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JJ Inda Sep 2019
thoughts are passing cars today;
ever changing,
on the move.
colors blur
and details clash.
one after the other,
the next
faster than
the last.
JJ Inda Sep 2019
sown to thee
just like a royal seal
on a handkerchief.
stating it all;
keeping it
JJ Inda Sep 2019
When all is failing- as it often does.
Laughter might not be enough,
nor beer and alcohol
nor praying to all the Gods.
-No matter,
just keep in mind,
sometimes it's your turn
to lose
and that's fine.
It is a long game after all
JJ Inda Jul 2019
Bittersweet song
on my radio.
Reminiscing on our story
as if conjured.
Some roads fork
and divide,
others turn to dirt
and get lost in the wilderness.
Still, there's a melody
to be found;
memories fondly held,
despite the lies.
JJ Inda Jul 2019
a foolish grin
will get you far
so long as you keep quiet.
are meant to be bright,
and the moonlight
is a guide;
not that you’ll follow.
JJ Inda Jul 2019
Akin to summer rain
or words you can't
seem to articulate
or the smile you feign,
The risk you take
once more.
Even coffee with an old friend,
or moments you regret.
‘bittersweet symphony’
on the radio.
And tears from your eyes
- right on cue.
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