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Mihle Mdashe Mar 2019
It only lasts for a limited period of time, coincidence this just describes my happiness or the beings in this life. It's crazy how nothing never lasts, I've forgotten the sound of my laughter. I fall for a temporary high, my temporary escape; what I think I need to get by . I want anything but temporary, I crave for something that will be permanent. My soul acquiesce to anything temporal, but I now renounce all that. I just despise how confidence seems to vanish right at the time you need it the most, I mean there will be days where my dear friend confidence will be there but what's the use of her when she'll just disappear the moment a remark would be made about me. Whenever that angry voice in these four walls in my mind would tell me "you're ugly" "you're too skinny or too fat". I tried to recover, I tried my best to get better but somewhere along the way I realised it was all temporary. I fell apart again, I lost again and they'd laugh at me! Crying myself to sleep seems like the best option but I go with the unhealthy coping mechanism; slitting my wrists. The pain seems acceptable for awhile but what happens when you got so used to the blade that you can't even cope without it. I thought it was temporal, I thought I'd manage without it but I'd tell myself "one cut upon that wrist means a step closer to goodbye".
This is my story with self harm and how self harm became a crutch to me.
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
Yearned is thy cheerfulness to wax
a particle within thee,
stuck be not
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
She sharpened blades,
turning her head as she engraved
thou blistered name
into her delicate flesh
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
Multitudinous battles,
Inhibiting every single darted tear dying to transpire
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
In a midst of a dark storm,
yanked was she across the cold streets.
Dragged from rusted shackles,
She still held on,
hoping to be hoisted-
by her unrequited love,
but her presence was non-existent
c Sep 2018
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot
Bouncing words and blades for two
“I’m rubber you’re glue”
How much longer till we’re through?

Breaking bones and grinding teeth
Clenched jaws with fire beneath
Tempers rising with the heat
Rock won’t stop until you bleed.

Rumors splashed across a page
Filled with malice, filled with rage
Money floating to the stage
Get the paper, make it rain.

Cut them down with dagger smiles
Ignore the wounded battle cries
Metal words until they die
“Stick a needle in your eye”

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
Look what growing made us do.
Inspired by a writer on instagram
Mya Baertlein Sep 2018
I read the text and then blocked you
then I picked up a blade and put it to my wrist
I see my phone ringing its my sister
I pick up and set down the blade
I picked a marker and made the lines on my arm
the lines i was going to make with you
Maybe a different day
Stella Jul 2018
Who’s going to save me
When I’m saving everyone else?
Who’s going to save me
When I cry myself to sleep at night?
Who’s going to save me
When I have a blade to my wrist?
Who’s going to save me
When the voices are screaming in my head?
The answer is nobody
While I’m out saving others,
Nobody is helping me.
I’m drowning
In the dark thoughts
Full of despair and darkness.
And with no one to help me,
I might as well succumb
To Death's sweet song.
Is it weird I personify Death? Oh well, thanks for reading. I hope you liked it.
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