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JT Nelson Apr 3
Sit and listen
To the clock
The ticking
The tocking

Furnace fan
Droning on
In chorus
To the percussion of

The ticking
The tocking
Snapping off a beat
And fan’s low hum

A bird outside
Throws in a solo
A robin calling
For a mate

While I lay on my couch
And start to dream
About summer and
Not being told to stay inside

The ticking
The tocking
Time passing by the whole world
As we wait for the magical day

When the curve is flattened
And we’ve made it through
The ticking
The tocking
Just my thoughts as I lay here on my couch listening to the clock during the quarantine.
sunshine Nov 2019
sweet smells of chardonnay whispering
and him waltzing in from the kitchen.
as if Jazz had legs and walked by you
I smiled and he danced towards me.
so I said,

"paint me up a storm Cassanova.
Tell me all your secrets and your lies.
And if you don't come back tomorrow,
least I'll know we had a chance to say goodbye"

living room mess
curled up in a ball
talking like nothing's wrong at all

Nigdaw Sep 2019
I sit and eat potato chips
on my couch in front of tv
I am a cannibal
sofa surfing
channel hopping
media crawling
it's the only exercise
I get these days
too busy observing
to join in
my critical critique
leaves me astounded
as to how absurd the world can be
missed penalties and opportunities
keep me ranting
panting in disbelief
reality isn't reality tv
everybody becomes an actor you see
they're just not famous
enough yet to be celebrity
one of these days I'll make the news
headline report with shocking footage
couch potato ate himself to death
binging on a 52 inch flat screen.
Bhill Sep 2019
What is a dogs life
Eating, pooping and barking
Waiting for you to arrive
Checking out the garbage cans
Hanging around on the couch
Sleeping, sleeping and sleeping
Asking you to please pet me
Can we go for a walk now
Answering the door with barks
A joyous FAMILY member
A beautiful soul

Dog backwards is God
Very appropriate name
Cherish your together time....!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 238
The memories that pets can give you are wonderful. Cherish them always!
Seanathon Aug 2019
The deepest thing I ever experienced
Was a couch most comfortable
Found in a town which adopted me
Like a native sound
And most comfortable now, I be
Written on a couch, about a couch, on which I was found.
Elliott's Window Apr 2019
Sitting on an island
Between slumber and work,
Tuning into all the waves that pass me by
I’ve made my big decision
Reason firm set in my mind
But diluted by the breaking of the tide
Yonnick August Jan 2019
Sometimes I would deliberately sleep on the couch.
(weird behaviour, one would say)
But the couch had something different.
With just enough room so you don’t feel lonely,
and the same warmth as that of human skin,
I always slept well.

One morning as I’m paralyzed in sleep,
A grasshopper begun to challenge me.
It is as if she was defending her home,
It is as if she was letting me know she ruled these parts
(meaning the couch, of course)

In the dimness of the light, I saw her.
And in one full motion I swung, as she crashed into the wall,
Fixed my pillow,
and attempted to sleep once more.

It wasn’t over though, she came back with vengeance.
Landed on my ear with a droning sound, waking me,
as she flew parallel to my eyes,
where our starring contest lasted a good 10 seconds.

With intentions of finishing the grasshopper later,
Looking like a zombie, I made my way back to bed.
Admitting defeat over the battle of the couch,
I leave her with this win.
Wellspring Oct 2018
Bullet Sep 2018
Crashed on a couch
Sinking into the meaning
Of not having company
Can these waves cushion
My head
It hurts that the sofa
Can't float me to somewhere safe
Bring me somewhere were this
World can not take me
Bet you've seen the tides rip the light
But have you seen when the night light
Takes over your mind
And you can no longer sleep
On a pull out mattress
Nothing in this life really matters
Waves bring me to the next new thing
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