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Carolina Apr 30
You make my Fingertips smile.
dancing across the softness of your body.
every dip and every curve.

you make my hair stand with the brush of your lips
the tender whispers of Lust.

Temptations of want,
screaming for the need.
legs shake.
breathing heavy.
heart racing.

Drips of wetness.  Moans of pleasure. gasps for air.

I fingertips dance
over each other’s lips down our collarbones

Lips graze each other’s *******.
Tongues surf hip bones.  
Mouth pecks the inside of thighs.

Hands roam to your arched back.
Your nails glide up mine.
Moans of pleasure release once more.

You make my fingertips dance
My fingertips smile.
Our fingertips search and roam waiting to be wrapped together like Twine.
Carolina Feb 3
Once an addict, always an addict.
Not me, but in you.

Some thing’s will never change.
You’ll have need to chase that crave.

But my love will continue to glow.
Even after you have broken my heart.

My arms will forever stretch out.
To hold you in them.

But my head won’t let you win.
Let you control it anymore.

My heart won’t let you bruise it.
My soul won’t let you devour it any longer

But I will always love you.
But I will never love the addict you.
NEVER fall in love with an addict
Carolina Feb 2
It’s scary and lonely
Its dark and twisty.
I keep looking at my phone hoping for a text,
but I’ve changed my phone number.
I keep opening my phone to look for a Snapchat
but Ive unfriended you.
I keep searching for you on Facebook
but I blocked.
Youre non existent
but I need you to be.
It’s silly.
I thought I wanted out in a way
cause you were turning into something I didn’t love
but now that I’m out....
Youre all I can think about.
And you’re all I want right now.
To hold me
tell me it’s going to be ok Baby Blue
as you grab my bottom lip and say you love my juicy lips
To kiss the pain away
That you’ve caused
Carolina Jan 28
Today I stand and say enough,
Today I shine as bright as the sun,
Today I love myself mightier and stronger,
Today I shout to the skies ‘I can do it’
Today is my day!

I am beautiful!
I am strong!
I am enough!
Carolina Jan 20
Your pillow smells
like I miss you.
Cupid tells me
to kiss you.
Harmony wants me to
sing to you.
Love flutters in me
like the wind in your hair.
Cupid’s arrow has
hit me hard.
Carolina Jan 15
How can you sleep,
next to someone who makes you feel unwanted?
Carolina Jan 15
You are not alone.
     Or are you?

You shouldnt be.
      This is suppose to be a partnership.

But I am so alone.
     But I am so lonely.
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