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Genesee Aug 2018
I love exploring other genres of music
expanding my music taste is fun
in addition to discovering new artists
but do you ever listen to a couple of new songs and immediately afterward feel like you’ve been listening to the song your whole entire life and just fell out of touch with the song
upon discovering it once again you feel this strange sense of peace and belonging
the strumming of a guitar is so peaceful and calming
I have a couple of songs that I’m fond of
and in my head, I envision the types of songs that during certain scenarios
the songs would be played either at high volume
or at a soft volume, it would be so quiet you could almost hear a pin drop  except in the background the strumming of a guitar would be heard  
For example when life gets too hectic or I’m feeling overwhelmed
just listening to one of these songs
makes me forget about life just for a bit and immerse myself in the melody and the message of the song
Written while I was listening to one of the songs that I wrote about in this song
BabeRuth May 2017
When we're together
It's like escaping to a magical land
Locked in a stuffy room
Our desires reigned recklessly free
Keeping away the harsh realities of our lives
Passionately intertwined as one
In each others own madness

Your fingers are minx like
Dancing across the fretboard with thoughtless grace
Strumming your thoughts through our kisses
With a sharp twinkle in those quiet brown eyes
Every song feels like reliving an old memory
One you plucked fresh from my soul

I love the way cigarettes rest on your lips
A classic addition some would say
But in it I see the self made man you are
The way your fingers elegantly roll tobacco
Baffles my clumsy mind

Could a mortal be so beautifully designed?
I strum this guitar
In a methodical way
Like you did my heart
Learning to play the guitar...Yay

— The End —