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I S A A C Feb 2022
I suppose I should repose
explore new clothes since I've outgrown
every and anything in this ratchet city
every day I wish to make it out before I am 50
before my bones and motivation crack
before my smile lines and crow's feet are all I have
watching my sanity slip like my grandson down the waterslide
oh, why God why, did you never let me fly?
Was I caged or fearful? Was it staged or virile?
Was I ever able or just another one of your fables?
the man that would never because he never believed he could
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2021
This level crossing--

and broken glass,

from naming to numbering,
names tend to define,
numbers are neutral,

they count the roads, follow their failings--

and absorb,

dictated by a headlight,
I feel nearer to the surface of us,

motion made of visible memories, arrested in space,

mere unorganized explosions of random energy,
and therefore meaningless--

to fall in love with our progress,
and yet be outgrown by it.

TheModernHippie Sep 2017

It seems like you no longer need me

That's okay, I know I no longer fit. You've outgrown me, worn me out, and I do look tired.

We've gone on many adventures you see, to places we thought we'd never reach, heights we'd never climb, views that were only sublime

Were you tired along the way? I bet you were. Tell me, don't be shy. We've come a very long way, you and I

But don't worry about me if you'd like a change. Another may carry you longer, and even farther, you may even feel you've grown stronger.

You'd go many paths and crossroads, rivers and seas, upon many paths right through the trees

And that's okay, because I've served my purpose after all, when you jumped and stomped and walked and ran, i took the fall

But if you want to go on adventures again, I'll be there, in all the places you'd expect me to be. They won't be the same, you may not feel the originality

You may feel bored with it,
And all it would be is familiar
Never feeling the same kind of free

But look, see, I have no holes in me,
I look tired but there's still durability
If you fuss and twitch, i may still mold to your feet

Because you were meant to go the distance
And i was meant to adjust
But that's just the way it is
And can never be the way it was.
For S

— The End —