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Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
Are you my muse?
Well, are You?

Every time we talk
ideas crop up

Sometimes crazy
sometimes not so much

But little flicks of light
like a runway

along the synapses
of my
frontal lobe

Or a light bulb might
show up
in a bubble
above my head

No matter how
No matter where

They insist on follow through

even though some fizzle
and some just outright die


So are you my muse?
I need someone to blame!
H Phone Jan 2018
“Oh, you’re baking a cake?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally leave the cake in the oven too long and burn it.

“Oh, you’re painting a banner?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally knock over a can of paint and make a mess.

“Oh, you’re moving some stuff?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally drop a box of fragile things and break them.

“Oh, you’re struggling with something?
I can help with that!”
I say as I accidentally say the wrong things and make you feel worse.

“Oh, you’re struggling with something again…?
I would help with that, but…”
I say as I try my best to help anyway.

Maybe I can’t always help, but I can always try.
hazem al jaber Mar 2017

No one can take a decision to love...

only love can do...

love only who has a rights to choose...

only its which select a lovers...

and drives the both to be in love...


sweet angel mine...

met you by a chance...

with no promises...

without decision...

loved you a love with no limit...

dreamt and saw how you look like before i met you...

touched me and felt within you before i talk to you...

with you only i felt with my entity...

felt how lover i am ..

with you,i taught how to get and to give a happiness..

with you only...

i am that beloved whom loved by you...



met you by a chance...

with no promises...

without decision...

loved you and your magnificent heart...

because you loved me as i did for you...


completely by chance we met...

but now...

with promise...

with decision...

to love and to live with you forever...

together in love forever...

by : hazem al jaber ...
crystallaiz May 2016
somehow, slowly
I fell out of it
maybe it was when
I opened my eyes to
prettier things, like
bicycles parked under
trees bearing red leaves,
like the way the willow branches
fell next to the lake, like
looking out of the window
at 6am and seeing the sky
light up, like
feeling the sun after the rain
the sweet humidity
maybe it was during all of those
moments, or maybe it was none
but I accidentally fell out of it
with you
I learned that promises made in vulnerability are like butterfly wings, pretty and fragile and do not last. I'd like to say I miss you, but the truth is, I really don't, and I'd like to say I'm sorry for that, but the truth is, I'm really not.
Toni Apr 2016
The world here and there
Crowded crowded crowded…
Accidentally if we see
Still we may be separated
Accidentally if you’re aware
Will you find a way to me?
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2015
You looked me in the eye
With the same smile you gave me
A long time ago.
You let me order your coffee for you
I knew which one
It's still the same
From a long time ago.

I laughed about the jokes you told me
You laughed at how unfunny
Mine were
And you playfully hit me
I frowned, you laughed,
I laughed, you laughed again
And said sorry
Just like you did
A long time ago.

The worst of it all
Was that when your hand
Accidentally brushed mine
I shivered
Just like I did
A long long time ago.

-- Eleanor
White Lphant Jan 2015
If only i can think of
something else.
But the truth is
that accidentally
i think of you everyday.

*Don't worry i just do it accidentally
Candiese Sep 2014
I know what you are doing
After all you told me so..
you told me without realizing

You advised my cousin to stay in her mess until she found her strength
You feel like this, us, is a mess, and well I guess I feel the same.

I thought that I needed you because ..
I just felt like I do.. did
but I don't need you
I mean
I did  ..I do

I love you,
But why does your love come with all this BS
Cheating, lying, fussing, fighting, crying..
You have no empathy for me
You hurt me and expect me to not complain

I know what you're doing

You are waiting on the right time
devising your plan to Leave
But the door is available for you now
You do not have to plot and scheme on a better way to hurt me,
You can leave in the morning
you can just leave in the morning. ..
Hannah Anderson Jun 2014
I think I
fell in love
with you

— The End —