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lua May 6
love doesn't cost much, to say the least. ive never bought love before but i know people who have. some say it costs an arm and a leg, some will say it's about a dollar and two cents. no refunds, as everything goes. sadness is an acquired taste, but it costs nothing more than the entirety of your youth. it has an interest rate too, so if you cant pay it all immediately, you're gonna be in debt for the rest of your life. sometimes you dont realise you bought sadness in the first place. sometimes you mix things up in your shopping cart and that's okay. it happens to the best of us. fear, on the other hand, is something you don't buy. it's just been there for as long as you can remember. some people have more of it, some people have less. sometimes people like to share their fear to other people, or even force it into a poor, unsuspecting fool's hands. everything else is a hand-me-down, opinions and what-not. kids these days like to take those opinions and cut them up and add new stuff to it, making it something new entirely. it's interesting, and it's become some sort of new trend nowadays — a trend i gladly participate in. but there's one thing i don't think i can buy, not for now atleast. happiness. happiness is something i see in a store shelf, a price tag with an ungodly amount of digits sticked on it. happiness is the item in the shop that i pick up and inspect with a longing in my heart, but never can buy. i don't have enough money for happiness. sometimes people drop their happiness as they go about their lives, and i would be the person behind them to see it. there would always be an inner debate within me whether to keep it for myself, or to return it to the owner. on most occasions i am a model citizen, and return it to the person who dropped it. but sometimes i place it inside my bag and bring it home, to where id take it out and feel the corners of my lips twitch into a smile. i know it wasn't mine, but the rich people who can afford it tend to be so careless, as if they don't want it. i know i took someone else's happiness away from them. so i'd place it back in my bag, go back to where i found it and place it there, hoping the owner comes back and finds it. then i'd go back home feeling accomplished, yet heavy inside. it was the right thing to do, i'd repeat to myself. one day i'll buy my own happiness. happiness to call my own.
Graff1980 Mar 2019
Shop online now
to buy
all of these
little things,

Like portable
gaming devices
to distract you
from the sad view
of other who
are hurting,

Like t-shirts
that barely fit you
but look cool
and advertise
for your favorite

Like lite
wireless earbuds
so you can’t
hear us
when we yell

The internet sale
is better because
you don’t even
have to leave your house,
you don’t have to
go to a store
and see anyone
Dea Elizabeth Nov 2018
Advertise my soul,
capitalise from my sins.
Dig the earth for coal,
a market built for kings.
Suppress for your control,
fill your life with things.
Abolition of self-control,
a life attached to strings.
Steelyvibe Jun 2018
I watch the flicker of lights
They are clear and steady
Blazing out continuously
In brilliant letters

Huge digital billboards
And cold electronic signs
Sending signals to the brain
Of the latest consumer designs

No time to think
No time to digest it
Keep on working
To pay for the transmit

I will buy a new car
And replace the TV
Keep the system rolling
As part of the economy

Stroll around the mall
Listen to the doublespeak
Join in with the crowd
Buy the same as last week

Buy now, buy now
Self autonomy
Buy it replace it
Its good for the economy

Goodbye for now
But you will be back
Customer loyalty
With biofeedback
Based on a short story by JG Ballard, The Subliminal Man
contributor money will buy
a favourable outcome
this is the most favoured
beat of drum

drumming up money
in mountainous piles
brings favour's ideal
winning smiles

if favourable outcomes
are what you so seek
stack the wads of money
in heaps not so meek

drumming favours
drumming favours

the vendor of said
drum beat
will ensure favour's
so neat

to achieve this goodly
keep beating money's
opulent drum
Arcassin B Sep 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

In all seriousness I've became what I was
Afraid of being in the beginning,
Was never in the line of winning,
Been a loser all my life while making
Choices that create the bad moments,
That I Almost forgot about sinning,
In all seriousness, I'm starting realize that
Life and love is shorter than our fingertips
That reach the stars whenever we need
And they say "you're very blunt aren't you?"
And I say well take a walk in my shoes
Theres nothing worse than fresh Cuts,


I could die a thousand deaths but at my own
Gotta pay the price to make it right with Moses again,
There will always be some recarnation of anything that you fear or you
Cherished while your life was at the beginning stages playing
Constant melodies and buying into propaganda,
Lines are being crossed for taking everything you stand for with a set
Of hands and a heavy heart who has ya',
So listen to the paster cause he knows the trials that come with living,
Giving you obstacles and lower pensions,
There's no God like the god I know that is based on ascension,
Death only settles the score not a cost of extension.
Silverflame May 2016
Fishing the coins up from my pocket.
One by one.
Counting them carefully. Repeatedly.
I hope I haven’t forgot some.

Just the thought of it makes me nervous.
I’ll face the ground.
What should I do if I have counted wrong?
Just keep looking down.

Standing in line, trapped in a cage.
The next one is me.
Please, don’t do anything stupid.
Count slowly to three.

The beeping from the machine.
It’s too loud.
The voices and smiles are all too much.
I don’t belong in a crowd.

I am up front, the point of no return.
Eye to eye.
Looking down, giving the money.
I am ready to die.

All the attention is now gone, I’m free.
The exit has arrived.
I can’t believe I did it once again.
I can’t believe I survived.
Back when I was younger I was terrified when I had to face the cashier and pay all by myself. It was like everyone kept staring at me and I would always imagine the worst case scenario.
Luckily I don't have that problem anymore. I have even worked as a cashier myself.
Buy now  pay later
You will not value the goods
In the near future.
Impulsiveness.  Is the biggest demon in our society.. We don't. weigh. up the consequences.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2015

Dumpy Trumpy
Sat on his ****.
Lumpy Trumpy
Infamous ****.
He is not a friend
To the left or the right
And has no live dog
In the political fight.

Dumpy Trumpy
Pats his own back
Bragging how he is
Way ahead of the pack
Of half-witted politicos
With nothing to offer.
He thinks he will win
On the strength of his coffer.

Dumpy Trumpy
Made a big jump.
His gold plated ****
Made a sickening thump.
He waved his money,
He figured it’s enough
To sway the competition
No matter how tough.

Dumpy Trumpy
His Mussolini face
Deaf to the meaning
Of public disgrace;
He figures that even
If the GOP rejects him
He has lots of money
He’s sure will protect him.

Dumpy Trumpy
Plays to the stands
Of wingnuts and crazies
In disgruntled bands.
He’s sure if he curses
The current regime
He can be President.
At least that’s his scheme.
Brent Kincaid May 2015
So far you are good at pollution
And other pocket lining resolutions.
You look at graft as a noble institution
While you work to undo the constitution.

No matter, it is our geese that are cooked
As long as you have pricey vacations booked
Don’t miss any vote-buyer’s finger crooked
As long as the very richest fish are hooked

You quickly learn to so slickly lie
While looking people in the eye
We’d be better if you said goodbye
But you don’t so we just sit and cry.

And as you ruin all of our credit
You take our Social Security and bet it
And it’s our fault because we let it
And then when you steal it, we forget it

But your fingerprints on the knife in the back
Proves to everyone you are all off of the track
Everybody is busy giving you nothing but slack
Like all of us are some kind of lobbyist hack

It is we who have to watchdog your legislation
We have to stop this lethal voter hesitation
The moment the crooks come up for elimination
We must vote them out or there is no restoration

This free ticket to rob us can’t last forever.
Someday the people will all band together
And you will find out quickly whether
America is wise enough to pull that lever.

— The End —