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Aurora Sep 28
Thank You

For everything you've taught me
Through these short years
For believing in me
When even I didn't
For providing me with an outlet
And positive feedback

Teachers deserve more appreciation than they get
And I just want it to be known
That I'll miss this choir
This class where I've felt loved
This home that you've made
Within these school walls

Thank You
Axel Jul 3
When the sun rose today,
We didn't know he would go away.
He wasn't my friend but when the sun rose today,
He felt like a family.

When the sun set today,
His name was spoken in our prayers
And our words came out like our tears
Sounded up the moon with his face on our faces.
translation for the title:
"We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return"

my senior passed away today and he had cancer, I cried even though we weren't close at all, but still he felt like a family and I pray that he's in a better place waiting for us up there. <3

Al-fatihah (for the Muslims)
Elisabeth May 8
they say these are the best four years of my life
and i never believed it for a second
with only weeks left
i finally understand the amazing experiences i’ve had
and the connections i’ve made and lost
i’ll never get anywhere else
these times pass through my head like a well made song
that is able to bring you to tears
with only a few notes
memories that i can never recreate
or fabricate
for once in my high school career i’m thinking
i might actually miss this
getting up at the crack of dawn
riding a bus through a foggy autumn morning
to go to classes that i hated
but that i now want to repeat
with this ending
i’m actually growing up now
Bhill Apr 21
Pain is hard to see
Imagine how hard it is
Why does hurt soooo?

Brian Hill 2019#97
Inspired by my senior dog...!
As our pets age it becomes incredibly hard to watch.
I know he is not scared of the end.
I am....
Thanks for reading
Tulsa Apr 15
Please leave me the **** alone.
You're really annoying
and I don't like you.
I don't care
about your stupid accomplishments
Please stop
complaining to me.
It's every day,
I have to listen to you in Biology
you're two years older than me
I'm not your therapist.
Please stop
you're literally no help at all
I don't care
how much you got done over the weekend
or how many horses you trained
or what you're wearing to prom.
Please stop.
I don't like you.
I'm really sick of a girl in my Bio class
Paylei Rose Mar 21
A time of laughter and stride
This year has had it's ups and downs
We might have even cried
Or maybe we ran the towns

We stood our ground
Fought the system
Now all that's left is to look around
For that was the last to be written
We were young but we felt old
Forced to make decisions
On the road less traveled

Watching time go by
As we cling to our youth
Holding our breathe
Scared to the tell the truth

Trying to live above the influence
So we all just get High!
Mary Jane and molly is one hefty price
Adderall to stay focus
On this thing that we call life

Teeenage fever, God... I hope this thing dies
Ken Pepiton Jan 10
The doitnow voice

{one in a series of solos while considering multiple personality
mixed chorus tryouts for a spoken opera, ere this a Socratic voice spoke, then
a dialogue of anomalies took shape]
******* has the brackets.
This is a realised simulated happy ever, end prologicspiel
This is the way.
{remember Socrates said his voice said don't and sometimes only once.}
test the air you breathe out, that is not what defiles you.

speak light, draw attention, then
Do it now, as best you can
and keep doing best
every time
{ggood vibrain-tion tense in tegrity
best I think I can
buckyballs bouncing through the new age
mirrored 'alls of missed aitches}

(Ah, Casteneda, ya'coulda seen it> as the croW flew)

All things work together, every thing breaks,
everything is working
when any thing is re
al ized
Murfeesboro law, if nothin' can go wrong,
it cain't, whether it wonts or wants to, or not.

everything is working at reasonable good
when any thing is re
al ized
unique, like you. Anomalous you, as yet

a daptible augmented alienated mind,
do you mind?
your integrity has been questioned,

do you now or did you ever
imagine you knew what
Castaneda said he saw and learned to see.

if you can fake sincerity,
it once was thought to mean

without wax
in the fractures,

standing still for as long as I may recall
at this point

the magi seem to miss the connection to true

some seem always to know,
this good out weighs,
any bad.

our best good to gather all our

dance around the fire
listen to the lyrics lick the liar

snakey-lick, microdose

two snakes, how shall we organize our structure,

is there a high command in
the organizms living
in my belly

for example

intolerable, wobble able skepticism
to imbalance the spin within
the wheels wheeling into forever

as far as mortals may care,
my dear.

re-verse engineer those lost religions

if you can't fit one in a word, you know you did not fold it up right.
or it never was the word. The one
Magi and Rabbi both said ineffable in an effable

utterance, singularity of
sense data, mundane and ordinary,
miraculous, as their inexplicable existences evince,

in my reality I find
quantum truth is peace ful to a peace maker,

in my experience,
a new voice seldom knows good from evil
if it calls

guilt and innocence

Like Mars and Sophia,
who could ever imagine that

The boy knows not the difference,

he was war trained,

too subtle to see from his ration-al

bogus science, theo dose us.

Good is good in every good boy who does fine like minded

A new voice, 30ish stuck near a next gate left swinging in the wind.
whoa, spiritual right used

who are we hearing?
(watch a comma mean everything)

, teaching 30 something and below
a true Richard Dawkins Disciple
to the novice-nots he preaches, true rest in knowing
I believe there is no god, we, you and me, he says, we know

there is no God,
but we can't stop thinking about him.
{he said that was one of the all things that are possible}
--- you can hear me now? cool, who's the preacher?

An atheist sounds 30, teaching 30 something and below
a true Richard Dawkins Discipline master spiel
to the novice-nots

come on encourage me
and I'll encourage you and
we'll be what ever we agree we are

as far as that can go. Que sera et cetera

idle words redeemed we mean what we mean
every *&^%$#@ and ,.';:"+_-=
as well.
We own Seri and Cortana. We got root!.

we stand to topple every imagination that imagines itself
beyond in every or any
vector from whence truth has been filtered by

{stop their minds are on auto. tongues and interpretation
situation evincing the confirmed's bias

to, exact now}

man's measure of time.

Spirit of truth. If that is, it is because you thought so.
It never goes away.
It can drive you into a wilderness.
Stark-raving-mad thinking there is no reason

in your rational being.

That's nuts, if you really believe there is a reason,
what is it?

I make mere points where a story may
emerge to guide you past
some cultural events
you don't need
to know,

ripe cheese, you may  never know the unspeakable variety of truth there is
in the factual ripe ness of a lactis bacillis cousin community formed in the surplus
lactation left to rot by some human who once learned

some how, to milk a cow.
How'd yew figger that?

Would yew b'lieve a lit'le birdie tol' me?
That would be a lie, but a variety of the truth
by reason of thae tactile way a hand must learn

No clumsy boy learned that alone,
we dreams of certain carnal
joys unbeknownst, we
came with the knowing how, some how, good felt good,

who beguiled whom, the m is so im portentious in such
situations as we

find ourselves in, yin
yanging in eine klein bottle

oh, my, google klein bottle.

I may have poured the last thread to

into a klein bottle with a quark in it.
Youtubes from Pinker in the background, musing around tith conceptual pantheonic integrity, then I learned Carlos Casteneda never really saw my silver crow.
Rose Everest Jan 8
Meeting you was like falling in love for the first time,
I was attracted to your charms yet I'm scared of the outcome.

your sharp witted thoughts,
endearing smile,
and your sharp mouth.

you were like the big blue ocean,
so harsh yet calming.

and yet,
I still love you and hate you for everything that
happened between the both of us.
'lansasa' is his initials
he is my senior.
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