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Oct 2020
Pale skin
Scarred within
Messy hair
Slightly insane
Drowsy eyes
Broken inside

I feel like I'm breaking
And its only the beginning
I want to get this out my head
Lonely as I am
Broken, bruised and scarred!
The never ending
Nor forgiving
This merciless voice
Inside my head
Think I'm gonna burst my brain
Maybe that is how
My life should end!

Bad posture
Never sober
Always late
Nobody cares
Emotionless face
Violent feedback

And all of this rage
Comes through pain
Cannot deny
Cannot embrace
These voices in my head
Like never ending flame
Running through my veins
Has left me insane!

What have I become?
Such miserable ****!
What am I doing?
What is going on?
Everyone I know
I've distanced myself
Now I don't know what to do
I don't know where to go

Dissapear in silence
Where I don't become a bother
And I don't want to be bothered
Just Rest In Peace.

I wish I knew back then
What I know right now
Would I still fail horribly?
To contain this curse of misery
Or would I **** my feelings
Instead of killing me
Written by
Somewhatdamaged  26/M/Kathmandu,Nepal
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