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White Lphant Jun 2017
Vamos al final de la tierra
   a paso discreto
a velocidad del corazón
Let's go to the end of the world
White Lphant Dec 2016
I got you,
i don't need more
i got you
i got everything,

*not tonight
White Lphant Feb 2015
When the moon don't move
and theres
no place to hide.
These are the thoughts of a man who's hiding lies,
but the sun is about to arrive.
*Be a better person today.
White Lphant Feb 2015
The idea that we are getting younger
is silly,
but why ?
we do our best to be younger .
Every year,
we lose this battle.

*Why do we try
White Lphant Jan 2015
Feeling weak
around you is
when your heart
turns into a thousand pieces
is when you recognize
that it's tough love.

*****, i miss you
White Lphant Jan 2015
Words, words , words , words
Words can mean a lot to someone,
but if you don't feel it,
they won't mean anything.

*Must come from the soul
White Lphant Jan 2015
If you love me for the rest of your life , go ahead.
I'm not going anywhere.
Save yourself
of a broken heart .

*The truth is
I 'm the one who loves you
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