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Skye Jan 2021
I’m made of rubber
Worn thin over time                        
Used over and over                                            
My heart is elastic,                                                                                    
It snaps back into                                                                      
Place, but it breaks                                                
When your blade gets                
Too sharp.

I feel like a balloon,
Floating some days                                                      
Then punctured on            

Mend me,                                                              
Breathe me                                
Back to life…
Maria Mitea May 2020
carefully unfurling its branches
in the marrow’s guardian cells
connecting more or less
with permeable walls
when pressure is
looking for an
elastic collision and
the steady stream
animats the soul
bursting into a state of
internal ataraxia
Limpid Elastic
Bombtastic gymnastic

Keeping pants on
This potato shape

Suspenders need not apply
Elise Jackson Jul 2017
Your mind is the worst now.
Day 18/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
Joy May 2016
Jamming her fingers into the keyboard,
You would have thought that it was elastic -
You would have thought she was digging into her soul,
Searching for something stronger than this
Broken melody.
May, 2016
Liam C Calhoun Jan 2016
For each and every other,
There's something to be said.

There’s something to be said for –
The security guards
With coke nails.

There something to be said for –
The alcoholics
That moonlight as bartenders.

There’s something to be said for –
The huddled mother,
Cradled child and cusped copper.

There’s something to said for –
The recluse with word,
Broken atop a glass of wine.

For each and every other,
There’s something to be said,

But one knows not another word.
This is what I see when I walk down the street, "bop-bop-bah-do-bop!"
R K Hodge Nov 2015
For a while there was an elastic band gripping her wrist.
Then it snapped.
The taught frantic energy became dusty residue, a shed snakes skin. Fragments of it lay in the crevices of her cupped palm. Parts of it seemed to wriggle, until they didn't ache any more.
Looking up, the room remained quiet. A bad song landed through the speakers. Time started back up again. The pieces had to be scraped into the apron.
introvert Mar 2015
Like an elastic band,
Kindness expands beyond,
I feel like it's a bad luck charm of sort.

You don't acknowledge it-
Like you should, love.

I'm taken back,
By this cold

I hear your voice at the back
Of my head,
I feel a skip where the beat
Should be.

One step forward but never
Much progress
In that.
let’s engender a love like an elastic.

baby, let’s create a love where …
when we’re plagued and bombarded with complications
we still spontaneously recommence our conventional shape;
like an elastic.

darling, let’s make a love where…
when we fight and you say i hate you
i can gaze in admiration into your eyes
grasp your hands
pull you closer
kiss you and tell you i love you
and we’d be okay because you’d know i mean it.

my love, let’s create a love like an elastic
whereas, we’re oblivious to our boundaries
and we’re too paranoid to find out
because if we do, we just might pop.

your heart’s been broken,
mine has too;
but i promise you an elastic love is all we need
to get through.
I want to feel what you feel.
I want the tough polymeric substances connecting our hearts
to communicate with me;
vibrating whenever something is amiss.
i want to feel the pain he made you feel
i want to dwell in your suffering and swallow it
just to digest it and make sure it never comes back up.
After that, i want to be yours …forever.
- d.b.d.
Alice Jul 2014
****** me with your madness
Pull me in with your spiraling illusions
Paint swirls beneath my eyelids
trickle words into my pores
Make my breath a choke without your power
Make the screams come out my ears
Hot words swell on my tongue
Send me from this stiffening reality
in, to the elastic world of light
or is it darkness
the image is not mine
You pasted it to my eyes
You remove it
Or forever I will pace my castle in the air.

— The End —