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Osiria Melody Aug 15
Attending to favors is like
answering phone calls
Don't respond and people
will wonder if you're worth
their time at all

Attending to favors is like
writing a speech
Don't plan it out in advance
and your work will be

Attending to favors is like
taking a walk
Don't decline to help others
and you'll end up wondering
when you'll ever stop

However, you've got the right
to stand up for yourself

Being selfless isn't selfish if you
can't help everyone

Taking care of yourself is just
as important too,
So please don't burn yourself
out and remember that you've
got the right to do you

Doing favors for others is fine, but it's all right to decline sometimes.
annh Feb 8
Spooling shallows,
In which spring reflected,
Soothes the jagged edges,
Of today's unwelcome certainties.
Seasonally out of sync, I know. This wee poem was written in the spring of 2017. I remember the day well as I lost thousands of photos in a glitch-filled download. Went for a walk. My default approach to life's problems.
MU May 2017
I need a break
So I don't break

Good bye HP
I hope we see
Each other soon

Good bye for now
I need recharge
Hard has been March
April and May

My heart is tired
From feeling much
And needs as such
To sleep some time

I promise I
Come back again

I just worry
If I go on
Without a rest
My force will wane
To write more poems
To write deeply
From down my heart

I thank you all
For being here
You are beauty
Wonder and grace

A sky of million
And one stars
Will still be bright
Without that star
I've been writing almost everyday since I started poetry, and I think I need a 'creative' break to be able to write with more energy. Thank you all, beautiful people of HP, for following, liking, sharing, and commenting on my average poems and I will see you later, hopefully very soon. Bye for now...
It was a handful
of empathetically attentive people
who noticed that she was absent,
even though she was standing
in the centre
of the well-lit room,

It was the same few
helpless people
who witnessed the moment
that she disappeared;
as she vanished
into the dense thickness
of Anxiety's terrifyingly wretched,
shroud of gloom.

By Lady R.F ©2016
Anxiety is my enemy,
always has been,
and I'm almost sure that it always will be.
I've lost so much because of it,
but I will never stop fighting
for control, and my freedom.

I thank everyone for their support.
A May 2015
"Indeed you were built strong and brave
Like a warrior bashing through a cave
Of sorrow and of emptiness
Crying when the world is bright to believe theres no such thing as darkness
Dealing with the challenges and mistakes that life throws at us
But learn from every single mistake anger-less
Stop giving into your weaknesses
Stop thinking about those who forgotten you and treated you effortlessly
Senseless  and affectionless
Let no wasteful man put you down with meaness
Only because your personality fashions a spark of joyfullness
Consume every wisdom with aggressiveness
Shed a thousand years of tears in a state of loneliness
Only so you can feel you inner self with consciousness
Be ready at what ever life throws at you with eagerness
You never lose. You either win or reflect with perceptive-ness
And just know to trust your lord with wholeness
Keep grasping upon the hardships you dealt with in the darkness
So you can look back and recall the roughness
Recalling every memory buried in your heart from all the sadness
And stand proud with your toughness
Once you overcome your glumness and drown in a deluge of pure gladness
and give glad tiding to the strangers"

                               © S Y A
A Lil pep talk to oneself. By the way, is perceptiveness a word? Lol

— The End —