital bed
But I hope to God
In whom I have no faith
That he'll call me someday
And everything
Will be okay

I hate you when you're laughing
Because you're not laughing
With me
That isn't fair
Life isn't fair
That's why you're
Over there and
Not looking at me
Is disgusting
And I'm full of it
I guess it's best
That I stink alone
And forget about the good times
Picking out music
Awkward compliments
Smiling through
A water glass
Nothing lasts
I'm hyper-dramatic
I think I'm officially brain dead. Take me away, boys.
A girl in the corner,
carries monsters in her handbag
Dark eyes are her soul window
Shrouded with feathers.
She breathes gently but with strength,
You'd barely notice .
She was watching you...
Don't play and no react
Sometimes she smiles.
Maybe you see the shines in her eyes.
The flash of craziness
That you've been enlightened about.
She moves with natural
As she glides on shattered floors.
Likewise,  the hearts she left in the dust.
She halts.
And looks you in the eye.
And your breath catches her discrete thought
Revised:  01/06/2019
Em Apr 2019
The depths
of nothing
rise and fall
creating tones
to the human ear
to the eye
Creating a labyrinth
to confuse her
to evoke feelings in her
to make her revoke those feelings
and crush them into nothing
to be plunged into the depths
And become the depths themselves.
i made this up as i go (as i normally do ahfajfgh)
help me im bored
im procrastinating
Nathalie Mar 2019
Love is that feeling that moves in to fill and complete the empty spaces. Love is that feeling of comfort and embrace when you feel that you are standing all alone. Love is that feeling that arises from a heart deepening joy or sadness. Love is that feeling that soothes your soul when you are travelling into the unknown. Love is all there is and it's all around; everywhere, in every corner and at every crossroad.

Mazen Edlibi Feb 2019
I found those papers in my drawers!
Knowing my own words, would make it easy to feel their belonging to me!
Tried to paint the landscape I dreamt of…
Tried to place my hope of joy and peace in its corner…
I can’t find my true color…
I can’t find the details that speaks me…
I realized I have  a picture of my world painted by others colors…
I realized I don’t own that painting

Anthony Mayfield Dec 2018
Alone in bed
I'm crying.
Dark eyes lose their spark
All because somebody lied
And they don't feel cornered
It's what they've learned from a colony of lustful hearts

All I feel
Is heartbroken
I'm close but feel so far
Someone always lies
And they never feel cornered
It's what they've learned
From a colony of lustful hearts

I'll cry on your shoulder
I refuse to rot
Although someone lied
I won't let it keep me cornered
I won't be a consequence
From the colony of lustful hearts
I won't be a consequence of the colony of lustful hearts
Mya Sep 2018
You make me happy
I felt like I've been sitting in the cold
Dark corner
All alone
Until you came and said
To me
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