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Irene Poole Nov 2017
Passing headlights paint-
ing highways down shuttle aisles,
Whitney wants to dance.
This came to me when I was on the bus to the mall tonight and Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" was playing on the radio. Even the littlest moments in life can be poetic.
I'm good enough for the best
If I repeat that to myself hundreds of tines over I might believe it
Going to war with insanity
Is a common occurrence in my world
You don't want to land a Shuttle on mine
You'll be perplexed as I am
Not a good combination
Andrew Minter Jan 2016
The** Shuttle shakes and rumbles as it goes up.
You know you are going somewhere,
Weightlessness can’t be described
You Can drink up-side down. Drink water
Break crackers. floating crumbs get in eyes.
Take nap. Also a little sleep use it to stay stuck to same place while you slept.
Earth looks just like maps,
Only there aren’t any borders.

From raging fire
Heroic fates fall dire
Lives given flight
We shall forever be in your debt.
You will never be forgotten.

— The End —