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i am sorry for
trying to fix you
a shattered heart
not a broken mirror

i am sorry for
trying to complete you
not my other half
for you are already whole
—i'm sorry for pushing you away, i really am. i loved you.
your eclipse Jul 11
never fall asleep
or never wake up
that way you never dream
satisfied when it's crushed
—there is no use in dreaming. wake up, give up.
your eclipse May 27
what we long for
is not to die
but instead
to vanish
—is that too much to ask?
your eclipse May 5
your sorry
meant nothing
and so was mine;

we scrape each
other's skin only
to find another
layer of lies
your eclipse Mar 9
i wish you
could see yourself
from behind my eyes,
so you would know
and understand
why is it
your eclipse Jan 17
maybe i loved you too much,
too much that it weighs me down,
so much that i fell too hard and forgot how to stand up.

maybe i loved you too soon,
too soon that time would not give us a chance to be with each other,
so soon that we chose to forgot one another.

maybe i loved you too selfishly,
too selfish that i only see you as mine,
so selfish that i forgot you were never so from the very beginning.

maybe i should have loved you just enough, but i did not.

i ended up loving you so much;
i ended up loving you too much.
your eclipse Jan 1
cut me open
and see my flesh
for it will not heal;
for it cannot heal

as you put
the imperfections of mine
for full display

— The End —