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Sienna Feb 19
A little native girl,
went upon her day,
not yet understanding,
what was to come her way.

Pale people on ships,
descending down the bay,
would go on to take her,
far, far away.

Too young to comprehend,
her life would never be the same,
and was ripped from beneath her feet,
without any shame.

A glimpse of harsh reality,
in the darkness there she lay,
only foreign men lying to her,
telling her it was okay.

Years went on by,
the destruction of our say,
the blood of the ******,
is now in our vein.

Their newest family,
yells that nothing will ever change;
we cause nothing but issues,
"Just shut up and assimilate,"
Matt Sol Jan 2019
Lost in Assimilation...
Propping me up
And down with the victim
Lost in Assimilation....
Detach the guilt
And lead from the symptoms
Lost in Assimilation....
Lyrics... Reading  a D-HEC sign in a restaurant (OtHello)
Matt Sol Jan 2019
Only you can know my shame
Measured by what can be stolen
Make this pain eternal
As my hurt must go unnoticed.
Skeleton Key for each line.... IAGO from Shakepeares Othllo… "I"dentity "A"cceptance "G"od…. Identify Acceptance through the Group Collective. Identify Anarachy GO-----> (existential anarchy)…. Artificial Intelligence POV, alienating identifications
Matt Sol Jan 2019
Only you can know my shame,
measured by what can be stolen,
make this pain eternal,
as my hurt must go unnoticed
Skeleton key = IAGO from Shakepseares Othello... "I"dentity "A"cceptance "G"od… Identify Acceptance through the group collective, Identify Anarchy GO----->(existential)
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
From the ashes

All my words are bulletproof;
Shout at me and your words I will use.
Everything I took from you,
Left me feeling battered and bruised.

Things are always meaningless,
Unless you take them to your chest.
Then they become more than less;
Letters become sentences.

Power comes from inside your mind;
Thoughts are gold and these thoughts are mine.
I would change the world if I could find the time,
But wishes explode and the remains rise up into the sky.

Lightning never strikes here twice,
So build a home after a lightning strike.
From the air into the ground;
My whole world comes crashing down.

Pick my life up with a dust pan and brush;
I am broken – I am trust.
I could never give a fudge,
To anyone that I didn’t love.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Josh Elis Apr 2018
Seasonal Rain
summer’s changed.
Vernal showers
super powers!
Summer gains:
summer pains,
lonely games
constant migraines..

Flush my lame ****
down the drain.

There’s no fame
for going insane,
keep your brain.
Be the same.
They’ll bring flowers,
you’ll build towers
Jenga Jenga
to pass the hours
Leslie Gutierrez Jun 2015
I'm a valedictorian not a *****.
Each to their own, but really you should start thinking.
My ****** does not make me different, but my brain has a weird way of thinking.
It does not change the game,
****** me then maybe in football you could actually clutch me.
Say I can't make a difference I say pshh just watch me.

Sweetie I'm here to tell you that your beauty fades.
You're not Marilyn Monroe! Your smile won't be engraved.
All women use their vaginas, but how many use their brains?
How many have their own wants and peeves?
Or do you like it because it appeals male?
Dress up all you want! You will still feel the same pain.
After all is said and done...
You really think you'll look the same?
Sagging skin and a trembling voice don't you wish you behaved?
Touching boys and making noise, left you in an empty room with sorrow and pain.
Meanwhile someone else's room is extremely full while a maids cleaning, How do you think they paid?

Theyres always gonna be females that look better but brains are all but different.
So lately has anyone used it cause girls keep looking the same?
So listen to my warning and stop this raid, boys will be boys and love is obviously over rated.
Focus on education and then you will say 20 years later when life goes smoothly by, this is the poem that you will idolize.
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
Let's face it,
You're honestly
Pretty Basic.
Don't call this racist,
Cause that's not the case, *****.
The Issue's
Not Racial
There's a cultural Basis.
There are
'Basic White *******'
Of  any Race
you can find
in LA
(which, by the way
Is every single race).
Everyone who's not a basic white *****
can spot a basic white *****,
Caucasian or not, it's
based on Identity
not Color or Shade.
You're not an Oasis
of cultural expectations,
and you have no idea
how your Entitlement
is Enabled
but it's okay,
Cuz you see, Babe,
The rest of us still need to
Assimilate into
The Culture that made you.
And as bad as this may
Make you feel, I'll just say
there's a good chance that this
is the only form of 'Hate'
you'll experience
Basically a poem about white privilege. Inspired by something I saw someone post.

— The End —