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  Jul 20 Jan
Thunder covers the
sound of me whimpering into my pillow.
The earth is crying too.
Jan Jul 20
I think I miss you more in the company of others.

Where silences have to be filled and middle-grounds need to be established.
Where triggers have to be explained and things have to be shared.
(You know I hate sharing when it's not you, I share with.)

Where memories have to be created and trust has to be forged and love will pave way but my heart is already yours, and you’ve broken it in multifolds.

We stand at crossroads,
You ask me to let go,
And I want to say no.

I miss you
And most of me knows we’re over now,
but stay a little longer, Just until tomorrow.

The tomorrows will keep coming and one day I will let go.
Without me having to convince you into staying and you wanting to leave,
Why leave just yet?

What’s one more day in the grand schematics when I’ve held it together for years before,
Why not stay for another day, before we finally let go?
Jan Jun 13
The Human hair holds emotional weight the way one’s heart does.

Understandably so,
you’ve claimed every strand of mine, yours.
Jan Sep 2022
Soulmates and twin flames were lost on me
But I remember telling you about a red string,
A line that tied your toe to mine.

I heard a snip, then a snap.
Efforts to mend, always end in knots.

We're done
We're done.

We're done now.
Back at it again.
Jan Jun 2022
I hold you in songs and stories I narrate,
Turns out I was right all along.
We now know I did love you more.

We’ve had arguments before.
On who’s hurt who the most.
You’d say I did you,
And I’d yell “oh please”

You’d bring up the one time I slipped up,
And I’d hold onto the million times you let me down.
Your secrets mine, your scars mine.

Not that I was a better person, we were both kids after all.
And then I heard. you’ve been telling people.
Versions that don't exist.
What can I say,

I know we’ve had arguments before.
There will be no more.
I know it hurts, trust me,
I do.

You did hurt me more.
And the price of it belongs to you.

And I’d rather walk away now,
Walk away and never come back
Irrespective of how much I miss you.
Irrespective of how it feels.
I’ll walk away, and never return.

Return to see how things could’ve been if I had stayed.

I hope in some time,
I would have moved on,
That you would replace me.

This is the way it is supposed to be.
This is the play we made to see.
It’s not our fault,
We were never meant to be.
well, that's a lot of damage
  Nov 2021 Jan
When I was little
I was scared
Scared of the monsters living under my bed
I used to hide, under my blanket
Under my blanket, I was safe
The monsters couldn’t reach me under my blanket

My parents used to say
The monsters would go away
I would grow up and that then they would leave

But I grew up
And the monsters didn’t leave
Turns out my monsters, grew with me
Now instead of under my bed
The monsters live inside my head

So I hide, under my blanket
Where I think I am safe
Wondering if after all this time
My blanket can still keep the monsters at bay
Jan Nov 2021
I Remember, I was twelve.
It was the first time I stayed up the whole night.
Not because I could but because my friend said I couldn't.
Curled with a book, stifling yawn after yawn.
I watched the sun rise
So elated. So naive.
Afterall who'd willingly pass up on sleep if not a child.

I remember I was twelve
Escaping clutches of sweet sleep.
Six years later I lay in bed,
Struggling to call the sleep I pushed away.
Staring aimlessly, frustrated,
screaming into a pillow, clutching it tightly.
6:40am IST
My eyes sting and relentless tears stream from them falling like caresses on my cheek.
I twist, I turn.
I try and try some more,
Then slowly succumb to boredom,
Seeking the sleep I hid from.
I m not sure if this is a poem.
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