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JJ Inda Feb 15
Cupid had no say
between your heart and mine,
it was a different fate
which our paths intertwined.
No chocolate or wine
nor a perfect line to win your heart.
Still all that's true lingers in your eyes,
our love, like clouds;
where all takes place.
JJ Inda Feb 10
All this bottled up
pour it
and drink up.
A dream
in the air;
a star
a name.
Ray of light
these glaring eyes.
JJ Inda Jan 30
Yours is a path less traveled.
Rythmic for the love of drums.
Got cabinets full of bills,
things that’ll never keep.

A string thugs ever-so-slightly,
but it is visible you see?
Freedom was sold,
hope you kept the receipt.
JJ Inda Jan 30
As if there is none,
be it by chance
or something other.

A wondering lights up interiors;
Such abundance of articles
more-overs out of use.

No stand is clearer than
a subject nearing sight.
I am.
JJ Inda Jan 29
Harboring dreams,
those that don't allow sleep.
Like nothing
it is still there
waiting for all
that won't come.

A Chimera
ardent in my veins,
like alcohol to an open wound.
Wakes me in the morn,
keeps me up at night.
These nights no more dark than eternal.
JJ Inda Jan 16
Melancholic ties pull
left and right
as tears are held back.
Aching throat screaming;
lights are always in the distance
and waves crash nearby.
An eagle is circling
this patch of blue sky
and a sweet fragrance is still in the air.
a profound disbelief
attaches itself
much like this worn out smile.
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