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romy Oct 2020
Now that we don't talk
I listen with my eyes
I look at heaven when you walk by

Whispered words stitch up my tongue
so I don't accidentally say how much I long
for you.
romy Sep 2020
a love like ours makes the moon hide behind the sun
and fireflies swirl across a river

electricity sparked through your fingertips
while I was counting droplets last night on our window
each shadow sliding down my cheeks
waiting to reach my lips

love like you makes me think
that the knots that tie us together are laced with gold

a love like ours doesn't exist in fairytales
because our secrets are passed on through the wind
and when I'm gone your fire will keep my ashes warm
leaving no trace of the love we left behind
romy Aug 2020
maybe I'm not meant to fall in love,
maybe it's not for me
to be a wife, mother or lover
to love or be loved?

maybe it wasn't the right time
the stars weren't aligned
maybe I wasn't witty enough
to play along with this endless game

maybe Cupid wasn't in my favour
ice cream melted in all the wrong flavours
maybe you weren't the one
but I thought you were

wherever you may be,
I hope I'm always your maybe
romy Aug 2020
Your strength is something I've always admired
you probably don't hear this enough
but, you've always motivated and inspired me
to push through dark moments

Your light keeps me warm when my heart is racing
and your breath feeds me new beginnings
helps me back up after I've fallen

You're absolutely beautiful inside and out
and it makes me happy to call you a friend
If I'm lucky, one day we'll get to meet
until then, don't forget how extraordinary you are

Talented, raw, inspiring and strong
Sending you my love and happiness

You have me here always,
If this finds you, I hope you know how important you all are.
romy Aug 2020
if I hadn't met you
my wings would be broken
the sky wouldn’t be as blue

If I hadn’t met you
I wouldn't stop to smell the flowers
or sing my favourite songs in the shower

if I hadn't met you
would I have known to say "I love you?"
romy Aug 2020
can I be your morning coffee
right when you wake up

and your warm cup of tea
before you go to sleep

wishing I was the cup against your lips
held right below my hips

can I be the tears running down your cheeks
and the shadow right under your nose

can I be the music you listen to on a rainy day
and the dimple right below your eyes

can I be your breath after walking up the stairs
and your late nights completely unaware
of all the things I want to be to you

can I be yours?
romy Aug 2020
like a flower I wither
when I'm not with her.
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