it's  nine in the morning,
can't open my eyes,
don't wanna come out of the dreamy world,
I wanna be asleep, I wanna be static,
if sleep is a drug,
I am an addict.

Most comforting is the morning sleep,
my eyes won't open,
I struggled to sit up,
but crumbled back again.
Have to be in office, the clock ticked
If sleep is a drug,
I am an addict.

let me lay in my bed,
don't feel like picking up my phone,
Whatsapp texts are unknown.
the sun is up, I don't wanna be.
take a leave or be awake and go,
my mind is in total conflict.
Yes sleep is my drug,
And I am an addict.
struggling to wake up this morning. Devoted to all the lazy people.
We cling to memories,
As if they define us,
But they don't.
What we do actually defines us!
Ghost in the shell
In the sun,
We will find our passion.
In the sun,
We will find our purpose.
In the sun,
We will know what truly matters.

In the moon ,
We will get comfort,
In the moon,
We could get wasted.
In the moon ,
Our senses get shady.
Sun: hard times.
Moon: comfort.
  Oct 6 Piyush Gahlot
I felt you in the way you
looked into my eyes
& I had hope that we still shared love
Is it true that you’re tired?
That you’ve found love,
but within yourself, rather then me?
I’m not mad
I’m jealous
I want to love myself as well
Please save me
You’re free
But my thoughts have me shackled
Just enough moments for myself.

Not too less that I couldn't
couldn't do the things I crave,
Couldn't play that guitar,
Or couldn't watch that series I love,
That I start losing myself.

not too much that I tend to be lonely,
Tend to overthink things that ain't
in control,
Tend to miss that ex that cheated on me,
That I have no one to share my feelings.
That I couldn't sleep .

Yeah I need it ,
Not too less,
Not too much,
Just enough to satisfy my ****.
Me time : your own time for yourself.
Realise it's importance.!!
I write to express,
Not to impress,
Thoughts I can't suppress,
When something makes me depress,
When things happen in excess
Feels good to pen down, I Guess.

When I am alone,
I get in my own zone,
When my heart groan,
When I miss your skin and bone,
I write words expect them to make perfect tone.

When I am in a long Uber ride,
For sleeping I stride,
For you when my heart cried,
Writing something I tried.
Rhyming I applied.
This is why I write.
Trying to explain why I write.
When you don't have it,
You feel the urge,
It might be just an infatuation,
You want it at any cost,
You see nothing else greater,
Nothing else precious.

It could be a person ,
It could be a thing,
Or some place you wanna be,
Or some future event you want to get to.

Now when you have it,
You don't value it much,
Ignore it for your simpler ****,
Its there, for you it doesn't matter,
You feel you deserve Something/someone better.

Value whatever you already have
Love people in your life,
Cherish every moment,
Be thankful to whatever you got,
Live life to the fullest.
Understanding the importance of someone after I have lost her for good.
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