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Ashok Manikoth Jul 2020
We think a soldier knows no
fear. How wrong we are it's fear
that keeps him alive. A trained killing machine he is but made of flesh and blood. It's the training and comradeship
that keeps his spirit high. The words cover me works like a spell he forgets
he is mortal. From an ordinary being he becomes a super hero his heart and mind knows only one thing protect the life of his comrade who has stepped into the dark trusting him. Bullets can pierce him pain can make him fall yet his arm and eyes are steady his gun trained eyes scanning for any danger that might befall his friend.
Ashok Manikoth Jul 2020
On the border stand a few men in shivering cold who have sworn that
not a soul shall cross as long as they stand. You and I live oblivious of this cozy and safe their sacrifice gone unnoticed. At home we have a similar
a farmer and soldier rolled into one
who sees that there is food on the fire
our safety his only concern. As long as alive we notice him not, a stranger to wish once in a while. He is the one we call father. Mother we praise in verse and rhyme yet not a word for him at home and the one on the border. Dear friends of mine remember them say a kind word once in a while they are the heroes brave hearts with hearts of gold.
“I was okay with dying.” The Irishman tells the ghost of an unknown soldier. “It’s inevitable. Especially in war.” He sits down facing the sunset.
The soldier picks up a red poppy from the field. “How did you die?”
“I was airborne.” Says the Irishman. “I died from a crash. You?”
The soldier looks up at him. “Gunshot wound. Although one of these poppies is for me. My body lies back in the trenches.”
The Irishman nodded. “My body lies back at the crash. No one has found me yet.”
“We were alive a short while ago.” The soldier says. “We laughed and breathed. Now we’re stuck here for eternity.”
Dream Fisher Nov 2019
It's a countdown, whats the count now?
Do you know? Is it in your head?
Is it trapped in your pillow as you lay in bed?
You say run, I'll do laps until I collapse.
Until I relapse to the same spot
Where my legs drops, keep my head up.
Keep your head down like a soldier
Fighting through a war, getting older.
What's the count now? It's a countdown.

Eighteen shots rang out across the field
Eleven more then each side did yield
The commander speaks out in code
Like he has a plan for that unknown
Guerilla warfare until the cover is blown
But they dont plan for worst scenario
Passing the past like it's buried now.

Each one would take a shot for America
Right to the chest, right through the heart
This is raw thoughts, I'm not wearing a vest.
The pain could drain any in the path of this shooter
But I'm a soldier looking into the future
It's a countdown. What's the count now?
The sun beamed down on the sand,
with an unforgiving frown.
For it knew we would drown.
In the blood of the innocence,
and die in foreign land,
for a war caused by man.
Who care more for the oil
under some man's soil,
Then for his lover,
or even his brother.

We had believed them when they said,
"You, are fighting for freedom from dread"
"You, are fighting for liberation of the dammed"
"You, are fighting for future of democracy"
but alas it was all a lie,
for which we died.

They did not care when the news came,
to them it was always a game.
Money, Money, Money.
More, More, More.
Mine, Mine, Mine.
It was never to save,
or for freedom to the slave.
It was a just greed that sent us to the grave.

For only if they had learnt to give,
then maybe we could forgive.
but instead they were for themselves,
and never for others.
we shall not grant them the forgiveness,
that they beg for in an unconvincing lie.

For they cursed us to die,
fighting for the wrong side.
And now we have gone.
we shall not forgive those,
who lied, posed, convinced us to go,

We ask now,
is the forgiveness of those.
who we harmed, we are sorry.
We didn't know,
but we understand that forgiveness,
is hard for we have not yet forgiven
those that told us it was good to go.
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
War …by Jessie 6/05
I peered quite deep and far beyond, where any man should look

Into the eyes of tragedy, where fury can be took

What I saw, I can’t explain, there are no words to say

Suffice to say that what I saw, scared me on that day

Men as far as the eye can see, lay empty on the ground

Others running fast and hard, explosions all around

Mechanical devices, found burring in the fire, trying hard to stay alive the soldiers first desire

The smell so bad it chokes the throat, from chemicals and death

Heat so hot, it sears the lungs with every choking breath

Fear, in every eye, tells of what’s to come

Nights of panic for many, death will come to some

Cries poured out into the sky from those that have been hurt

While soldiers blood on each side, fill pools in the dirt

Pictures of their families, crumpled in a pocket near their chest

Memories of what they’ve lost, at their final rest

Some men break, the strains too much, from all that they have seen

Not retreating on the battlefield, only in the brain

Yes, I’ve peered quite deep and far beyond, where any man should look
Into the eyes of tragedy, where fury can be took
Nichole Dec 2017
A solider get's shot,
A whole troop gunned down,

And then, another, and another,
War, what is it good for?

The smell of it.


Why must humans play these games?
Why must we watch as another man dies?

WW3 possibility or undeniable.
If you like it let me know :)
Rebekah H Nov 2017
His legs are hairless.
He's the strongest man I know.
Inside his mind he's 18 again, trapped in a constant battle against a now aged enemy.
He's a father, grandfather even.
He sits with his back to the exit, making sure he can protect us.
He is haunted but proud.
He came home on ships full of broken toy soldiers, wound tight and released into an unknown land.
They returned him in less than pristine conditions, cracked and frayed from a war they did not ask for.
His fears and dark thoughts settle in the lines in his face and on the thick skin on his fingertips.
Pill after pill, meeting after meeting, he is tired.
He wants to wash away the things he's seen that he cannot repeat out loud to us.
"He stirs in his sleep." She says.
Trouble and reoccurring demons fighting battles behind his restless eyelids.
He fought for my future.
He fought for my freedoms.
He is my troubled soldier.
I wrote this about my grandfather who was in the Vietnam war. I'm not sure if I will ever show this to him but he himself writes poetry. He's struggled with ptsd since the day he came back, I'm too scared to ask him what haunts him.
MsRobota Oct 2017
A second became an eternity
Never had I thought you’d betray my trust
So I decided a second ago
To step out on the docks
Find a solution to this divide
Because I hadn’t known eons ago
I’d be swallowed by darkness in the curliest way
Never had I seen anything as bright as…

Red burning Black
Love Is Red, Love Is Black
Black burning Red
Love is Red, Love is Black
Red burning Black

I lived in a glass house
An estate many did covet
But never did I see greed resonate within you
You were not born to hate
I was drenched in naïve-ignorance
I believed you to be a friend
It was innocence that sought you out
Instead you sold my heart
For a fortune of your own
And never had I seen anything as bright as…

Red burning Black
Love Is Red, Love Is Black
Black burning Red
Love is Red, Love is Black
Red burning Black


I never knew what it meant to fly
When they handed me a plane
Said go up and down the line
Shoot at everything that is not ours
Till red rivers cover green grass
Trees fall unheard and the clouds turn
And never had I seen anything as bright as…

Red burning Black
Love Is Red, Love Is Black
Black burning Red
Love is Red, Love is Black
Red burning Black


Stripped of a name, of a family, of a life
Never did I imagine I’d bath in sin
Make a deal with the devil
But we were fighting
To get back what is rightfully ours
I lost what is rightfully mine
When I ignored their pleas to spare their life
And never had I seen anything as bright as…

Red burning Black
Love Is Red, Love Is Black
Black burning Red
Love is Red, Love is Black
Red burning Black


Just the other day we made a promise
To save the broken souls
Just the other day I zipped my mouth
Defied orders because I never saw a thing
Just the other day I saw her body sleeping in the snow
I buried her where the poppies grow
Because I never want to see anything as bright as…

Red burning Black
Love Is Red, Love Is Black
Black burning Red
Love is Red, Love is Black
Red burning Black

Love will stay Red
Where the poppies grow
Nashoba Jul 2017
You vowed to protect our country, the lives of others worlds.
No fear, they teach you, live inside a shell.
You love just as others do, hidden only for a few to see.
Death is not to fear for you, as bravery allows none.
The battlefield is painful, especially for the young. Shocking as the reality is not of what they thought it was.
One out of many times you make it back to stateside. A few more of your brothers left behind, the images grow stronger staying with you forever.
This time I knew when you kissed me, something was different, you said you were never going back, that was long ago, those words were never spoken again.
The struggle to fit in. No peace for you. I knew I married a Solider, lived my life for you. Stood by your side, with every award of honor, every rank of promotion, so very proud of you.
Off you went to the other side of the world, just one more time. I will be here waiting for you till the end of time.
I removed the television, as the news of war continued to wear on me. All the loss of our troops, many friends and some were family.
Months had passed no words from you. I always worried about you.
A knock at the front door, on this cold winter night.
It was snowing heavily, thought crossed my mind, not to answer the door. The dogs didn't bark thus time making the quest even harder than the times before.
I slowly open the door to see what I dreaded many times before. The young officers standing straight and tall asked if they could come inside as the weather was very cold. I stepped back and let them in the door.
Silence seemed to last forever. My mind was already numb. As the officer handed me a package, he began to speak of you. Details were minimal, the words he spoke, I watched his face and lips move, but not hearing his words. A tear rolled from his eye as he said there was nothing I could do.
You are on a new journey now. Still fighting the wars. Lonesome in this house of ours. Now it's time for my tour. Maybe we will meet again on that long road of war..
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