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Piyush Gahlot Jul 2020
Need no *****, need no drug,
what I need is just a hug.

Boring routine, unexciting WFHs,
Sitting all day on computer,
just gaining weight and cursing China,
puzzled head coding and solving bug,
what l need is just a hug.

Missing the taste of Biryanis,
all those extra cheese pizzas,
above all that exotic street food and chai,
Even a simple bottle of beer.
**** this Virus is a real ****.
Need no fast food, need no *****,
Still, what I need is just a hug.

I need you close,
I need you here,
just beside me near,
spread your arms, cover me like a shrug,
I just need the warmth of your hug.
Piyush Gahlot Jun 2020
ohh baby,
why can't we dance,
why can't we meet,
why can't we go out for a treat.
why can't we just travel,
for I want to see you dazzle.

why can't we hug,
why can't we kiss,
feel the morning dew bliss.
yes this wait is tough.
let's hope this Virus gets soon burried.
so we can reunite and get married.
Piyush Gahlot Feb 2020
In an important discussion going about,
usually I tend to zone out.

Speaking in a meeting,
attending a client call,
even in a friendly discussion standing tall,
when my girlfriend blabbering on issues so small,
I tend to zone out all.

When It gets boring,
I feel like dozing,
too lazy to make stubborn people mind's restoring,
I stop explaining,
keeping to myself abhorring.
that's why I zone out, everything just ignoring.

Does that happens with everyone, I seriously doubt!
But yeah sometimes I tend to zone out!
Lack of concentration or whatever...
Piyush Gahlot Jan 2020
It's crazy how we yearn for people
who don't appreciate the efforts we put in for being with them, doing everything in our hand to make them happy.
At the same time,
ignoring the ones who are with us already,
doing their very best to make us happy.
Appreciate the people around you, doing things for ya.!
Piyush Gahlot Dec 2019
Don't cry, keep your eyes dry,
Don't curse yourself, for its not your fault,
Don't overthink, just halt !
let the time heal the pain,
Just sit tight, your hard work won't go in vein!
Trust me, God has better plans, keep your spirits high!
and just don't cry!
Nothing is permanent. It's just a phase.
It's will pass.
Piyush Gahlot Oct 2019
I feel alone,
I don't wanna be.
I pushed away people,
Who loved me.
It's in my nature,
That I can't see.
Then I get alone!
I don't wanna be! :(
Feeling excruciatingly alone ! :(
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