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I think you'll live without me.
Your hands will get used to resting on her hips.
The scent of her hair would become your safety.

I think you'll live without me.
You'd make breakfast for her,
see her in your tee-shirt.
You'll fall for her messy hair,
sleepy voice.
You'll brush away her tresses
just to sit staring into her eyes..

I think you'll live without me.  
You'll smile a little harder,
wider, than before.
Laugh a little harder
and maybe finally,
learn to pose.
You'll have the cutest pictures,
Cuter than anyone out there.

I think you'll live without me.
And this time,
She won't walk away.
She won't,
because you wouldn't hurt her.

You won't do it all wrong again
because she isn't me.
I was your first.
She? She'd be your last
Panic and Perplex were angels,
                   Until God, grounded them.
We're millions out here
divided and split.
We keep hearing, we're ultimate,
all powerful.

Branded terrorists for being better citizens.
Powerless, Punished, Brutalised to succumb.
Stripped off honour for questioning to right the wrong's will.

We're out here in millions
running a blind race
Robbed of individuality.
Running, just to stay safe.

Standing in millions
counting days taken for granted, number's sake.
We're many things
lassoed beneath many other names

Tomorrow's citizens, the growing population
The reality of the student community
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Tell no lies of who I am.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Stop showing my fragmented self.
A broken me, is perhaps all there is to see.
are the ink
for the pen
a poet uses
to write
- L.M.
And just when I began hating
the terms of love.
You came back as an aubade
to me.
I miss you.
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