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Aurora Sep 2019
Thank You

For everything you've taught me
Through these short years
For believing in me
When even I didn't
For providing me with an outlet
And positive feedback

Teachers deserve more appreciation than they get
And I just want it to be known
That I'll miss this choir
This class where I've felt loved
This home that you've made
Within these school walls

Thank You
Aurora Sep 2019
Not by your GPA
Or what others say
For you are far more
Than what some people see

Measure your worth
In the number of smiles you’ve caused
The way that you light up the world
Luminating the darkness
Turning sad nights
Into the most beautiful day

And I know it may mean nothing
To read this from your screen
I just wanted you to know
That you are
more important
Than you yourself believe
Aurora Sep 2019
I feel your pain
Only sought after for rain
Providing beauty that remains unwanted
Trying to bring others happiness
At the expense of your own
Aurora Sep 2019
Lies in an empty house
Hiding in the nooks and crannies
Where memories unfolded
Laughter was had
And now it's no more

You could call me sentimental
You could call me a fool
But I always dreamt
That it wouldn't end this way

I wish love was real
My heart yearns for a welcoming place
Where I can show my face
And not be lost in this mess

— The End —