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A storyteller and a survivor.
"everything is going to be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it isn't the end."


The alien who strikes out the young

You see young people don't understand
That aliens do exist, you can't see them
But you can hear them telling you what your doing is so right
You see you might be with some people
Who you learnt from your parents that are wrong
But the alien comes into your brain
And takes away your family loving nature
Thinking it is cool to get drunk and commit crimes
But the alien will make you commit crimes
And give you no reason to think it's bad
Instead of suffering in the mental institution
You think you are an oldie in a old persons home
And you are being looked after by nurses
But the truth is the alien puts weird thoughts in your mind
And makes you really really sick
I must admit that if you look back at my life
The alien was there a lot, because I had two special lives
Which I can call my own
I had the stay at home me, who was nice, gentle and loving
And then I had my hooligan me, who went out and caused havoc
At the time, I thought I could not make these two lives meet
And I could still be a hooligan and a family person
But the alien doesn't work it that way
He will make sure your life is a living hell
And if you want the two lives not to meet
Suddenly from out of the blue, they will meet
And you will be sleeping it off in psych wards
Or prison cells, or ******* in some predators car
And the alien will stop at nothing to make you suffer
So you need to get rid of the alien
Don't think you can fight this alien alone
You can't, if this alien is the only reason you drink
Stop, no matter what your genetics say
Because the aliens love trapping you in the genetics
He loves you to think that your family are happy to see you the way you are
He wants you to think your mother wants seafood platter at the club
Instead of inner happiness
You see the alien trapped me in 1989, making me want to
Do weird things to want to be cool, and making my friends
Who shared my visions for what they want to see in this world
I tried to get on well with them, but they found me annoying
And because they shared my visions, it looked like
They were teasing me, in the same way I was getting teased by my brother
But the alien wanted me to get teased
And made me think I was teasing, and my parents
Were worrying about the way I lived my life
Smoking and drinking, and being intimidated by people just like me
Every person when I went to the mall was teasing me in that way
And the alien was having a field day
Because I was doing everything to get me out of this world
And I will be ******* by aliens up in Pluto
And aliens kept me doing the wrong things
And slowly friends who were like me
Turned out being scared of me, like I would be scared of me
I can blame this on being teased at school
Or even being with a friend, who was f..n bossy as
Or being locked in a storage room at school
Thinking I would be there all night
But the alien tried to keep me away from enjoying life a mature way
Got me saying no to beautiful women and you don't know who I chose to perv at
I was silly, and I wanted the alien to get f..d out of my life
You see I saw myself as a little oool kid to the family
But the world saw me as a hooligan who made me too scared to be with the family
I found solace in a young friend who had psychotic thoughts
But he didn't share my views, so the alien told him
To stay away from me, cause I was letting him win
But I don't know why this alien has me, but I want him to get lost
Because really I want him out of my life
And into story books, you see it'll be fun for future generations
To try and fight this alien, cause if there is one thing I have learnt from kids
Is fighting aliens is cool, so if someone asks you to party with them
Only go if you really want to, because the alien curse isn't easy to beat
But we can, if you want, I'm not shy to beat him, are you
Amanda Kay Hill  Jan 2017
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
They are green little
Guys some are females
And some are males
They come in peace
And will not hurt us
That what alien movie
Teach us that they come
In peace but I know alien
Are not real but I let to
Imagine if alien was real
Will they be nice or mean
In your imagination that be
Nice or mean it to you if they
Nice or mean because anything
Can happen in your imagination
That you what do happen in your
© Amanda Kay Hill
brandon nagley Aug 2015
As being a European, a foreigner to this land
Not a native, as the original people who art still here,
I shalt speaketh truth, on a topic, the European's here
Don't speaketh of;

I seeith politician's, speaketh of building a higher wall
As tis their art already wall's, lining Mexico and the united states,
I seeith wall's, to tryeth and keepeth out, the original people's.
As tis so many I'll heareth, so many sayeth the quote: ( illegal alien's, art coming over here stealing work) huh? Illegal alien's didst thou sayeth? As if their from another land? Or planet?......

Yet the fact is;
Who art the real quote: ALIENS!!!!
Us, the European's, as tis not mine fault mine parents hath cometh here, as not the other European's fault
That their parent's hath cometh here,
As tis I hath Cherokee in mine blood as well, from mine mother;

Though fact is, here's the truth;
The disgusting fact, noone want's to speaketh of, in
Politic's, in religion, in media, nowhere, is this fact..........

The European's and rich men now leading the country
From the quote: founding Father's, which may be other's founding father's, verily not mine!!!!!! Hath built wall's,
To keepeth out the alien's as many calleth them, in actuality us European's art the alien's, the one's who stole their land, built walls, and fences, and hath polluted their water, wherein water was once blue and green here in the river's and stream's,
As for example; in the town I'm in now, Rossford Ohio, some left from the older generation around here in their nineties Or 80's told me and mine family, the river that sit's behind mine place, native river called the ( maumee river) one fifty years ago people swam in, it was blue they told us, thou couldst seeith the fish inside of it, as children wouldst swim it... Guess what? Now that same river, is brown, is polluted, is poisoned, with the glass factories mess , and dump from work site's, into that river..... It's sickening... As tis the land once was open, free, no border's, no fences, here's the good part, see, the chief's all along this great nation, they all hadst vision's, vision's of these white men coming, as they saw it in spiritual shamanic ceremonies, as they saw the land being stolen, their people murdered by the thousand's, they saw destruction, from what? Men thou calleth thine founding father's? Thieves that hadst cometh here, to build walls? And killeth the native people's who were slaughtered, brought disease, and put on plot's of land a mile big? If even that... As tis they used to roam free, now forced into gvt debt, and the quote founding father's ancestor's and politician's hath given them medal's, as if that wouldst healeth them? No!!! As tis even the natives won't speaketh on this topic much. Though some will.... Fact is , àll went downhill, since the quote: founding Father's raised their flag... On a land not their's, on a land, not mine....though noone speaketh of this harsh truth... History channel hath now shown, with other archeologists, that the original people, now in southern Mexico, the Aztec people, once cameth from the north... Northern America, as in Wisconsin, see, in Wisconsin, their art pyramid's down below a certain lake, rock lake is it's name... The pyramids match the Aztec style as tis there art writings to showeth their presence their.. As come to findeth out; there is a map, sent into a famous Mexican archeological historical advocate, the map showeth on it something the u s gvt hath hid, as they do such much hiding from all of us... The map showeth on salt like, in Utah, is known place for the original Aztec people, purely factual, the story was told, the chief of his clan Aztecs, told his people, that he kneweth the men wouldst cometh to steal the land, so he told them they wouldst stop where the eagle eats the head of the snake...... Wanna know something ironic about that? Well here's proof of that, where the Aztecs now reside, southern Mexico, well Mexico hath a flag, like all have flags... Guess what is on Mexico's flag? An eagle eating a snake head... As chief saidst.... As in old map found in Spanish letters written next to salt lake Utah, read the words ( aztec territory) yet hidden in history purposely, these are harsh truth's, some may not be able to handle this, but when thou calleth one an illegal alien, thinketh who thou art... We art the aliens... as we aren't meant for this land... Though not our fault we were born here... As we must go with the flow as they say... As I loveth this great land, though reality is, I don't belong here.... As tis mine religious  beliefs state anyways, this world is just temporary anyways, noone owns this planet... God does..  Not man...its sickening seeing seeing mine own leader's, building walls to keepeth out ( illegal aliens) as they calleth them, yet were the aliens.... The irony... All for their greedy purposes and power control the native population hath decreased over fifty percent..Or more then.... Yet we tend to think, this is our place.. . as tis the u.s gvt hath stolen native gold, from their sacred places.... Places not meant to be touched, or dug into, though it's the good warrior's like Geronimo who decided and decides to stand against more such thing's..... As a European, it saddens me to seeith what mine kind hath done... And in this great beautiful sacred land what they still do....... That's harsh truth.... Much truth noone sais . yet I'm one who the man who hath received that map of the Aztec's didst sayeth, he put it perfectly, he saidst ( border's art imaginary, border's art only in ourn mind's) how such truth..... And we wonder why there is differences....

That's harsh honesty.....

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
Know this won't be a popular one to good Americans, as I love all americans but truth is stated here... and harsh to some ears.. So before anyone decides to judge the poor Mexican farmer out in the field picking tomatoes for a lousy few bucks a day to send back to his poor family so they can eat... or a native American... Think of where your land got the corn u use daily.... And think where your at... That's truth..., as stated. Borders only exist in our minds.   Their are no borders.. Other than what man has made