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Mar 2018
People throw words around like
Love, kiss, and embrace....
But they aren’t ones to commit
To the dreams they claim to chase.

They run and hide from the monster
Hiding beneath their bed,
And claim their peace is found
In the one resting their pillow head.

The sun rises, a new day begins,
The coffee pours, and work resides,
While the feeling for another one’s touch
Is the first thing that subsides.

We throw around words
like penniless wishes.
“I love you, babe”,
But you can’t do the dishes.

Walk the dog, wash the car,
Go to dinner, visit the store,
Search the shelves for carbohydrate fulfillment,
Finish the bag, and still want more.

Unthankful, unsatisfied,
Disloyal, dishonest.
Forget all the memories,
While they were the fondest

Because if you were to repeat their “mistakes”
You just may find yourself bored.
Things like love, a kiss, or an embrace
Only become a chore.

People are the weirdest sometimes. People break up and make up so quickly.... I don’t understand it, honestly, so I write about it. Meanwhile, others move from one thing to the next and can’t make up their mind. I dunno. This is also kind of a spoken word, I suppose. Enjoy!
Jessica Jarvis
Written by
Jessica Jarvis  18/F
   Anthony James Brandy
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