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Robert L Jan 15
What a quaint turn of phrase
To describe my malaise
tis an accurate way to frame it.

To excrete or not see
Not a fun way to be
And no one upon which to blame it.

Is life often this way?
Nothing good either way?
Just a sad choice of what’s bad or worse?

Is this all we’ve got?
The noose or a shot?
And is this life naught but a curse?

I’d like to believe
We weren’t meant to just grieve
That a future with joy lies ahead?

Not just **** and blindness
But some hope and kindness
Something nice before I notice I’m dead!

Perhaps my reward
Is meant to be scored
Just after my untimely demise?

In which case I must say
I’ll begin right away
My quite excellent will to revise.
I Don’t Know Whether to **** or Go Blind
Just call me Woo Apr 2019
It’s easy to hurt,
It’s hard to walk away
It’s easy to run
Harder to hide
It’s easy to hate you
Harder to fall in love

These tears are the soundtracks
To my good byes
So why is it
That when I’m crying
Only you can dry my eyes
We’re stronger than love
That’s why it hurts so deep
Eyes wide open
I wish you were next to me
I see you through the screen
And I want to touch your skin
Make you feel everything
You make me feel within
There’s a thin line
Between love and hate
You make me feel those
Every other day
It’ll be easier if you were
Right in front of my face
I guess that’s why we’re so apart
God has given us our fate
I know we’re not perfect
There’s a lot we could work on
We haven’t even finished the first page
There’s a whole volume of books
We still have to work on
I’ve never tried this hard to hold on
It’s always been easier to just leave
But I’m telling you I love us
I have way more tricks up our sleeves
There’s no one in this world I would rather
Work on myself with
You & I have this sudden karma
It’s what makes us go “Click”
I think too far
Instead of right what’s in my face
I always want seconds
Before I finish my first plate

I’ll choose you
Every single time
You are my one and only
You complete our true divine
I don’t wanna work on this
With anybody else
So let’s just bury these problems
And put them on a shelf

Xxxxxx❤️ - I love you
Osiria Melody Apr 2019
I do not


with the
of what it

I'm not

Just freaking

I have some friends in
real life who are amaz-
ingly strong and are
like family to me.
Samuel Hoffmann Dec 2018
Yesterday it rained.
And as I left work I waited by the door,
and wondered:
If I wait, god might stop the rain.

A pause for a second might stop the snow.
Despite their brown color, with some water, the leaves may grow.
We could sleep a little longer till the end of the day.
If we cry just enough we might get our way.
If we push off the party the sun might come out.
If we pray extra hard the flowers could sprout.

And if we wait by this tree,
Just sit, you and me,
The world, might too, sort itself out.
Here is a lovely little poem I wrote for my creative writing class --and for Shel Silverstein
Julian Delia Aug 2018
One, bright star,
In an otherwise dark sky.
That is what you are,
And now I know why.

Much like a star,
I could only observe from afar.
You were always there –
Radiant, with a certain flair.

I witnessed as you overcame nightmares,
As if you had the energy of a thousand solar flares.
Forged from unstoppable chemistry,
Leaving earth scorched with phenomenal synergies of energies.

I always saw you through this lens tinged with admiration.
Head and shoulders above the rest, a jewel of all creation.
I felt inadequacy by comparison, extensively -
I never respected myself enough,
I gave myself to people recklessly,
People who turned me cold and tough.

And so, our paths never crossed.
A faraway star you remained,
And over our friendship I casually glossed.
I was always coveting unspoken fantasies,
Never realising I was sheltering under broken canopies.

Perhaps you also had this thought.
Perhaps from afar, your own insecurities you also fought.
Never have I hoped with so much suspenseful delight
To see two stars collide;
I wish to fill up the darkness of this universe with light,
And bridge this divide.

Now that I’ve realised
I no longer need a canopy,
All I can think of
Are excuses to seek your company.
Have you ever desired someone but felt you were unworthy of them, so you never approached them?
Take my advice: don't listen to yourself on this one. We all deserve to love and be loved, or failing that hurt and be hurt - it is the freest human emotion of all and we should experience it whenever we can, both the good and the bad.
Äŧül Feb 2017
Whether you come,
Or you do not,
I will survive,
Yes I will thrive.

Howsoever be the measure,
There won't be any pressure.
As you are connected to me,
And I am committed to you.
Whether you come,
Or you do not,
I will survive,
Would I thrive?

What fun will be my life,
Without you as my wife,
What life will be my life,
Each moment punishes.
So you should come,
Now you do,
I will survive,
Then I'll thrive.
Translation of my fourth Hindi language song.
The song called 'Tu Aaye' is translated herein.

My HP Poem #1410
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Oct 2016
Tu Chaahe, Tu Chaahe, Ya Na,
(Whether you wish or don’t,)
Main Jiyunga, Haan Main, Jiyunga.
(I will live, yes I will.)

Jeewan Ka Har Maza,
(Each fun of life,)
Main Ji Bhar Ke Lutaunga,
(I will enjoy wholly,)
Tune Diya Hai Jo Dand,
(The punishment which you have given,)
Main Karunga Ise Bhang.
(I will dismiss it.)
Tu Chaahe, Tu Chaahe, Ya Na,
(Whether you wish or don’t,)
Main Jiyunga, Haan Main, Jiyunga.
(I will live, yes I will.)

Tu Chaahe, Tu Chaahe, Ya Na,
(Whether you wish or don’t,)
Main Kab Jiyunga, Kab Main Jiyunga.
(When will I live, When will I live.)
Jeewan Mein Kya Maza,
(What fun life would be,)
Bin Tere Jo Bitaunga.
(If at all I stop believing in you.)

Woh Jeena Kya Jeena,
(Would that be a life at all,)
Har Pal ** Jab Saza!
(When each moment I spend is a punishment!)

To Tu Chhaaja, Haan Tu Chhaaja,
(So be the shade over me, yes please,)
Main Phir Jiyunga, Haan Main Jiyunga.
(I will live again, yes I will.)
Tu Chhaaja, Haan Tu Chhaaja,
(Be the shade over me, yes please,)
Phir Main Jiyunga, Haan Main, Jiyunga. (And then I’ll live again.)
The lyrics to my Tu Chaahe song

Modification to an original composition called 'Tu Aaye' by me.

I made this modification after my life threatening accident.

HP Poem #1229
©Atul Kaushal
aniket nikhade Feb 2016
Step by step one step at a time
One by one, one step at a time
Whether you are climbing up a flight of stairs
Even while climing down a flight of stairs
Always better to keep in mind and also follow the same
Always take one step at a time.

Decide first what needs to be done and then decide what needs to be done to get done what's decided first.
Definitely priorities come first
So always better to start with the topmost priority,
followed by the next and then so on and so forth.

Nature of things definitely matter, but what matters more is how to get the things done.
Keeping this in mind and with this as an aim,
it's always better to set priorities and follow the same.
Always better to take one step at a time, followed by the next and then move on further.
celey Jul 2015
i guess it is possible to like two people at the same time
the scary part is i can't seem to assure myself whether it's a blessing or a curse to know who i like more
Hannah Anderson May 2014
You will learn how to sleep alone
how to avoid the cold corner but still fill a bed
always be friends with the broken people
they will teach you how to survive
you can love someone and hate them
all at once
you can
i have
you can miss them so much you ache
but still
ignore your phone when they hall
ignore them in the hall
You are good at something
whether it's making someone laugh or saying hello
don't ever let anyone tell you that you don't matter
you will always be hungry for love
even when someone is sleep next to you
you will envy the pillow touching their check
you will yearn for a love much bigger than you or i or him or her
you want a love of a higher power and a long life
you want serenity
and you want heaven
you want love
and life
and light

— The End —