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Piyush Gahlot Oct 10
Dear heart!,
please calm down!
it's just a text from her,
doesn't mean anything.
please take it easy,
steady and quesy.

Had this discussion before,
Last time drowning in sorrow,
broken apart in pieces,
trapped in Band-Aids and stiches,
that sharp pain, felt like a heart attack.
Can't see you in that shape again,
don't act like a clown!
and please calm down!

Sure she's nothing to say,
same old crap and foul play,
just some what's ups and fake concerns display,
you are gulible and innocent,
her words are your stimulant,
you will cry again and crack.
so let me handle this attack,
you sit back uptown!
and please calm the **** down!
My Ex texted after many months,
thought I was over her, but...
We tend to push people away to get our own personal space,
And then
we cry of loneliness.
A random thought!
Piyush Gahlot Jun 12
We were never together,
not in relationship,
whatever it was,
casual, no strings attached.
But, we decided to break it up.

We lay there in complete silence,
feeling her cold skin,
Air conditioner was howlin',
the fan on its full spin.
difficult to put an end
for we have so much tunin'.

Both realising that its the last time we are doing it.
Wondering if I could ever find a girl,
who will love me just like her.

Sure I do have some affection,
it never tranformed to love,
but it did for her, she admits.
Just as in 'love and the other drugs' and
'friends with benefits'.
Piyush Gahlot May 31
New in office she came in unnoticed,
A tech trainer she is! someone quoted.
Seemed like an introvert at first,
had no work, pretty sure it was August
yeah, she is a head turner,
being a North Easterner.

Cool, implicit, **** that adorable smile!
Eyes closed, stretching lips a quater mile.
Her pure skin, cute little chin, that side profile.
Every day she keeps a new hairstyle.

Uninterested at first but I had a formal talk,
had some coffee, went for a walk,
sat there talking, just around the block
calm, composed, returned from Bangkok,
I got interested And decided to stalk!

We have a great tuning I intuited,
at each other our eyes were fixated,
always looking for reasons to talk,
In that party we danced together,
catching embarrassing eye contacts
and cheeky smiles.


She's uninterested whenever we text,
Responding in a word or two flat!
After minutes or an hour by math.
This is confusing, irritating, **** that!

I am kindda interested , like worth a nickel,
got a crush on her, just a little,
Should I ask her out or not! I am in a riddle!
Or wait for of her clear signal?
Confused by her Mixed Signals!
If I could, I would capture you in my eyes and turn blind out of the fear of losing you
but then there is this thought
that opens my eyes.

If I could, I would cuddle you all day and all night till eternity
but then there is this thought
and I refrain from touching you..

When you smile
I simply want to freeze the time
but then there is this thought
that takes away the time from my clutches.

I want to spend countless sleepless nights
by just wondering about you
but then there is this one thought
that envelopes me with slumber of despair.

I want to write a lot,
express tons of feelings
but then there is this thought
and I feel helpless.

  "Kyon *** main tera raahi,
                     Jab tu hai kisi aur ki manzil"
Piyush Gahlot May 15
It's been a month,
Since I have published a thing,
I miss poetry, want to write but
Motivation is missing.

Guess I was keeping busy,
Out of ecstacy,
Just skipping the feelings,
Life goals em focussing.

Weird but em actually missing those days,
When feeling depressed my heart bleed
Unable to sleep and my words speak.
Soaking pillow and her memories peak .
Trying to write after a while
  Apr 9 Piyush Gahlot
‘are you lonely?’
my reflection asks,
her fingertips touching mine.
‘no,’ i smile

‘i have you.’
maybe my own company isn’t so bad after all.
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