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JJ Inda Jan 21
I was feeling ill
even though
I hadn't drank
for several days.
-or at least a day for sure.
I needed eggs and bacon
and maybe a couple of beers.
In the end
I had to settle for bread and butter
and a five dollar bottle of wine.
JJ Inda Jan 13
Every gardener
knows what it is
to be pricked
by a rose’s thorn.
to that end,
-wear gloves.
JJ Inda Oct 2021
The afternoon is warm,
bright and long.
The sidewalks are busy,
packed and loud.

Drinking another beer alone;
the view from my apartment
feeds a thought.
-We're all crazy, you know?
JJ Inda Oct 2021
marred in kindness
and wit.
with extra cards,
betting big.
Cashing out
or staying in
till the bitter end.
Either way
with a smile.
a poem inspired by the late Norm Macdonald
JJ Inda Aug 2021
Routinely these words
miss most
and reach only a few.

Some call them trite,
or flat.

Not up to par;
nonetheless they fill this space
and await contemplation.
JJ Inda Jul 2021
aching muscles,
these memories;
a blood stained t shirt.
all the while
not to feel pain.
JJ Inda Jun 2021
The mornings are rich,
full of light and warmth.
and although the day may be poor,
heavy and tiresome
and the night may be restless
cold and disturbingly quiet;
hidden in that darkness lies the promise
of the coming dawn.
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