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Chloe Chapman Mar 2017
people bore me                               loneliness bores me
people drain me                             loneliness drains me
people tire me                                 loneliness tires me
people misunderstand me            loneliness means I misunderstand myself
people ignore me                           loneliness is the epitome of being ignored
mk Aug 2015
saturday night dates
turn to tv dinners

you forget when the last time
he surprised you with roses was

you no longer wake up
to make him breakfast before work

he no longer calls you
in the middle of the day
unless, of course,
it's to remind you to pick up his laundry

dressing up
is limited to social gatherings
you're in your jammies when he gets home

*** becomes routine
it's no longer passionate, more like a tiresome duty

your **** lingerie is pushed to the back of the closet
& truthfully, he doesn't seem to care much

you'd rather be on the phone
than talking to each other

you don't crave him the way you did
he's no longer interested in the world inside your head

"how was work?" "fine"
"how are you?" "okay"

he tells you he loves you
but it doesn't mean much anymore

honestly speaking, its all become a bore
being with him just means more chores

i guess that's the thing about love
it wears out
*the magic can only last so long
// like colors that fade away in the sunlight, they're nothing special like they used to be //
Samantha Apr 2015
I can sit idly all day
And won't tire of it.

I can wallow in my thoughts for hours
And still won't get the doldrums, no, not one bit.

So know this.
The world might think you a bore
But for me you won't be.

I can (stay) deciphering you for months, for years
Or even forever,
And that will be enough of a fun for me.
Mark Ball Apr 2015
I bore you,
And I bore into you.
Leaving you with nothing to say;
Leaving me clutching at straws.
sapphic girl Sep 2014
Storms are beautiful
Even though their fierceness
  Shades their inner
  Astraphobia drives those
              Who fear
        To scramble for
         Ignoring the way
       They shape the sky
            To decorate it
                                     From the common                          
                      Sight of
[ advance apology for the crooked paragraphing ]

— The End —