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Sabene 7d
I look out the window,
It’s another sleepless night,
As i look out,
I notice that even at 2 AM,
It is not pitch black,
You can still see the trees,
It makes me wonder whether true blackness is a human concept,
And even at the darkest time,
God shines his light,
He never makes the world truly dark,
God didn’t make the world a sea of darkness,
We, humans, did
Reposting cause I feel this deserves more
Sabene Oct 9
I lay in bed,
Wondering when was the last time I felt joy,
Happiness I could remember,
Happiness can be bought,
Joy can't,
What happens when the pain is all you know,
What happens when you normalize it,
What happens when this is the new normal and joy is nothing but a mere memory?
It's a feeling I know all too well
Reposting cause I felt this deserves more
Sabene Oct 6
I saw the first tree,
I was in,
Into the woods,
I could hear him,
Coming behind me,
I could hear dad say,
I'm going to catch you,
He caught me that day,
And the next,
And the next,
Until he was not there,
Until he was no more than a memory
Sabene Oct 1
I look out the car window,
I see the bushes in the middle of the road flying past,
They remind me of how my life is ebbing away,
One day I was five,
And the next I was 15
Sabene Sep 24
Hi y'all. It seems that you all are enjoying my poems. I have an Instagram account @poetrybysabene where I post poems, stories and quotes daily. I'd appreciate a follow.
Sabene Sep 22
She fell,
Fell from the heavens,
With skin as bright as the moon,
With skin that glowed as bright as the sun,
She was heaven,
And she was hell,
She was kind,
And she was mean,
She was humble,
She was proud,
She was happy,
She was sad,
Who was she but the most beautiful person I had ever seen,
Sabene Sep 8
Those dreams are strange,
With people I don't know,
With people that are dead,
With scenarios that make no sense,
With vampires,
With magic,
With flying bikes,
Strange these dreams are,
I wonder why
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