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Buy what will last and not what you see.
Facts of Share Market, Facts while Trading
A Simillacrum Jul 2019
i know well the fear as it manifests
in the dampness come night
dollar bills burn hot in pocket
the reddened skin of my inner thighs
fights to fray the cloth, but i
i'm better off sleeping in my pants
and my shoes, as to evade
then this thing clicks and the misfit
cuts come to fall into plan
by design, without fail, buy and sell
then there's me, this thing replete
with confidence in its destruction
by its hand, or on demand, its a
matter of course                  lightbulb!
I should buy your idea,
All of my own have failed me.
Kindly accept my plea.
Save me,think for me!
This is true....not just a writing!
lunademiere Mar 2019
under my eyes you see the infinite allure of time,
millions, billions of years,
so much you can’t even comprehend,
I told you time is a continuous illusion,
a figment of smouldering history,
time has no trace when envisioned in its fullness,
capacity of great proportions and its limit,
it can no longer portray the absoluteness,
it is painted by the incomprehensible allure and charm,
touch it with senses and desires and it will reveal its secrets,
the fruit of sensuality and grace,
death of the Universe, rebirth after rebirth,
I catch the trace of time,
a kiss of thought in the divine,
me and the mind to rule a world beyond the infinite.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' available on amazon. Buy my book.
a buyer
of house
looks to
aspire them
to gain
trust in
this mortgage
commonplace that
coffee imagine
a donut
worth their
value in
density as
once dulce
vita is
this anchor
with marrow
a code
Youdont Needthis Dec 2018
I'm here
To entertain
To play ukelele while
****** addicts in Prague score plump ***** poppies
Under a lazy summer sun
And their flirtations with death and their pursuit of high doses of deep oblivion
Are reduced to a journalist's article submission and the breathing, sweating, bleeding men and women are now
Still lights and colors in an image we can cast blank stares at
I play guitar
And the sound of riots that burned and looted chunks of Baltimore is now poignant accompaniement
For my dainty melodies
The hurling of insults, bottles and teargas
Are just the blazes of Rome for my fiddle
I'm here
As your fellow Rwandan and neighbor
to **** your daughter when our party has declared war upon yours
To chase you and your surviving family with machetes through the thick marshes that surround our farms
And then later mold that nightmarish scenery into a short video in which I
Beg you and the world for the sweet relief of forgiveness
In the background
I'll play a grand piano
I'm calling you
To perform my executive duty and express my heartfelt condolences for the death of your young husband
Whose name I've already forgotten and need to ask you for
Your reaction will be televised between toilet paper advertisements and blatant social conditioning

The pretty melody will continue throughout the daily openings of
And I'm not bitter or mad and I dont want you to be either
You think I'll leave you because a client got you pregnant but I wont
I'm here to take care of you in your 60usd hotel room when youre too sick to work
I'm still holding you tight after your close friend overdosed in the bathroom and died
I'm keeping my composure when the interviewer casually asks me if I hate everyone who doesn't look like me
I'm cheating all of my factory workers out of ever getting paid well
And then I'm sending them overseas to steal the jobs of college grads we hired
I'm being born while hundreds of people drown on the MS Estonia
And I'm dying from choking on a salty tortilla chip

Yet Still
The notes will calmly drift
Amidst the gunfire between rebels and regime in the rubble-laden deserts of Syria
Amidst the firm commands from Green Beret cadre to candidate in the lush woods of Camp Mackall
Through the inconviently fatal exit wounds in my teenaged chest
and the large caliber bullet holes in cheap beer cans I'm shooting for practice
I'm not telling you this so you can squeeze our experiences into a mondo film that ego-tripping critics will loathe
I just want you to not fixate so harshly on the particulars of how the codes you crack end someone's life on the other side of the world
And realize for a moment how many of your relationships are just thinly veiled plays made between you and your rut-enabling neuro transmitter dealer
I just want you to walk across this beautiful, extraordinary earth where giant beasts stomped and loving parents were murdered
Walk right over to where I am
And strum these strings
While this world lives and breathes and pukes and cries and sings
Steve Page Dec 2018
More than one previous careful
Much more than moderate use
Less than unreasonably hoped for
Subjected to excessive abuse

Above your typical mileage
Much rusted under the sills
Worn patches in the fabric
Stains from occasional spills

Go faster stripes have been added
The rear windows now have a tint
Extra headlights recently fitted
A perfect first car, don't you think?
Memories of searching for my first car. A Vauxhall Chevette.  Painted 3 shades of bronze.
Bryce Nov 2018
The tick of toothed gear
Gives handfuls of a surprise
Mike & Ike tasters.
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