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M Vogel Oct 2021

In time..

You will learn to forgive yourself..
for  all  the reasons  why
  you think you need
  to forgive yourself.

The blame,  and shame
placed in to you
was done  in the most  
horrendously unfair way..
when you were  at  such a
and impressionable age.

It  was  your  v u l n e r a b i l i ty
that was so horribly cashed in on.
The greatest horror of all
was the shame and blame
that you were forced  to carry..

as if it was your own doing..

   It    Was    Not.

No masters or kings
when the ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence
than our gentle sin
In the madness and soil
of that sad, earthly scene..

Only then I am human,
Only then I am clean..
Oh..  oh Amen,

Amen..  Amen.

Take me to church,
I'll worship like a dog
at the shrine of your lies
I'll tell you my sins
and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death

Good God, let me give you my life

xo xo
rew Sep 2021
At first his kisses mere filial pecks
around my ears my cheek and throat
so far removed from those of ***
but soon his eyes began to gloat.

His lithesome weight should comfort me
my only clothes a dressing gown
he squirms this open with brutal knees
same eyes as mine a deep dark brown.

He grasps my hair, eyes open wide,
twin grips of an owner's embrace
he'll make me be his loving bride
my eyes above almost my face.

He cries out Mom! I whisper, son
trembling at our sweet loving fate
belly to belly becoming one
whimpering as he *******.

When he is drowsy at the last
I'll pet him as a mother should
and clean him up from his forceful lust
with my tongue...
A work of fiction.
M Vogel Jul 2021

Insane, jealous wives..
controlling ones
They are everywhere
or at least  they are,
with the men she knows..

So she comforts them
in their affliction,
in a cherub-like  way--
these poor men,

with their  insane,
controlling  girlfriends  and

crazy, jealous women
that refuse to allow  their men
to talk to her
or be alone in a room, with her

It seems as though  
the world is filled  with
insane,   controlling
jealous women--

at least,  in the lives
of the men  she knows,
there is.

taught  well
at such a tender young age.

the problem is always elsewhere
Chani Goldstein Jan 2021
When nighttime is hit with a winters storm
And I realize I am not alone
When others run for the comfort of light
And I sit calmly and delight
Without the need of a candles warmth
The storm brings the difference
That makes me belong
Attaching me to the rest of the world
This storm we all share
As opposed to my private storm
The storm of my fathers snare
Chani Goldstein Jan 2021
People leave shadows
of themselves
where ever they go,
where ever they've been
in your life.
it's a bad presence
you have to clean.
it's a good presence
you want to keep.
The good is pleasant
to treasure
where ever you go.
The bad is a bad
you need to sever
so you can go.
For some people
there's a lot of
for others
a lot of grief,
even between children
of the same family.
What you had
they'll want to ignore
so don't go about
measuring yourself
by that penciled
height chart on the door.
Never measure yourself
in anyway
by them,
all those sisters or brothers
you had
never woke up
in your skin.
Chani Goldstein Jan 2021
How come a song can rock
But a person not?
How come a crib can rock
But a person not?
Parties rock
Cars rock
But a person should not
Do not shake.
Do not rock.
Do not shake and rock.
Do not shrock.
Do rocks rock?
Hey mam, this rock rocks.
Bread can be hard as a rock.
Is that a compliment?
No it is not.
I rock!!!
Rocks are strong!
Chani Goldstein Jan 2021
I'm scared
Nighttime falls
The day grows dim
Stars come out
The sun packs it all in
My nervousness rises
Anxiety too
I whisper out loud
"All because of you."
Merry Jul 2020
A star-crossed son was born
To the father whom he would ****
And to the mother whom he would kiss
In incestuous, marital vow one day

Welts upon his feet
Found in the forest, a baby crying,
He grew wise and wrong
Unaware of a conspired world

When Oracles did speak to him
As drunken men and and as pretty women
He took their words upon his heart
Without eyes gouged and necks broken

Open eyes looking, truly seeing,
He did bear the revolting truth
Without nary complaint
To the Gods who cursed him

Thus, it was Laius who lived
And it was Polybus who died
And it was Jocasta who did not see
Her son at the bejewelled altar

Rather, it was Merope, with her head turned,
Who saw dear Oedipus at the altar
Obeying the Will of the Gods
But to what ends?

He was meant to punish; to defy; to incite all evils
Not adhere to this cruel destiny
And now it is the wrong mother-wife
Whom he kisses, unravelling, in linen sheets
anyone else wonder about what would happen to these characters' fates had Oedipus obeyed his fate? it wouldn't work, of course, because Laius had to be punished but still. I'm curious.
Ashley S Jul 2020
I did nothing wrong.
Why do I have the punishment?
Separated, outcast, cast aside.
Too inconvenient for acknowledgment.

Parties continue, pictures are taken.
I have been erased.
Wounded and broken, but instead of comfort:
"Why are you bleeding all over the place?"
Why must the victim pay for the crime?
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