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Leah Aug 1
In my bed at night and I feel it
I want you deep under my skin
I want your breath close to my neck
And all pf ypur clothes
Spread around
And all of your thoughts
Reaching to me
I want you in my bed at night
When I feel the urge
And I can't stop
Wanting only you
Leah Feb 2020
to bring back time
is my only dream in this crazy world
to separate the simple pieces
of my odd castle
to attach them with hopes
obliterate the blemishes
i miss a ray of light
and petals appear
- memories are here
Leah Feb 2020
I will keep you close
but never say a word
I will lose myself
to find you in this world

You won't reach me
not even search for me
You won't teach me
how happy I should be

I lost you once
I'm losing you again.

a pitiful eternity.
Leah Feb 2020
inside my head
it's always wrong and right
relying on you
there's never lack of light

I choose you in your worst
I love you every time
you smoke my thoughts
our attraction is just a thin line

honey, maybe one day we
crazy       until        free
spirit, mind and simple mess
breaking the resistance in me
Leah Feb 2020
I found your brown eyes in the crowd
that was enough for me
I felt you like a cigarette smoke in my fresh lungs
and it was enough
                                                    to **** me.
Leah Feb 2020
they always ask me
and I always ask myself too
- why him?
well, he was the only person I couldn't understand
so complicated, yet so perfectly created
he was the only thing that left mysterious marks
on my sweet soul
on my soft cheek
and when they ask me again
I will tell them
- because he was the ocean and I was just a drowning girl
Leah Feb 2020
I think I have already felt that
My heart was beating so hard
I stared at you for a long time
and you just looked at me
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