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Kagey Sage Jan 2022
How would the best user friendly widget
stay that way in a profit incentive?
The physical products escape this unseen
(They're thrown out en masse when profit fades)
The internet’s been a slow fade
from revolutionary layouts and interaction
to the bare minimum you could tolerate
Today most are conditioned not to bat an eye
when the most trusted news sites
are filled with grotesquely glitching ads
that look worse than a 2001 spam virus
Selling sweatshirts with an incomprehensible
automated message containing your last name
Then it switches to threats
the FBI wants to take over my machine

Such is life today
Ignoring what we think we can
MisfitOfSociety Nov 2020
Hey look it’s me.
On the tv!

I’m your burger,
And your drink,
On your coaster,
Then I go down your sink!

I clean your plates,
Wash your car,
And your floors,
And your very hairy *****!

All you have to do is click on me!

Say hello to the man,
On the other side of your phone.
He’s listening in,
On your conversation.

L-shaped couches,
And make up kits!
Brand new cars,
And television sets!

You don’t need this ****,
But you have to have it.

You’re a product.

Advertising on the plane,
On the car.
On the train,
It’s got you on the run!

On the floor,
During sport,
On a walk,
It’s got you on the run!

Everywhere you go,
All you see,
Is a product,
Begging for your money.

You’re not a product.
Turn off the tv.
Andrew Layman Mar 2020
Polished in the mirror,
I shine.
There's evidence
everyone who knows it
now knows of ME,
and has liked my image repeatedly.

This is my good side
quickly, capture that twinkle,
sparkle and finesse;
from every angle imaginable,
and photoshop it
until my form is pleasing and recognizable.

Stare at ME entirely
but only after I have given consent,
after you subscribe to the content.
Please don't bother ME
while uploading my deep thoughts,
I am trending now;
but yesterday I lost a follower
for ME it's like losing a limb.

Such stress makes ME lose focus
I forget to breathe or eat,
such a price for the framework;
I'm not just a vessel, I'm an idol.
I'll rise and steal the moment,
little snares for captive time.

Look at ME
don't lose interest,
stop texting when I'm talking to you.
That's annoying
that's rude,
pay attention to ME for once.

Automatic flash goes off
set for selfie, now filter applied
something is missing here,
a selfie born without the self.

Don't pity ME
the phone doesn't lie;
imperfection can never be
I'm immune,
ME indeed,
addicted to the social feed.
BILLBOARD OF THE WEAK, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
Peter Farsje Feb 2020
March! March! March!
Marketing's pounding drum.

Beat! Beat! Beat!
Hear the thundering feet.

Come one, Come all!
Answer the piper's call.

Act fast! Act fast!
The sale will not last!

Need, Need, Need!
You will not be freed.

Credit, Credit, Credit!
As long as you can get it.

Spend, Spend, Spend!
Will it never end?

Pawn, Pawns, Pawns,

The illusion We are in control.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Got a plop in my fizz
And a tiger in my tank
Impossible is nothing
(That’s why Titanic sank)

Got milk? Just do it.
Wash your troubles down the drain
Tastes so good
Cats ask for it by name

Eat fresh. I’m lovin’ it.
It’s finger-lickin’ good
If you won’t eat it
We all know Mikey would

Once you pop you can’t stop
Make the most of now
“Eat Mor Chikin”
(Written by a rebel cow)

Every bubble’s passed its fizzical
Let’s get quizzical
Nothin’ says lovin’
Like something from the oven

Snap! Crackle! Pop!
They’re Gr-r-r-reat!
Just like a good neighbor
In good hands with Allstate

Look, Ma, no cavities!
Think outside the bun
Save money.  Live better.
Consider IT done

Melts in your mouth
Not in your hands
(Life’s what happens
While you’re making other plans)

American by birth.
Rebel by choice.
Hello Moto
His masters voice

Maybe she’s born with it
Have it your way
A diamond is forever
Every kiss begins with Kay

You've come a long way baby
Be all that you can be
A Little dab'll do ya
With L.S./M.F.T.

Own a piece of the rock
Where do you want to go today?
We make money
The old-fashioned way…

When you care enough
To send the very best
Oh, what a feeling!
Come be our guest!

Live in your world.
Play in ours.
Get N or get out
For the love of cars

You can’t top the copper top
Easy as Dell
He keeps going and going…
Go further with Shell

When there is no tomorrow
Bo knows best
Think small. Make believe.
Makes quitting **** less

Stronger than dirt
How do you spell relief?
Success.  It’s a mind game.
Defying all belief

Challenge everything
Share moments. Share life.
Because you’re worth it
Save a life.  Love your wife.
4/17/2019 - Poetry form: Light Verse - These famous advertising slogans from our past were sure a blast! Booyah! - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Nigdaw Aug 2019
A kid makes a finger gun
With hammer thumb
To fire at passing traffic,
From the cover of his bunker bus stop;
In America he’d be an active shooter
****, they have names for it over there,
Here he’s just a ******* nuisance;
His shelter advertises a deodorant
Shaped just like and called bullet
Perhaps some subliminal message
Has entered his head
The power of advertising, the power of death.

For a deodorant that advocates love and attraction
It’s a strange message.
All of my targeted ads remember
that we wanted to go to Iceland
in winter
to see the Aurora Borealis,

and they bombard me relentlessly
as if marketing in memories.

This instance is not unique.

It seems
no matter how many buttons I push
in attempts to subdue
these bright incursions,

I can't mute you completely.
Lewis Hyden Dec 2018
A pale green Siren
With fair skin, and the distant
Aroma of coffee beans...

Behind her, a broad,
White-bearded old man
Grinning, stares through my head...

And above, the dull hum
Of an apple, a single bite missing,
Penetrates me with its glare...

My eyes sting with tears.

It's almost like they need
To force us to be human.
A poem about advertising.
#30 in the Distant Dystopia anthology.

© Lewis Hyden, 2018
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