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I was at twentieth crossing to twenty-first
when green lights turned baby blue.
In these places you are not
allowed to do anything
without regrets or financial plans that'll
be dismissed as Invalid.
You do not fit in like a
mulatto in these places,
For the 'dare' requests your opinions-
only to tell you how young
people like you shouldn't
be in places you live.
Nothing gets going for it's
either rocky or potholed In these places.
It's the speedy cheetahs like us
sprinting to faint in these places.
Places turning self-proclaimed lions into puppies;
Laughter Is a jewel and loyalty
becomes rare like everything else In these places.
You get to understand the materialisticness
of life In these places.
For those that you go with
will threaten to leave you In these places.
...This Is the best poem I ever wrote
Seanathon May 2019
I do not worship nothing
Because it's the opposite of something
Instead I find only slight praise in those moments
When a quiet something new emerges
From what I perceive to be
But probably isn't
Nothing at all
Nothing is something. How Intuitives write.
DM00 Apr 2019
Before a breath in, it is there—
muggy, swampy, heavenly.
Before a barefoot step outside, sweat folds
into the skin and won’t let go

that time they write about
is upon us.
Consider this the preface
to a 19th summer.

Where you sneak around
drinking sub-par humid beer,
stolen from the forgotten bucket left outside.
The June when you finally get to see
what all the fuss is about—
a sweaty push and pull you’ve wondered about
for years.

Freedom is before you,
released from the shackles of high school,
from a love that came too quickly,
and refused to leave.

get on that train,
into that car that you can finally touch;
do things with that boy you don’t love.

Home has never felt more like home
than when you’re on the porch,
venturing into a midnight
that is dripping with warmth
and the knowledge that never again
could you feel this young
and this old.
Gray Jun 2018
I can only name one person that truly knows me,
And that wonderful guy’s name is Toby.

Whenever i am feeling under the weather,
That guy is able to piece me back together.

Sometimes things happen to me that are very unplanned,
But luckily for me Toby is always there to lend me a helping hand.

Even if i am feeling even slightly lonesome,
Toby manages to make everything feel so wholesome.

I am always striving to be just like him,
Because then this big world wouldn't feel as grim.
If I am going to be completely honest, I literally just based this off my favorite character from The Office...
Ara Feb 2017
I am but a rose of beginning green,*
imprisoned to darkness all day,
within a monumental fiend,
who covers up the radiance that I want to give away

Occasionally a small opening would be sewn
into the darkness' fiery grasp
and your pure radiance could be shown
concealed in a kindhearted mask

Share your light with me
and for you I will light the way
wrapped in an unfamiliar livery
prepared for our intimacy till the end of our days

We will cross waters on a homebound stretch
and become fuel for our endurance,
so beautifully etched

I'll take my chances, following the sun
the garden we grow
means that together, we are one

Share your light with me,
and forever I will stay.
my petals can become your livery
we need each other, I daresay.
This poem was written for a class, and I will be turning it in soon. Tips/Comments/Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
I remember the day
I told you to go.

My heart was in pieces,
my chest was heavy,
Sometimes I wish

That day never happened,

because I lied.
I perch upon the purest of white star-grass heads within the pond so clandestinely hidden away in the green-lands.

Peering down at the glistening water,
My weight - though trifling - positions me at water's edge.
Here I shimmer in the sunshine,
The rays beating warmth upon my ivory skin and fruitfully embellishing a honey-glow within my hazel eyes.

I dabble my toes in the element beneath,
Giggling with embrace my wings ignite with golden dust.
Free of sorrow, filled with delight.
You flutter by my side, playfully grab my hand, place soft kisses along my arm and pull me from the star-grass to the sky,
Twirling my body,
Releasing a glitter of magic,
Initiating heated rosy cheeks.

Tickling my awe you draw me close,
Hands upon my waist,
Mine around your neck,
We spin together with the air.
You shoot your eyes of blue starry constellations into mine,
Expressing that cheeky playful smile,
I know within this innocent moment of endearing life that you are mine as I am yours.

Tummy choreographed to butterfly dances,
Shots of ferocious fire,
Your eyes soften as they soothe my nerves yet maintain infatuated excitement.
Your hands caressingly shift to my softly tangled fine hair,
Our tender lips lock as our eyes rest shut,
Emitting silver and golden beams into the sky, explosively scattering our dust across the land causing flowers to bloom from our love.
I was inspired to write something positive, something involving me and my loved one that remains innocent but reveals our eccentrically whimsical love.
Summer Lee Dec 2014
Inside I am a furnace .
A gun lights up the night from
A driver's side window .
Rapid fire flashes .
Firecrackers .
You duck ,
I doe .
Why am I not afraid ?
Don't look at the license plate .
Just the shiny thing .
Your jaw setting ,
Adrenaline in your veins ,
You scream .
Tell me what it feels like .
Maybe I'm insane
Or just high .
But your name fails me
And you are the rest .
Yelling with a beer in your hand .
I don't need your protection .
Inside I am a furnace .  
Not afraid in my own neighborhood .
Katelyn Arnold Nov 2014
from this distance, the town looked like paper shaped
into origami buildings. you could tell that everything
has it's own hue of smoke and mirrors, even though
all of us are made out of the same material.

the buildings were built to fall apart eventually,
like a tooth pick and marshmellow tower, and
it's all because the fragility of these things we
don't notice. we do not notice the frailness
of these things because we are desensitied
to the idea of things lasting forever.

you could see how fake everything has became
like a fog enveloping the town from this distance.
nobody notices the big picture because the small
things are always more difficult to ignore.

everything was made of plastic and paper, and the
only thing that wasn't fake were the memories
behind this town. people don't strain their necks
when looking back at this flash frame town.

they don't feel the need to.

- kra

— The End —