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Mark Parker Jan 24
Lawns of grassy blades
flow towards the nightfall
through a silver dust squall
snowflakes spin cascades

Jack Frost pays the cost
putting us under his thrall
while we're held in his loll
Demeter's daughter is lost

Hades imparts frosty shades
until Persephone's call
ease's her mother's bawl
ending our snowy escapades
Nature poetry
Stacks of currencies are littered everywhere, his affluence depicts his personality
Stationed at the highest echelon of the society, mischievous premier of the economy
The youths are tools for his snap, going down the lane of delinquency
He tosses them at will, giant explorer of the weak willed
The hangman hanging their destiny
Thrall, underprivileged class of the society
Walled up in oblivion, depreciating hope of a better tomorrow
Dressed in shreds, hunger and death our daily meal
At dusk we feed rats of the street, our slums is the garbage bin for tomorrow
The horror of the morning is waking to find a dead kid wash offshore
Living in fear of the unknown seconds sustaining each day
Lying in the most of coziness
In fluffy beds, wired machines life leaves him
Blaring ambulance conveys him to the morgue, still attended to as the high priest
Embalmed with costly myrrh, he is taken for internment
Amidst tears and wails he's gently lowered into that dark room
The one room he never had
Beings scattered with crawled limbs and infested mouth
He passes on from the forlorn to yonder, lying in gutter, under bridges
The privileged of us get to have our relatives, others are found in cemeteries fed on vultures
No mourners at our graveside, forgotten before dawn
Still the one room we never had
Society gapped our lives with class
Death humbles us breaking the tags of importance
We are equalised, affluence and poverty disperses
The dark room of solace our abode, putrid we become.
Death humbles a man and society defines a man. Life isn't easy to live and the societies difference tag fails to make it easier. In any class you exist, be you, be good and be true.
Aa Harvey Jul 2018

The cup has arrived, take my blood.
Fill it up with the good stuff.
Drink the wine, while I unwind these chains.
I have been trapped too long in this self-made cage.

Tear at the bones with perfect teeth.
Ground to a point; been grinding for weeks,
To get the right blade to cut my food with.
This hole I exist in just leaves me livid.

I want to scream in the middle of day-dreams,
But people will see me and never know,
That the empire is crumbling; all around me is dust.
I have given up on this castle of rust.

The armour no longer protects my soul.
The happiness is gone and I am feeling old
And demoralized, the eternal night,
Beckons me to join it, but I am made of pure light.

The claws had dragged me under their spell,
But now the spell is broken, so let me leave this Hell
And find my own way, a better way;
All else only fades away.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
self importance he did relish
therein lay a swollen ego
was inflated of embellish
all this being held as a cargo

therein lay a swollen ego
so monumental the extent
all this being held as a cargo
of the largest conceited tent

so monumental the extent
it could not be denied at all
of the largest conceited tent
he finding joy in his own thrall

it could not be denied at all
ever putting one's self up first
he finding joy in his own thrall
was no shown quelling of the thirst

ever putting one's self up first
all this being held as a cargo
was no shown quelling of the thirst
therein lay a swollen ego

— The End —