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your eclipse Sep 8
when it's time to let go, will you?
cry me a river
curse my name
take back what's yours
fill the blame
your eclipse Jun 12
when you grow up
five, four years from now
seven, six months older
no need to wonder; never suffer

splitting head; broken bones
one more crush, three more crunch
stolen fingers; freshly sliced flesh
three wounds to bleed, more cuts to heal
—don't forget to heal.
your eclipse Oct 2021
reaching out, turning back
deep, empty hollow ways
reveal only pitch black

no route, no escape
the home of lost souls;
the epitome of loneliness
your eclipse Jan 2021
and yet even in the
midst of this chaos
there is a flower
blooming beneath you
[there must be a flower inside you. there must be; there has to be.]
your eclipse Aug 2020
maybe it is easier to
cherish someone
we barely even know

the more they unravel;
the deeper we see them
the harder it is to say
that we do know them

may you never know me,
for i wish to have
never known you
your eclipse Mar 2020
i want to close my eyes,
pretend everything was fine,
ends up falling asleep and
waking up in another world
where you don't exist
your eclipse Jan 2020
but everytime
i thought of the
happiness i deserve
i came to realize
i do not.
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