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John H Dillinger Feb 2020
The problem is: everyone wants their poetry in axiom,
Their concepts digestible,
But, if you're asking me,
That's ******* detestable..
Stop loving simplicity.. spend more time to read someone's work or this project of sharing is flawed and is reduced to a phrase here and there, forgettable and sad.. life is more and so are you, so are we.. come on.. show me if you want to be free..
most instances when i initially seat
     myself priming creative literary juices to flow,
     an unspecified number hours elapse
     before that eureka i.e. Jackie Oh

     revelation transpires
     witnessing, this scruffy, prickly,
     and madly scratching itchy hairs
     dotting chinny chin chin of this hobo

hook huns hitters hymns elf
     tubby a generic home
     er run (hitting) mill
     (on the floss sing false teeth)
     common everyday fluky,
     nippy, nap noopy Joe,
whence upon gestation ova hen chic idea

     (Egg heads, merely
     scrambled random thought fragments
     at that stage) scrunching brow
     activates laser focus,
     a scattershot burst of tangential thread populate

     formerly barren tabula rasa,
     sans, Lenovo external screen
once again defying (tomb me
     akin to some eternal mystery),
     trucked since time immemorial

     inexplicable, that sudden ignition
     asper cerebral automatic
     catalytic converter kickstarter
     (hmm...perhaps cogs and gears
     housed within medulla oblongata)

     foster fecund fertilization,
     an inexplicable phenomena, I dune hot know
explanation, but upon advent
     whence, wispy vague undefinable inchoate

     coalesce analogous to genesis of animal new life
     when there appears just the merest hint
     of fledgling wispy notions strive similar
     to ***** cells fervently whipsawing vis a vis,

     via flagellation motility misfits
     and false starts before this crotchety scribe
     mollycoddles crux of embryonic idea
     congeals, expresses, and forms

     grandiose manifest destiny
     mentioned above i.e. **
     Lee Judas Priest remaining catharsis
     seems like a versatile

     self determining tour de force
     whereat fingers of the lefthand
     move of their own volition spilling forth poe
whet tree once expended leaves (of grass)
     finds me Walt sing whit man nigh hick cull
     tickled pink with a soft after glow.
Aaron LaLux Mar 2018
I wonder what you’d call it,
it as in this this life this waking dream,
this moment in time where feel we feel like we’re fallin’,
this feeling that we are everything,

how have you been,
how will you be,
stumbling around in my own cloud,
until I rain upon the sea,

we humans are messed up,
but it’s a beautiful chaos,
and that’s why I don’t give up,

live up,
to no one’s exceptions,
exceed all preconceived notions,
of what it means to make it,

I don’t call the enemy’s camp Hate,
even when it’s full of Haters,
this is a Love campaign,
it is not a status,

see I call the enemy,
The Darkness of Ignorance,
which is the opposite of Illuminati,
which is lit up in brilliance,

none of this is happenstance,
none of this is randomness,
there is an equation,
which add up to all of this,

this I don’t know what to call it,
this as in it,

I wonder what you’d call it,
it as in this this life this waking dream,
this moment in time where feel we feel like we’re fallin’,
this feeling that we are everything…

∆ LaLux ∆

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Aaron LaLux Mar 2017
Old Habits die heard,
Good Morals live long,
if it’s written it’s poem,
if it’s sang it’s song,

hold strong,
at the same time be ready to let go,
can’t escape our own cliches,
no matter how far we go,

see how the rhythm written is a dancer with no answers from the Muse,
well imagine the passion of being trapped in something as strong as you,

hold strong,
at the same time be ready to let go,
can’t escape our own cliches,
no matter how far we go,

and we go,
from the ends of the Earth,
to the beginning of this New World...

-from THHT Vol. 3

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Thoughts like cobwebs float on streams of consciousness
Looking for a solid theme to land on.
Statements ricochet across the voids of understanding
And bounce off walls of inattention.
Comments sidle under and around the focus of discussion
To hide in disparate agendas.
Declarations skid on slippery reasoning and crash
Into thick barriers of resistance.
Decisions leap frog over moving clock hands
And we all get up and rush away from doing nothing.
Meeting is adjoured.
I'd rather do the whole job myself than have to work with a committee.
B Irwin Aug 2016
Theres no use in pretending that I don’t think of you often.
But there isn’t any use in telling you if you don’t feel anymore.
I have no words to say other than
“Please, don’t do this.”
But i will swallow them and say
“Hello, whats your name?”
Your absence is everywhere,
in strangers that have done me no harm.
God gave you a common name,
so that I could choke every time
I meet with it again.
I need to know that I will find better,
but tonight I’ll find home in the middle of a hurricane.
A hurricane
Some more of my Angsty Teen *******.
I am no Edgar Allen Poe
or Robert Frost
I cannot spin my feelings
into a beautiful poetic symphony for you
I can only be honest and true to what I think
I have always thought you were the most beautiful one in any room
Another Lonely Night by Adam Lambert
It's my birthday in like 2 hours but I'm feeling bad again cause the only gift I want is the gift that is impossible.
black carbon paper lips  
peyote nothing to eat
lord made em sick
prayed to jesus in a backseat
after birth behemoth's armpit
the end.

the end
the end
the end is near

white flags folded in memoriam
klansmen's hoods
bartered goods for gunpowder
kinds who werent designed
for human eyes to see
cause see son
their light is blinding.

they sleep
when the sun is shining
lying in a field of drug flowers.
hugs for smokes & hot showers.

what's the headcount.

man I was done yesterday.

I'm sitting here suffocating
numb to the new world
attitude & outcome
smothered in
carnal crimson summer
not for money or love or
anything or anyone.

I'm just sitting here
burning under the moon
thinking about alpha omega
& who took it upon themselves
to leave out the in-betweens.

godless heathens.
screechy gospel
that goes on for days

straight trip no stops.
Gray area
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