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روبرت Nov 28
This place is full of demonic step sisters
I miss my pristine Cinderella
Can we skip the ******* slipper
I’m waiting
Abby Reynolds Oct 11
I loved you with soft kisses and warm hugs
with t-ball pictures in a scrapbook
and eating ice cream with your little sister the first time her heart was broken
I came to you in my love
with hands to hold when things got hard
and a smile to share when the world gave you a favor
My intentions were always laced with your happiness in mind
I wanted nothing more than to cheer for you in pridefulness
when you proved them all wrong
but also to walk you home in the dark when you struck out
I loved you with all the stars in the sky
with every word in the books
with every tear in my heart
loving someone like that
filled many holes I didn't know were there
it showed a side of me
I didn't recognize
A side of me I wanted to stick around
I loved you with soft kisses and warm hugs
with laced fingertips and galaxies through the freckles on your back
you loved me
with lustful touch and half chuckles
with clenched fist and a hesitant heart
I know we lived two completely different love stories
you found chaos in the same place I laid mine to rest
This is why we could never try the times
we would never last loving as we did
you see
you never fell in love with the oceans in my eyes
or the tenderness in my voice
you were searching for a violent love
in my peaceful heart
I suppose you didn't know you'd found a girl who could make a home
out of your getaway car
is it a sign?
that i physically can not stop feeling your touch
mentally can not keep you out of my head
as a whole can not get enough of you
i will never be able to get enough
it is so bittersweet to say
that i wouldn’t of wanted anyone else to break my heart
that i wouldn’t of wanted to experience firsts with anyone else
my immense love for you
is bigger than oceans
and fills my whole body
with the memories that i wish i could relive all over again
your voice
forever haunts me with the words you once said
this honestly feels like a dream
probably because
my life isn’t real without you inside of it
-this has to mean something
Little Lyssie Jun 2017
don't be like life
and come and go.

stay with me
Ambrosia Lin Jan 2017
i hear you breathe with every beat
it rattles through my ribs
whispers through my hair
echoes through my veins
but you still won’t believe
just come home….

Carolina Dec 2016
The snow drifts from the roof tops,
Lights shine in the brisk evening.
Cheer is spread,
Joy follows behind the winter winds.

Letters are sent North to Saint Nick,
Children dream of what might come in the early morn,
Prayers are shared around the dinner table.
Memories are created to be never forgotten.
Stories being shared with those you love.

Tears fall upon my pillow,
While bellows of laughter echo,
From the other side of the bedroom door.
Life seems to be coming to a stop.

My only Christmas wish is to be by your side,
Surrounded by the most welcoming family,
The warmest love,
The family I always hoped to be apart of...
Yet it still isnt feeling like Christmas.

The joy, cheer and laughter being stolen away,
The pain hiding behind a fake smile..
The words echo "it could be worse."
If its true I dont want to know what it is.

My only prayer is that I wake up by your exciting yells.
All my letters to dear Saint Nick saying one thing.
"Please bring him home."
All go unanswered.

My only Christmas wish is to hear you say,
"Im home Mommy."
Hold you in my arms as we see what Santa has blessed you with.
The Willow Jul 2016
I realized that I was believing
words are like bait
and the more I put them out in the universe
((for you))
without even your reading them
that maybe you'd come home.

I am the one throwing the bait
But I don't wish to catch you
I want to be caught by you.
Magnuda Jun 2016
I had fallen down hard this time,
Found myself at the bottom of it all,
When somewhere past the void,
I heard my own future call.

It struck a chord in me,
Unexpected but I could feel,
My hidden heart made of flint,
Fate struck like it's ever present steel.

Again, again, again, and again,
Round, and round, and round,
How much I tried to lock myself up,
Life refused to let me be bound.

Wrapped up in my past,
I did my best to hide,
I was never going to be enough,
Trying to escape in the shadow of pride.

I was buried in the frozen earth,
Knowing some day Spring would come,
So I clung to my old shell,
When I felt the world start to hum.

Begin, Begin, Begin and again,
The sacred circle was never broken,
Fleeting dreams tumble away,
As the sacred words are spoken.

Though scars will be left behind,
My feet still find their place,
My tired heart beats again,
My Will returns to it's relentless pace.

My goal was finally achieved,
and my atonement was past,
The Day is finally beginning to dawn,
The empty night was not meant to last.
Jonny May 2016
Hello poets and hello love,
Remember my belly button,
It had some fuzz,
Hilarious myth
That was actually true,
I was selfish the years I had with you.

I'm sorry.

I want to start completely anew,
And love every second of all that you do.
I want to learn what's all in your head,
The nights after work as we lay in our bed,
Every minute apart is completely a waste,
I dream and wish and pray for those days.
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