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Sitting on an island
Between slumber and work,
Tuning into all the waves that pass me by
I’ve made my big decision
Reason firm set in my mind
But diluted by the breaking of the tide
Sometimes I would deliberately sleep on the couch.
(weird behaviour, one would say)
But the couch had something different.
With just enough room so you don’t feel lonely,
and the same warmth as that of human skin,
I always slept well.

One morning as I’m paralyzed in sleep,
A grasshopper begun to challenge me.
It is as if he was defending his home,
It is as if he was letting me know he ruled these parts
(meaning the couch, of course)

In the dimness of the light, I saw him.
And in one full motion I swung, as he crashed into the wall,
Fixed my pillow,
and attempted to sleep once more.

It wasn’t over though, he came back with vengeance.
Landed on my ear with a droning sound, waking me,
as he flew parallel to my eyes,
where our starring contest lasted a good 10 seconds.

With intentions of finishing the grasshopper later,
Looking like a zombie, I made my way back to bed.
Admitting defeat over the battle of the couch,
I leave him with this win.
Wellspring Oct 2018
Bullet Sep 2018
Crashed on a couch
Sinking into the meaning
Of not having company
Can these waves cushion
My head
It hurts that the sofa
Can't float me to somewhere safe
Bring me somewhere were this
World can not take me
Bet you've seen the tides rip the light
But have you seen when the night light
Takes over your mind
And you can no longer sleep
On a pull out mattress
Nothing in this life really matters
Waves bring me to the next new thing
Andrew Sep 2017
I can't hear the choir from my couch
It becomes a funeral pyre in a pouch
Like the unnatural fire in my slouch
That is where I retire
To superficially admire
A world I'll never see
Placing trust in the screen
I'm as lonely as can be
Until couches set me free
From a life worrying about others
The couch becomes my banal brother
That is where I concoct my cowardly plan
To avoid my fellow meddlesome man
Living a life in silence
The couch creates pylons
Determining where I can go
Determining what I can know

This Ottoman Empire
Lights the world on fire
With cushions that fuel
Flames and drool
I attempt to stand
But life seems bland
With feeling constant comfort
So my personality I import
From the images on TV
And my brain it impedes
When I can't think for myself
I put my life on the shelf
And flee into furniture
The couch my burning cure
Christopher Sep 2018
Here I lay with you.
Just thinking about what we did today.
I enjoyed our morning drink and our daily talk.
Unfortunately, we missed our morning walk.

There were people coming to see you today and I didn't mind to let them say hey.

Bringing in meals and their feels but I couldnt relate as we had our morning coffee.

The afternoon breeze feels great today, you should come outside and enjoy this amazing day.
I've got your radio in hand so let's sit on the porch and try to understand why I love to hold your hand.

Today has been great but I can't say goodbye with a lullaby.
I'll sing it this time and don't worry, I memorized, rhyme for rhyme.

It's time to say goodbye.
I love you so much and I can't let go.
At least just one more cup before the road.
To keep you up.
And to hold you from slumber.
Just don't close your eyes and say goodnight.
This couch where we sat still feels the same.
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
Hours. Days. Weeks.

I can’t get the time back
spent on a nintendo DS
talking to no one
lost to myself

Don’t even like playing
but being in another world
where I could control my life
kept me there for months
Anya Jul 2018
Summers day
Soft white couch
Feathers make me sneeze
As the birds make their morning calls
The taste of time
So sweet
KAE Jun 2018
we were laying at the office couch
he came to me
with one hand he grab my wrists
and with the other hand he grab my hip
he brought his body to mine
and said “I want you and me to get laid tonight, baby girl”
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