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Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
Are you my muse?
Well, are You?

Every time we talk
ideas crop up

Sometimes crazy
sometimes not so much

But little flicks of light
like a runway

along the synapses
of my
frontal lobe

Or a light bulb might
show up
in a bubble
above my head

No matter how
No matter where

They insist on follow through

even though some fizzle
and some just outright die


So are you my muse?
I need someone to blame!
Danielle Mar 2018
Synapses roll off the tongue,
Stutter and glitch
Stut-t-t-ter and glitch
You a broken doll
With your bright brilliance.
I loved the character Glitch from Syfy's Wizard of Oz
LAlgaravia Feb 2016
Whenever my
gets attached to your
Little flowers blossom
from infinite branches
of my neurons.
Old notes from an old diary
For an old and eternal love.
Dellawhere Nov 2015
Which part of me would choose?
For it is cold in my mind and warm in my heart
If only I knew what goes on within your mind
So perfectly flawed

I could crawl into your brain...
The simple masterpiece of all I've seen-
" pure beauty" is a mere insult to the magnitude of its indescribable wonder

Peering through the amygdala
I'll see your past in awe-
At how it's brought you here,
A creature so wonderfully subtle with tongue
And bold in nature:
Sui generis.

I'd love to journey through the thoughts of you
Through and through I'd wander
And wander always turns to wonder

To be electrified by your synapses
And burnt into oblivion-
A million pieces of me
Becoming blended within
Something wholly powerful
Is but a dream
Locked behind
The gazing brown puddles
Reflecting the moonbeam
Anthony Perry May 2014
I was walking late at night and a group of guys came around looking for an easy fight, I kept my hopes up that they would leave but all they did was get in my face so I pulled up my sleeves, there was one on each side of me and a little one in the front, that's the one who was pushing me then grabbed my face and pulled me to his level so I could see him telling he'd **** me up like a ****, I ripped away and said dont touch me so he punched me in the gut, he just pushed me to my edge and my mental strings had just been cut so that's when I snapped, I went wide eyed, yelling and shouting, I picked up a heavy rock then hit him in the head and it went crack, red is flooding through his hair going everywhere and now he's screaming that all he's seeing is black, he's pleading but I just can't stop because I made a pact with the demons inside that are pounding on the walls of my heart making it feel like its under attack, the other two are backing away in shock with their jaws dropping every second like a clock, I must look like an animal but I'm just trying to fight the urge from turning into a cannibal except my brain is firing synapses like cannonballs so I'm finding myself chewing on his ear like I've got a pair mandibles, I'm a tried and true horror fiend, sticking my fingers in your eye sockets because you couldn't seem to see that I'm not what I seemed, all this blood on my teeth I'll assume you could see it gleam while I was chewing on his cheek, after gnawing on this guys neck it seems he has sprung a leak so I got up and stared staring, while laughing at the others I was yelling that I'm winning and I'm grinning because I'm feeling a little like Charlie Sheen with a presence of comfort and zen, after this fight I realized the box where I keep my sanity has got no ceiling since I'm beginning to chuckle again and again after seeing that all is left is just 2 and a half men

— The End —