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Kitten Yvad Oct 2020
and so i dream of filling my life
all the spaces her laugh
points to

so i dream of self affection
(all the hazy heat of a
milkywildflowered oatmeal bath)

all the attention i would wish
the capacity to shower her with

i dream up warmth and strength;
things her laugh points to
when i go inwards
and do the work,

in my mind
in the fields,

I have to do alone.
when I dream
she is the archangel Jeremiel
about a motherfigure or what I'd wish for in a motherfigure or what I would wish to give of myself as a motherfigure.
Val Vik May 2020
It was your heartbeat
The first sound I ever heard. . .

before I was born.
Haiku # 7
William Edwards Jul 2020
Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.

Thou eyes may shine bright,
Though the way you’ll see
Crosses in cradles
Several, nay all, sin ‘fore thee.

Your hands could be firm,
Though what should you grasp?
Little to hold onto,
Little will last.

Your ears may be wishful,
But what would they hear?
“‘Only’ thirty three deaths today”,
Not one reason to cheer.

You could have been my world,
I can’t raise you in this one,
I love you my darling,
I’m sorry my son.

Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop
When your beat goes,
The pain will all stop

Who am I to take a life?
I know not of the pain,
Do I own the right,
To take from thee, no name?

Your skin wouldn’t be fair,
Nothing in your life would be,
But polar opposites you’d bear,
In articulation you’d be free.
Perhaps we could escape the hate,
Escape the world’s woe,
God will have to hold the gate,
I cannot wait to see you grow.

Rock-a-bye baby, do not you fear
Never mind, baby, mother is near.
Kayla Chappell Apr 2020
I have so much love to give

Like the sun gives to us

A light so bright, we can't even see the other side.

But pieces of my heart
Have burned
And flown away
From ash to dust.

There's a light
that still shines through
In my hopes of belief
That there could be a me and you

I empty myself out
And let the universe fill me
With her maternal love

Each breath of oxygen
Mother Earth fills our lungs.

So we must thank her
And never forget
Her love is what keeps us
What bounds us
What keeps our hearts beating
As one.
an oldie but a goodie.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth and Laura, and all good mothers

Bring your peculiar strength
to the strange nightmarish fray:
wrap up your cherished ones
in the golden light of day.


Originally published by The Lyric

Keywords/Tags: Motherhood, good mothers, maternal, nurturing, caring, strength, courage, love, compassion, tenderness, human angels, golden light
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
I miss you mother.
Let me return to
The fetal position,
Nestled in you
Next to your heart,
Bathed in warmth
By the blood between us,
Clinging together as if
Our very lives depend upon it.
KR Aug 2019
You flew away before I was ready
My heart misses the flutter of your wings
My ears your sweet harmonies
Your memories are drowned in purple
I was your sunshine and now you are mine
Our beats syncopated
        I’ll meet your eyes in a different time
ALesiach Jul 2019
You were planned from the start
You, my little one
Treasured deep in our hearts

A precious gift from heaven above
You, my little one
Have our undying love

Feeling you move brings us great joy
You, my little one
Our precious baby boy

I pray every day God keeps you safe
You, my little one
I pray you find his grace

Be calm, my darling, it's time to rest
You, my little one
In my womb, your own tiny nest

My arms long to hold you, to feel you wiggle
You, my little one
To tickle your toes, to hear you giggle

I long to gaze into your newborn eyes
You, my little one
I would give my life

ALesiach © 07/25/218
ALesiach Jul 2019
Hush, my little one, sleep awhile,
Nestled 'neath my heart of love
I'll sing to you, sweet and low
'Til heaven streams, bright with gold

Hush, my little one, sleep awhile,
My love abounds to guard thy sleep
Drifting away 'neath silvery moon
While stars twinkle away your gloom

Hush, my little one, sleep awhile,
Tender kisses caress thy cheek
Hush'd by my gentle whispering
Lull'd in the land of dreaming

Hush, my little one, sleep awhile,
There is nothing to fear
While I am near
Hush, my little one, sleep awhile

ALesiach © 07/2018
Stella Jun 2019
I don’t have work
I don’t have school
I have no books to check in or out
Yet still,
you get to sit around
Look at me,
my swollen black circles
under my lifeless eyes

I’m so tired
I see the shy little nerd stacking books again

She’s my kryptonite now
Who knew leather books could be so comfy to lay one’s head?
It’s not cool being awake for over 24 hours driving through the day with coffee. You feel jaded but not in a good way
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