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JA Perkins Apr 2020
And just like that, it's over -
like it didn't even happen.
Traded the rest of his life
for a half a gram - went out
noddin' like he was nappin'..
My heart cries for the family,
Aaron, I miss you, fam.
And, if I could, you know I'd
buy you back for that half a gram.

Just like that, gone forever..
Like he was never here,
a sudden change of weather
we often see this time of year.
My heart cries for your kid,
I'll never forget you, man.
Why men would rather ****
than build, I'll never understand..

Just like that, forgotten..
The girl had gotten sober
Bought some birthday
presents and ******
and just like that - its over.
My heart cries for your baby
Carrie's never coming back.
I wonder if she wore the
bracelet I gave her when
she faded into black.

Just like that, we're praying..
for God to heal our hurt..
a few words about his life and
then we chunked him in the dirt..
I tried to tell you, Bill David..
That girl would get you killed..
Look to God to do the healing
You just be the one who's healed.
When does it ever stop?
Ambrosia Lin Jan 2017
i hear you breathe with every beat
it rattles through my ribs
whispers through my hair
echoes through my veins
but you still won’t believe
just come home….

JP Mantler Jul 2015
The earthside glistens from rainfall's night
Sun of our God, glimmering daylight

What will we hear today?
What will we see today?

Rippling rivers traverse downstream
The creatures of Nature seldom seen

Plantations growth tame when lost
Only to find what life could  cost

*What could we feel today?
What could we be today?
Circa 2012. , written on a cardboard plate.
Creep Jun 2015
We held each other so tight,
Hoping in vain
That if we held tight enough
We wouldn't have to leave each other.

Everything came rushing in,
Banging open doors
And showing us all that we forgot
Reminding us why we came together
Why we were.

And now the aching is surreal,
Hard and constant,
Gnawing insides out.
Different from the way I missed him,
This ache is a dear longing for
The smiles all of you put on my face,
The help you always gave me,
My support team.

Thank you for everything.
But I can't say goodbye,
Not now when we've only just go to know each other through and through.

I'll see you later,
Good luck with Rajiv ;3
Dedicated to the dark side ^-^ gonna miss you all so much~ (we are THE squad goals)

By christina perri
LeeAngelo Rush Jun 2015
The stars are beautiful
so far away
they stare in joy
so I'd like to say

They shine bright like a diamond
cause they are to me
they keep me happy
happy as you can see
Creep May 2015
Each and every text hit me like
Little sparks of fire,
Each of them igniting
And enveloping me
In this new feeling,
Spreading warmth across my body
Like warm butter,
Seeping in and soaking.
Popcorn popping in my stomach,
Bouncing up and down,
Warm and addicting.

I smiled.

So this is what it feels like to be loved.
Feeling loved by many ♥ I love you guys! Thanks for all your support! :3 it means a lot ^^

Honey honey
By abba
IcySky May 2015
I miss you, and the time we hung out… I miss the bad times as much as I miss the good times… our relationship is never great, we have our fights, but we always figured it out.  
My homie, my best friend.
I love you and don’t at the same time, and I know you feel the same… We can chase each other around the house, hitting each other with pillows, but all in good fun...
My homie, my best friend.
We’re tight, and best friends, I love you…
My homie, my best friend, my brother.
Aaron Bray Jun 2014
Worship in vanity the thread count in linen
Sacred vestments of Gucci Inquisition
Crimson is the season
She called it blood orange
I simply saw blood
Diamonds in her ears
Stole the glory from the stars
Dull brown eyes hide
Below saturated blue
Lenses to hide her shame
That she wasn’t born a princess
Perhaps prince charming awaits
In another dive bar
Holding a whiskey sour

— The End —