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Moomin Jun 4
I sit alone in an English garden
And gaze in awe at sunset sky
Where colours paint a masterpiece
So exquisite to the eye
From deep maroons to orange fire
It fades into a yellow fan
And sprinkles specks of fading clouds
That sink to rendezvous with dawn
And as I marvel at this display
In silence and at evening's rest
I think of those so far away
Undergoing violent fiery test
Across the sea and over time
A million voices rage and cry
At evil acts by law's decree
That can no longer be denied
Where justice is not black and white
And hate's hunger is so overfed
For authority is on white pages
In ink that reads a ****** red    
An army of intolerance
A brotherhood of hate
Bedecked by badge of bludgeoning
And tazer in each state
Crushing spirit and stealing peace
While demanding our respect
While shocking limbs and rocking lives
And kneeling on the neck
Instilled with warped ideology
That debases human mind
Tainted white superiority
And so divided of humankind
But where is hate's validity?
How is it justified?
Where is their authority
To harrass and to divide?
For none can claim to be the first
To be the proudest purest race
For America was full of colour
Before Europe found that place  
Did these men not swear an oath
To “disharge faithfully and well”
And defend all citizens equally
And truth to uphold and to tell?
And did they not seal their oath
With promise solemn and divine
Proclaiming liberty and devotion
“So help me God” the final line!  
And what do we know of our creator
Is he so hard and partial too?
Is God's likeness just caucasian
Or is his love both fair and true
His words are there for all to see
In the Bible's pages plain and clear
That God does not show favouritism
But loves all those who hold Him dear
For when the greatest artist made
The races that dwell on earth today
He used a pallet and brush of life
And a million colours to stroke and splay
For this world is not black and white
Nor grey or dull and monochrome
But is crowned with dazzling glorious colours
No shade is missing, no not one
So if it pleases God to paint
This earth in colours of his love
Then surely skin of many colours
Must be a gift of God above
So please Mr Police Officer
Before you terrorize more souls
Because their skin is not like yours
Be sure you know your cause and goal
For it is not for liberty
Nor for honour that you whack
And do not think that God approves
Of your vile and prejudiced attacks    
For you dishonour that badge you wear
And the land that you protect
And with every blow you turn to black
You **** the law and lose respect
And in case you think me biased
And writing to support my kind
Please know I am male and white
And just like God, I'm colour-blind
For all of my black brothers and sisters worldwide
Moomin Jun 3
In the vastness and void
I am just a grain
A particle
The grand opera plays
Through comedy and tragedy
The world applauds
While the speck observes
While the sands of time wash over me
Ignoring me
For I am minute
All my endevours
All my labours
Are fleeting and insignificant
While time resumes
And power waxes and wanes
The glorious bedazzle the stones
The audacious stand, for a short while
Then fade
Just like me
In my moment
I know
I feel
I love
No grain could have such passion as I
Could ask the questions I dare to ask
Could seek beyond the familiar
To embrace the unthinkable
And taste the unknown
This grain lays upon a hazardous shore
Where tides and fauna hold sway
And the grain does not deride or decide
But acquiesces
With quiet assuredness
This grain does not struggle to be known
Does not beseech the approval of the universe
For in me are all the majesties and mysteries of life
And for me
This tapestry dances
And I rejoice
And I sing
For one brief second
A song
A melody of life
Such as can never be heard from the rock mass
Upon the waves of oblivion, of uncertainty
I flounder
One grain
On the vast shore of existence
Awaiting the builder's loving craft
Moomin Jun 1
If I pray for peace
Then God would have to change the minds of half the world
If I prayed for health
Then I would not be responsible for how I live
If I prayed for success
Then I would become just another master with slaves or fans
If I prayed for wealth
Then I would not be content with God's gifts
But if I prayed for wisdom
Then I would know what to pray for

“Our Father, who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth, as it is in Heaven” - Jesus Christ
Moomin May 23
There are Angels among us
Metaphorical Angels
They have no wings to fly
No superhuman powers to call upon
And no ability to remain unseen
They dance to the tune of human need
Become a crescendo in this dark time
She leaves her little one asleep at dawn
With aching heart and weary eyes
For even Angels tire out
She enters Hell where monsters roam
Little creatures with verocious appetite
Leaving lungs and lamenting in their path
She stands her ground and grapples fear
For even angels are in need of courage
She gathers the sweat and blood and tears of strangers
And soothes them to life or death
Yet while she suffocates in misery and mask
Selfishness abounds outside
And those restrained insist on fun
They gather together in revelry
Kissing flesh and adoring sun
She sees them on the nightly news
While she strokes her daughters brow
And comforts her with unfulfillable promises
Yet though they have the right to be free
They make her burden heavy and sad
With more victims for her ordeal
Yes, they have the right to take the loaded gun
To play roulette with their stubborn lives
Yet when the game involves warheads and virus
They invite death for others too
Who did not choose to enter the deadly casino
For even angels die!
Dedicated to our wonderful nurses
Moomin May 20
If each of us could share a little piece of your pain
The way we share your love
We would
If we could endure for you
To give you gentle rest
We would
Yet no darkness can overwhelm your light
No amount of pain or tears can change you
You have taken what this dying world deals out
And you keep your integrity
I have seen forever
And touched the newest day of hope
And I want with all my heart
To share it with you
I wish you sunlight on your golden hair
And new warm winds on your gentle face
I wish you laughter in your baited breath
And sweet hope in your heart
For this cage won't hold you for long
And you will not always hurt
Yet you will always be loved
And you will always be
For my beloved daughter - Rachel, who endures a lifelong illness
Moomin May 20
Once, when my garden lay bare, I stood and stared, so sad
So sad inside, where loves resides, and needs to flourish glad

I found the good, then understood, the whole is built of parts
And, if so true, then something new, was needed in this heart

Around the soil I gently toiled, and saw the wasted rain
The empty sight of black and white, where no colours remain

And set my mind, to try to find, the undiscovered whole
That secret thing, that gives man wings, and completion for his soul

I would tend, this garden friend, and cultivate with zeal
To craft anew, and see it through, make something that is real

So set about, with cry and shout, and prepared my heart and ground
Gave strength to earth, and joy to birth, and planted all around

And soon my seeds were growing free, and pushing up to light
Their little tops, a wondrous crop, were dazzling to my sight

Oh there was pain, when in cruel rain, my flesh was bruised and hurt
And the heat of day did I dismay, yet did remain alert

And while they grew, I hacked and hewed, at weeds that tried to choke
Laboured and fought, till my flesh was taught, until I almost broke

For all new plants have needs, demands, and must the shade soon seek
I stretched and leaned, so they could glean, in my shadow, but left me weak

And finally, the red and green, the gold and shades of blue
Oh breathless was my frame that day, as I beheld these buds anew

They changed and climbed, and painted time, and lit the soil below
And filled the air with song and prayer, and joy I'd never known

And the sun now shone down upon, my saplings bright and soft
I glanced at the dance of their spiral ascent, as they sought the sky aloft

Now my sun had cause to shine, my rain a need to fall
For in the soil of my love and toil, three flowers now stood tall

Three blooms of peace, were now released, to fill my life with hope
And enrich my days, and light my way, when meaning seemed remote

The first was gold, bright to behold, it stood against the sky
It's stem so proud, it's petals loud, they seemed like they could fly

As sunflower climbed, I felt it's sigh, as parasites tore it's flesh
Yet not in vain, it bent and swayed, and gave shelter to the rest

My strongest flower, this giant tower, reaches for the sun
It's face ablaze, yet still afraid, to search for the sowing one

And by it's side, I saw arrive, a different kind of bloom
One that grew, but then withdrew, then sprouted much too soon

A crimson rose, with zeal it grows, and soaks nutrients around
It rambles wild, yet trembles mild, when winter comes around

So full of glee, yet, solitary, it's thorns keep all at bay
Climbing alone, it's joy undone, beauty hidden in the day

Last of all, grown in the fall, a pretty white sweet pea
With slender leaves it grows and breathes, and needs some company

Soft right through, yet determined true, it's fragrance fills the air
And though subdued and unassumed, it's innocence it shares

This little sprite, rare and contrite, embellishes the scene
Yet craves no space, just embrace, to know it has been seen

As I stood still, in the Autumn chill, and surveyed this garden wide
I trembled deep, began to weep, at neglect I caused by pride

For here I see my beloved three, these flowers of my love
Their seeds anew, they now flung true, and caught the therms above

I watched them climb, and swirl in time, taken up with ease
And knew my hopes would gently float, with their seed upon the breeze

Now my garden is complete, and I can cease to till
Because my precious flowers three have now my life fulfilled

And I if I did hide regrets inside, 'twas that I stayed away
And lost the sight of seedlings flight, as they embraced the day

I could have, should have poured out more, more rain of love on them
Wish I had knelt and so near them dwelt, and learned to be their friend

For tree, sky and ocean blue, have not moved me so much
As my dearest blossoms, young and good, with their loving gentle touch

And though one day, they will fly away, I will be sad and yet
To have shared my life with them, I declare, no regrets, no regrets, no regrets
For my children
Moomin May 17
On the streets of the infidels, where the churches toll unholy bells
He pauses to survey the ungodly mire
His breath comes fast and short, as he grips the pull cord taught
to visit upon them god's own holy fire
And mothers smile, and children play, unaware on this deadly day
that this man is buying Heaven with their lives  
So he stares into their eyes, with a hatred born of fire
Unleashing hell in exchange for ****** paradise  

But our Father who's in Heaven didn't ask that
For the Psalms, the Prophets and the Gospels, they all say the same
That we should love our neighbour and forgive our enemies
So, justify it any way you like, just don't do it in God's name    

Now there's a mighty Superchurch down in Alabama, and the pastor there he'll cleanse you from your sin
He'll cure your cancer and make you well, grant you success, save you from Hell, if you drop your divine dollars in the tin
But if you ain't playin ball with Mr Holy, and his fiery sermon fails to make you well
Then instead of blessed health and wealthy endeavours, he'll leave you to barbecue in good old hell

But our Father who's in Heaven didn't ask that
For the Psalms, the Prophets and the Gospels, they all say the same
That what we received so freely, we should share without a profit
So, justify it any way you like, just don't do it in God's name    

There are men who thinks it's divine to violate children, and to use the western “******” for their own desires
And they claim that they're the instrument of Heaven, and that *** can be used to cleanse, just like fire
Yet the very books they use for validation, speak of kindness, love and God's own mercy mild
And they denounce the hypocrites who cry “defilement”, when they themselves, when abusing are so defiled

But our Father who's in Heaven didn't ask that
For the Psalms, the Prophets and the Gospels, they all say the same
That there is not a man among us fit to pass a judgement
So, justify it any way you like, just don't do it in God's name      

As the flags of nations unfurl for the warzone, and the cries of freedom echo through the spree
Both combatants boast of weapons of hell's fury, that will burn a city from all memory
And both sides will claim the right, that they are the just ones in this fight
While the children trust in them to set them free  

But our Father who's in Heaven didn't ask that
For the Psalms, the Prophets and the Gospels all say the same
That if we use a sword then God himself will cut us down
So, justify it any way you like, just don't do it in God's name    

So don't you soak His name in blood, and don't you sell Him to the poor
Stop your wars and your vendettas, cause He's not with you any more  
And He don't recognize your flags, cause they divide His unity
He uses persuasion, not invasion, and He gives his love for free

Yes the Psalms, the Prophets and the Gospels all say the same
They clearly cry the same
Justify it any way you like
Call it anything you like

But don't do it in God's name!

"The hour is coming when everyone who kills you will think he has offered a sacred service to God. But they will do these things because they have not come to know either the Father or me." - John 16.2
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