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May 2019 · 554
A Mother's Response
Dr Strange May 2019
Little bear, don't be afraid
Everything is going to be okay
The sun will shine once more and, the birdies well they're just sleeping
The waves are calm but they aren't gone

Little bear, don't be afriad
Everything is going to be okay
Just close your eyes and go to sleep
And when you awake oh, the joys you will see
In response to "a child's voice" another poem i posted on here years ago.
May 2019 · 218
Dr Strange May 2019
He...was only fifteen
A little boy desperately trying to become a man but... had other plans so he'll never get the chance
Now all he'll ever hear is that he is a monster
A killing machine because he betrayed his dreams
You see...he wanted to be a doctor
Instead he became a school shooter
Made the front page because he killed seven people
But where was his front page when he fed hundreds of homeless children
Or when the led the charge to fund the rebuilding of communities of hurricane victims
Was none of that front page worthy
Of course not,
because you rather hear about how the mighty fell instead of what made them so mighty to begin with
You rather feel like you're not such a ****** person because you're not out  here decapitating heads or molesting little children
Well congratulations,
You have successfully become part of the problem
Part of a society that glorifies mass murders and racist, sexist prickes
Yet ignore the good deeds of an everyday samaritan
But then again you're probably proud of that
So again congratulations
Sep 2017 · 385
Dr Strange Sep 2017
Dear Society,

When did we become soldiers instead of human beings
Game pieces instead of flesh and bone
When did we become so consumed  by hate
Seeking vengeance against those who just want to live their lives
When did our purpose become so blurred
Our faith sealed in a blood oath to die in pain and agony
When did we close our eyes to the truth
Allowing lies and deceit to corrupt our way of living
Oh society,
When did we become this
A pile of empty husk desperately clinging onto polluted air
Lost in a barbaric way of thinking as what makes us human slowly disappear
Sep 2017 · 481
Dr Strange Sep 2017
It's amazing how I call myself a poet
A master of words
Able to bend and warp them in ways you cannot even begin to fathom
But when I look at you, my mind reverts back to that of a toddler
Unable to comprehend what is happening right before his very eyes
It is as if your beauty transcends reality
Trapping me in this dream state with only one goal in mind
Making you mine until the end of time
So even when I open my eyes,
I could relive the moment your smile lit up the night skies
Sep 2017 · 395
Dr Strange Sep 2017
We never seem to have enough
So we gaze upon the forbidden skies, lost, confused
Unaware we are desperately clinging onto silence
Waiting, for when time meets its tragic demise
So I don't have a title for this poem yet and open to suggestions
Jul 2017 · 368
Dr Strange Jul 2017
Momma, I’m scared
I know you told me that I had to be strong,
But right now, my mind is weak,
As I imagine the world, you no longer exist in

Last night, I had a dream
At first, it was beautiful
You were smiling and laughing as you held my future child
Then, there was nothing, and that beauty became a dark abyss

The skies became as black as night
Birds began to drop like flies
A single wolf howled as it gazed upon its mother’s remains
And there you were

Screaming in pain and agony
Crying these tears that flowed like a calm river
Your eyes widened as you attempted to grasp my arm
Then without so much of a whisper the storm vanished, you vanished

The skies began to cry soaking my empty husk
The Earth crumbled beneath my feet, but I could not move
At that moment, I opened my eyes only to realize it wasn’t a dream
Rest in peace mother, I will never forget the promise we made
Just for the record, this poem isn't a completely true story. My mother just had surgery, but it was a success and she is fine. Thank you for reading
Jul 2017 · 383
Dr Strange Jul 2017
Dear Society,

When I was younger my momma told me, I was destined for great things
Then you came along and said **** that crushing all my dreams
Leaving me to cry blood tears in a street that wants to see me killed
Now you stereotype me saying from the beginning I was destined to fail

Wait what?!?!

In the beginning, I was strong and ambitious ready to stand up to anything
But of course, that was before you came around and shot my dreams in the head
It was an accident you said, but this “accident” cost me my mind
Besides, we both know that ******* excuse was a lie
What you really did was brainwash me so I could never come alive
Forcing me to wear this white mask so I would fit in with the zombie crowd
Well I don’t want to be a zombie I want to be free
So, **** your reconditioning and let me be


Doctor Strange
Jun 2017 · 407
Darling Cry
Dr Strange Jun 2017
I write this poem sad and confused
Lost in a dark world created by own light
I loved her
She truly was the apple of my eye
The spark that allowed me to fly
Now she is the demon that rips me apart on the inside
Stabbing me hoping I die
And it's not even her fault it's mine
All she wanted was someone to understand her
All I ever did was abandon her
Made her cry until the sky dried
Knocking her down until I was satisfied
I feel like a fool
Unintentionally used her like a tool,
As if she was just a *** I kept by my side
Now she is gone
Probably dancing with another man having the time of her life
Forgetting all about the guy who made her cry
Jun 2017 · 324
Dr Strange Jun 2017
A gentle breeze blows across a terrain engulfed in flames
Riding a storm that cages its victims in a shroud of doubt
Chaining its pray to the very earth that crumbles beneath their feet,
Causing their souls bellow and weep
The sky begins to fall, crying as the storm approaches
Casting a fear that strikes with no mercy
A little boy reaches out unafraid, unfazed by the destruction that has come to claim his home,
And whispers, "it's going to be okay"
Suddenly the sun rises, piercing through the darkness that left his village hopeless
And he smiled as the storm disappeared into the horizon
Brother poem of Hopeless
Jun 2017 · 463
Dr Strange Jun 2017
I find myself in chains walking across an open field
Drowning in a sea of my own doubt,
As life whoops me like a newly reformed slave
Systematically ripping me of my pride and high self esteem
Until I'm nothing but a mindless zombie with a soul
My heart shattered unable to comprehend why it was sentenced to die in the most painful way
Why it leaks a substance that resembles that of tar
Screaming in pain and agony as it is shredded for parts
I tried running away but my legs feel like jello
My mind won't function, it's too damaged by the blood infested whip that squeeze the life force out of it
And my soul just watches crying tears of blood,
Weakening every second of everyday as it trembles in disbelief
I want to go home, but there is no home for me to go to
So I just lay there rotting away until my damaged remains turns to dirt and blows away
Sister poem of hope
Jun 2017 · 336
Victim: Part Five
Dr Strange Jun 2017
That night I never made it home
I just ran as fast as I could in attempt to escape the darkness that was swallowing my heart
I could feel it breathing down my neck as it whispered "give in" into my ears
Warping my thoughts fusing them with the anger that existed in my soul
I ran until I couldn't run anymore
Wheezing and gasping for air until finally I collapsed
I closed my eyes to accept my fate and as I seeped deeper into the abyss a phrase slipped out forever resonated with me
I'm sorry, it had to be done
I let out an ungodly roar as my eyes changed to that of a killer
Dripping crimson tears from the cravouses that once leaked everything good
I had become a nobody
An empty shell of my former self
And most of all...
The monster I feared
They tuned for the continuation of the story
Jun 2017 · 364
Victim: Part Four
Dr Strange Jun 2017
But every monster has an origin story
How they came to exist in this cruel world
I became fed up with the pain that continuously stabbed me in my chest
I got tired of see my mother cry every night because my father beat her within inches of her life
Then school was no better
Everyday I would run and hide hoping they wouldn't find me
Screaming me in my head wondering why this had to be me
I didn't deserve this life
All I ever wanted to do was put a smile upon people's faces
But that dream seemed so far away
Because without fail they would find me just to beat with both words and fist
Robbing me of my pride and joy...of my dreams
Then would leave me for dead
 And I would just lay there and cry begging for someone to rescue me
But they would all just watch and laugh as if it was funny
All but him anyways but even he wasn't enough to save me in the end
They tuned for the continuation of the story
Jun 2017 · 440
I Lied
Dr Strange Jun 2017
Bunny, I lied
I told you that I wasn't in love with you,
When in reality you are all I can think about
My heart bleeds when you're not around,
And it cries when you talk about other guys
It drowns itself in its own sorrow
As it attempts to burn away the feelings that freeze my insides
I love you and I have for a long time
I love that laugh you think is so ugly
That beautiful mind you try so hard to hide
I can't help but to smile when you get all riled up
And when you call my name the angels sing a song so lovely
You truly are the apple in my eye, the love of my life
And I'm sorry I was so late
But now that you're here by my side
There isn't anything in this world that will get in between you and I
May 2017 · 332
Victim: Part Three
Dr Strange May 2017
It wasn't always like this
Once upon a time the sun shined where this bearing wasteland resides
Everything was peaceful, majestic I dare say
I wasn't this blood thirsty criminal who committed mass genocide
I was a sweet and innocent child who dreamed to be doctor
One who swore he would be the one to cure cancer one day
Causing tears of joy to rain down upon this desert we call home
But life had other plans for me
Hellbent on creating a monster who painted white canvases as red as a black beauty rose
So here I am...bathing in a pool of my victim's blood
Becoming the monster life wanted me to be
Stay tuned for the continuation of the story
May 2017 · 564
Victim: Part Two
Dr Strange May 2017
I remember calling for her
Hoping she would hear my screams over the cries of the angry mob
And for a second she stopped
As if she heard me and wanted to turn around but couldn't bring herself to do it
So instead she just glanced at the heavens as if she was praying
Reaching out in attempt to relinquish the pain that corrupted her soul
Before walking away never to be seen by my eyes again
I later heard rumors that she had died
That the pain was too much for her fragile heart
And on that night she shot herself as she laid in my old bed
Stay tuned for the continIuation of the story
May 2017 · 253
Victim: Part One
Dr Strange May 2017
They called me monster for what I did
Saying that I deserve to rot in hell and burn to a crisp
My own mother turned her back on me without shedding a single tear
And I just stared at her hoping she would understand
But...she just shook her head and walked away in shame
Never looking back, never viewing me the same
For in her eyes her little boy had died
Took a bullet right through his brain
And truth be told she isn't wrong
Her little boy was forever changed
Stay tuned for the continuation of the story.
May 2017 · 279
Victim: Part One
Dr Strange May 2017
They called me monster for what I did
Saying that I deserve to rot in hell and burn to crisp
My own mother turned her back on me without shedding a single tear
And I just stared at her hoping she would understand
But...she just shook her head and walked away in shame
Never looking back, never viewing me the same
For in her eyes her little boy had died
Took a bullet right through his brain
And truth be told she isn't wrong
Her little boy was forever changed
Stay tuned for the continuation of the story.
May 2017 · 201
Dr Strange May 2017
You walk around with mask upon your face saying this is who you are
Claiming that the mask unveiled your true identity that was once invisible to the naked eye
But at night you cry not knowing why your hearts drop every time you tell yourself this lie
Causing you to tremble at the knees as you look in the mirror unable to recognize the person staring back at you
That's when you notice it,
The crack in the mask revealing the scar tissue beneath
The blood that drizzled down your forsaken soul as it cries in pain and agony
The lies that unravel as the mask continues to crumble
And when the mask finally disintegrates, you faint
Traumatized you lay there in a pool of your own tears as you hold the imaginary gun to your head confused
Forcing you to take one last breathe before pulling the trigger
Killing a version of you that was never truly you
Mar 2017 · 619
Because of you
Dr Strange Mar 2017
I told them I was broken but they didn't care
They just laughed and mocked me until my soul disintegrated into thin air
Now I was lost...and confused wondering why am I here
Wondering why I even cared about these wretched fools

They beat me...

Punching me and kicking me until my heart became dull
Until my will to go on was holding on by a thin thread
Then stood above me just to spit upon my last bit of hope
Robbing me of the little life that pumped through my swollen veins

Now I'm dead...

I laid there like a mindless zombie just staring into their hollowed out souls
Thinking why me...Why innocent ol me?

Alas I rose...

I rose with eyes blacker than the darkest abyss
Blood dripping from the hearts of the demons that possessed my flesh
Knives seeping from beneath my rotting corpse
I'm going to **** you but you should know....

**This... is all... your fault
Across the board innocent people die because of the hearts of a few. It causes the soul to collapse into nothing but dark ashes that corrupts the mind. And whether you are an offender or witness, it is your responsibility to put an end to this epidemic. Stop the bullying , you never know if your life depends on it.
Mar 2017 · 725
Internal Death
Dr Strange Mar 2017
A single tear drop falls from the forbidden skies <br>
Flooding the earth with the pain from a single guy<br>
His heart betrayed ripped to shreds forcing him to hide <br>
He loved her but now she says bye <br>
And thus the sky continue to rain dry <br>
As he dies on the inside
Feb 2017 · 977
This place...
Dr Strange Feb 2017
How did we end up in this place
Trying to survive a war that exist because of greed
Living a life that is consumed by hate
Attempting to find joy that has eluded us for centuries
How did we end up in this place

We were once simple folks
Once upon a time we saw the rainbows and the unicorns that skedaddled in the wind
Now all we see is the dull black and white world
As we chose to focus on the corruption, the deception, and the perfect complexion
Completely ignoring the beauties in life
Forcing you to ask how did we end up in this place

We were once from a world where the little children can go outside and play in peace
Didn't have to worry about them ducking and covering praying this bullets didn't have their names written all over it
Didn't have to worry about mysterious people trying to ****** them up and force them into the *** trade
Once again forcing you to ask how did we end up in this place

We were once a family
If not by blood by relations
Starvation wasn't a thing that existed in our communities
If food was something you could not afford your next door neighbor had your back 
Offering you a four course meal even putting close on your back
So tell me...if this is where we came from
How did we...end up in this place
Feb 2017 · 298
Dr Strange Feb 2017

Momma, I'm sorry
I'm sorry that your little boy isn't so little anymore
That he turned into this beast not even you can recognize

I'm sorry that instead of coming to you for help like you asked him to
He turned to the street and is now trapped behind three walls and some bars

I'm sorry that you had such high hopes for him
Only for him to turn around and let you down beyond your wildest dreams

I'm sorry that he hurt you so badly
I swear it wasn't his intention to do such a thing

So momma, I'm sorry


Father, I blame you
I want to believe that you tried to be there for him
But please answer this where were you

Where were you when momma was crying in pain and agony
On her knees bleeding from her heart as her soul disintegrated

Where were you when momma lost her job
Forcing us to beg and cheat just so that we could have something to eat that night

Where were you when momma finally lost her mind to the darkness that tortured her
Causing her little boy to be motherless and symbolically hang himself

Where were you when the blood gushed from our shattered beings
When we could no longer take the continuous lashes life granted us

Where were you when we needed you
No where to be found and that's the truth

So father, I blame you
Feb 2017 · 376
Story Time: Part One
Dr Strange Feb 2017
When I was a kid...I was innocent
Believing everything was just perfect,
Or if it wasn't perfect, it would work out when the time called for it
However, when I grew up that innocent mind died
Shot at point blank range right in the eye
Causing me realize that society was ****** up  from the inside
Crying tears that was made up of this substance that leaked from other bloodlines
Now I sit here wondering how did I miss this as a child
Was I that naive that I believed everything was made up of sunshine and rainbows
Completely ignoring all these ugly *** fuckboys and ***** hoes
Now I'm just soaked in my own rage and regret
Failing to determine if I'm just getting angrier or if society is getting stupider
So I just scream at the top of my lungs screams
Falling through the ground still pondering as to what happened here
No seriously, someone please tell me what happened here
Jan 2017 · 365
Lost History
Dr Strange Jan 2017
Is it wrong to feel afraid,
To feel as if your whole world just got turned upside down

Is it wrong to feel as if you fell from heaven
Just to burn alive in the vast pits of hell's fire

Is it wrong to cry blood tears
After you watched everyone you cared about perish

Is it wrong to feel as if you failed them
Because they are no longer here to cherish this victory

Is it wrong to call this a victory
When you lost it all to history
Nov 2016 · 800
Societal Slave Trade
Dr Strange Nov 2016
I'm only human
But I feel like the world expects me to be a God
Refusing to accept me because I'm not like them
A puppet with strings sticking out of his broken limbs
A pretender hiding his face behind the white mask of solitude
Walking the same beated path the rest of you slaves do
I'm sorry world but I rather not be a slave to society
Because I'm own being who travels the road less taken
A being who paves his own destiny with every step he takes
Because I'm the master of my fate and the captain of my soul
And I refuse to be a piece of lettuce in another's salad bowl
So instead selling myself out like a ****** on the side of the road
I'll be a king who sits on his own throne
Oct 2016 · 1.6k
Random words deep meaning
Dr Strange Oct 2016
Let my heart write from my soul
And soul be relinquished from the chains that buried it  beneath the ashes

Let my mind speak for itself
And not hide behind the diamond walls that glimmers in its wealth

Let the raging fires burn
And dry up the tears that drowned thee within the shadows of the darkest abyss

Let tho be free from the tyranny that posses thee
And not be the pathetic slave society expects him to be
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Letter to Gramps
Dr Strange Oct 2016
Hiya gramps,

It's been a long time since I said hello
Not that I forgot about you though
It's just that things have been going kind of slow
I miss you, you just don't know
Honestly wish you never had to go
Life would have been so much easier wouldn't you say so
These tears wouldn't be flying like rain drops in the sky
Wouldn't be clinching this string so tight
Struggling not to say forget it all and just die
Belive me it's rather tempting but I could never bring myself to do it 
Always thought about that deathly frown you'd give me
And that judgemental shake of the head
Followed by the famous "I love you, but you got to try again"
Well anyways I just wanted to say hi I'm doing fine
You'd be so proud of me if you were still alive
For you and I I'll survive
Rest in peace grandpa I love you so much
Sep 2016 · 385
Chained Freedom
Dr Strange Sep 2016
They never told me that it would be like this <br>
They only told me that my freedom would come out of it <br>
So I said hell yeah for my freedom I'd do anything <br>
Thinking it wouldn't be too extreme <br>
But I was wrong <br>
This is an atrocity <br>
A blood bath of the epic proportion <br>
I didn't sign up for this <br>
Didn't agree to hear their screams on the other side of the seven seas <br>
To turn on the tv and see the catastrophic event I  caused with my own two hands <br>
All I wanted was to be free <br>
Not to be chained to hell's gate with restraints made of my own flesh and bones <br>
What have I done
Sep 2016 · 317
Dr Strange Sep 2016
It's not over <br>'s seriously not over <br>
It's amazing how defiant we truly are <br>
How we somehow manage to channel our inner stubbornness no matter the circumstance<br>
No matter how ****** up of a situation we slowly drowns ourselves in<br>
And we are the key to the future <br>
The truth is we're nothing but a joke <br>
We are supposed to be great all mighty being that achieve greatness in its purest form <br>
Ones who are supposed to bring forth a new era of prosperity and tranquility <br>
Yet...we can't even get pass killing one another for the hell of it <br>
What greatness we turned out to be <br>
Then we turn our backs chanting our hypocritical speeches <br>
Saying we demand peace and equality <br>
Completely ignoring the obvious solution <br>
The world can't won't change unless we change ourselves<br>
So let me end with this a question<br>
Are you willing to change...<br>
Or are you just that contempt with the failing reality?
Aug 2016 · 387
Roses are Red
Dr Strange Aug 2016
I swear I haven't gone insane <br>
But it seems insanity is what the world is accustomed to <br>
Allowing hell to roam freely through our streets <br>
Flooding homes with nothing but darkness and despair <br>
Killing off the innocent <br>
While allowing the wicked reign over all with an iron fist <br>
It all happens so often <br>
It is as if this was how life was meant to be <br>
Plunged into chaos <br>
As it paints mother nature red to resemble that of a <br>
Rewriting a story that always ends the same <br>
A story of no mercy <br>
Not even to the children who now lie lifeless in their own beds <br>
As a mother holds their severed heads close to her ***** <br>
Hoping they'd hear the sound of her heart beating and rise from their own ashes  <br>
But even she knows it is too late for their poor innocent souls <br>
Causing her to cry blood tears as red as a
Jul 2016 · 440
Dr Strange Jul 2016
It's funny how the past comes back just to haunt you
Wrapping its arms around you as if the two of you are best of pals
Just before sinking its sharp teeth into your flesh and bones
Causing you to scream ****** mary begging for it to all go away
But it never does it just goes deeper and deeper and deeper
Until you're on your hands and knees
Crying blood tears from your blackened eyes
As you look down into the reflecting pool wondering why me
Why me...
Struggling to reach out to the other where the grass seems greener
Not realizing it's just an allusion
But it doesn't matter now
Because you have already fallen victim to the demon seed
Jul 2016 · 399
A Chid's Voice
Dr Strange Jul 2016
Mommy I'm afraid
The sky seems so dead these days
As if all its joy has just gone away
The birdies don't sing no more
And the waves don't crash like they use to

Mommy I'm afraid
The world seems so dead these days
As if all its joy has just gone away
But where ever the joy has gone to
I just hope it's not there to stay
Just imagine a a little boy or little girl saying this in the most innocent way possible.
Jul 2016 · 721
Mommy im a nerd
Dr Strange Jul 2016
I have an important annoucement to make
An announcement that will leave many of you stunned
I just can't hold it in anymore
It rampages in my heart and soul
Like a never before seen angry beast
So here I go a nerd
There I said it
It's out now so let it be known
And for now on it will shown
The result of me being bored at 2am
Jul 2016 · 610
That Night
Dr Strange Jul 2016
She will never know that I still love her so
That I would still give her the world if I could afford to do so
All she knows is that I became this ******* and told her to go
So she pushed me away shouting I hope you burn
Not realizing that my heart and soul were already engulfed in flames
As I secretly cried saying I hope you find mr.right
She doesn't know how I spent the rest of that night
That I watched her walk away until she was out of sight
Before collapsing to my knees and began to cry with all my might
Check out the test of heart broken poems at

Jul 2016 · 785
Tears from my eyes
Dr Strange Jul 2016
I kept telling her that she could do better
That what she sees in me is nothing but an allusion of her own making
I just wished she would have opened her eyes sooner
Just so that she could see me as the monster I truly am
So she could see that I actually never gave a ****
That I just used her because she allowed me to
What a selfish ***** I am
I never loved her
Then again...
All of that is a lie
I thought that I could give her the world
That I was the right guy for the job
As time went by I started to realize
That was an allusion of my making
I could never make her smile wide enough
Couldn't really give her enough
Tearing myself apart from the inside out
So ever night I cried myself to sleep
Thinking **** what do I do
What do I do...
Didn't have a clue
So I burned away all her memories of me
Making it seems like I was just a monster who hid behind the scenes
Became something I wasn't to give her a chance
But till this day...
Till this day...
I know I did the right thing
I let her go so she could explore the world
Actually see it with her own two eyes
But still...
I can't help but to cry
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Jul 2016 · 4.7k
Dr Strange Jul 2016
DBM a man
No, I am a black man
One who walks around with this curse mark upon his hand
As he is drenched with this scorched abomination
Frowned upon by society as if his very existence is a sin
As if he asked to be born this way
Well newsflash for all naive buffoons in the world, he didn't
Now I'm a being who can envision himself soaking in his own blood
Always afraid to walk out his front door  because if he does...
He becomes public enemy number one
Forcing him to duck behind cars
Trying to dodge the bullet he got beaming towards his head
I'm a dead man walking attempting to live a normal life
But according to society I can't
According to society I'm a foul beast who acts on impulses
And goes on a rampage because simply can't help it
So I must die before I'm even given a chance to prove myself a man
Check out the rest of my black lives matter poems at

Jul 2016 · 369
Dr Strange Jul 2016
Pass me a beer
Maybe the whole case while you're at it
Now leave me be
Allow me to soak in my own ***
As I drink my sorrows away
How did things come to be like this
Too weak too tired to even take my next breathe
I just want to disappear into the mist
Say goodbye brushing it all away
Never has the sunset seemed so dull
So full of tears that resembled broken souls
It's actually kind of beautiful
Sad but still
Jul 2016 · 827
Dr Strange Jul 2016
I don't have the answers
If I did I wouldn't be in this situation
Sitting here with a blank sheet of paper before me
Looking at the moon wishing it could speak
So bad I wanted to impress you
But at this point I'd be impress if you even noticed
I mean look at you
You're like goddess
One who was put here just to make everyone jealous
You're so perfect
That smile
Them eyes
Even the way you sneeze has a certain cuteness to it
I know this is sounding kind of corny
So I guess it's a good that this is just me thinking to myself
Though for the records my thoughts speak the truth
You're just beautiful in everything you do
Jul 2016 · 427
The story with no ending
Dr Strange Jul 2016
So this is happening
This is really happening

We call them soldiers
Killing machine that fight for peace
As everything around them is blown to smithereens
They die for a good cause we like to say
Not truly acknowledging that sacrifice they just made
Their dead...
The blood that trickles down stream clearly indicates that
That's something we have become too acquainted with actually
Never truly had a problem with leaving our own behind
Even though in the beginning we preach just the opposite
****, we're sick
Infected with this disease to send one another out to die alone
As we watch them cry begging go home
But there is no home, not for us
If we don't win there will only be misery
Blood rivers that come together to form masses big enough to drown in
But it's the same story even if we do win
Nothing but death

**to be continued
Just a story that has been ignored as many times as it been told
Jul 2016 · 6.1k
Violent no more
Dr Strange Jul 2016
Shots fired
Another black kid lays dead upon the ground
Tragic, so tragic indeed
Move along nothing to see here
It is just another black boy soaking in his own blood
Nothing major
Wait what...!


we really are nothing aren't we
A waste of air and space apparently
Oh lawdy now the black community is mad
Let's start riots and destroy our own stuff
Yeah that'll surely get the white man's attention


**** we really are stupid aren't we
No wonder they are killing us off
What sense does that make
One of our own gets shot by the opposite race,
Which somehow causes us to gain this desire to open the gates of hell
The logic is too real
This what white man get for letting us out of our cages
Yeah that was said
Sometimes I believe we should just go back to our slave days
At least back then we were somewhat domesticated
Because now we're just acting like frightened animals
Oh, that boy was shot and killed by that white man
Let's burn everything to the ground
The black revolution has begun once again
Only this time it is just stupid
If you're going to do something that could possibly change the world
The least you can do is do it right
Stop the violence
Both black and white
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Jul 2016 · 789
Broken Smile
Dr Strange Jul 2016
She use to smile, ya know
In the distant past anyways
Never let anything take that smile from her
Until those days...
Until the days she watched parents get taken away
She was 12
Watched her dad get gunned down at point blank range
And her momma...
Well her momma went insane
Took her own life in vain
She got ***** 30 times a day
By ten different guys all ending the same way
So can you really blame her
She just couldn't take it anymore
It wasn't until 10 years later she finally got away
But she was forever changed after that day
A cold blooded killer
Drained all of their life force away
Now she doesn't smile
Forever remembering the days she was taken away
Forever remembering the days she escaped
Jul 2016 · 537
Dr Strange Jul 2016
I believe in miracles
Better yet...
I am a miracle
The fact that I stand before you preaching these words
Instead of crying my final tears as the blood gushes from my open gun wounds
Well what does that tell you
That I somehow managed to avoid the wrong places at the right times
Or that I'm a coward who never leaves the comfort of his home
One who doesn't willingly subject himself to the cruel ways of society
As we all watch my kind get squashed as if we were born to live this way
Afraid to walk outside our homes everyday
Because if we do...
If we do...
We become public enemy number one
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Dr Strange Jul 2016
Black lives matter
The ******* they chant
They say peace and equality is what they seek
Half in which don't even know what they speak
Seeing the opportunity to riot and act a fool
Giving the white man more ammunition to eradicate like they wanted to
Using us and our "protest" as an excuse to pop a cap in our ***
Just to watch us bleed out until we lay in our final beds
And here I am waiting for the breaking news
The black race has gone extinct
So I can be the fool who yells out

"I so called this too"

As my ghost floats to join the rest of you
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Jul 2016 · 963
Dr Strange Jul 2016
We use to be a strong team
Unbreakable or so it seemed
I remember all the laughs we once shared
All the wars we fought as a family
We were inseparable
Now it's seems we vanished from the face of the earth
I don't know what happened to us
Don't know how are once entwined lives because so distant
But I just wanted to send this message to all of you
Just to say I haven't forgotten about y'all
And that I miss you guys
May we rise once again
Jul 2016 · 375
Depression Wins
Dr Strange Jul 2016
There are some wounds that can't go untreated
But even when they are treated it doesn't make a difference
Because the pain has already embroiled its mark upon the host's soul
Feeding upon its strength until there is nothing left
Causing the sorrow to spread like spores as it claims its next victim
They're all dead now
Nothing more than a pile of empty husks clinging upon the dust
Slowly fading away into the wind
Until even the empty husk no longer remain
Jul 2016 · 3.5k
Life clock
Dr Strange Jul 2016
I sometime wonder is it worth being black
Always fearing for your life even when you're trying to the right thing

I sometimes feel like I should just pull the trigger myself
The white man going to do it anyways so why let him have all the fun

I sometimes feel like that cliff is my best friend
Seems like it's the only offering the freedom that of my dreams

I sometimes wonder why this is even up for debate
The answer to me is rather clear just need to pick the date
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# blacksaga
Jul 2016 · 2.0k
Dr Strange Jul 2016
They put guns to our heads and tell us to surrender
Return to our cages and do as they bid
And if we disobey they unalive us
Putting bullets through our heads chanting you won't survive this
As they hang us from ropes and call us suicidal
Saying we had a hard life and just couldn't do it anymore
Writing our suicide notes and pinning them on the door
As we just cry from our ghostly bodies saying we didn't deserve this
But these days no one cares to hear the truth
For they're too busy laughing at how low we stooped
The truth is they don't respect us
But what does one expect when we don't respect ourselves
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Jul 2016 · 2.1k
Dr Strange Jul 2016
I want to blame the cops for the crimes they committed against my kind
But at the same time...
I can't ignore the crimes my kind has committed against it's own kind
We go around popping caps in our brother's and sister's head
Just to get the dollar they got stuffed in their pockets
So can you really blame the cops for being afraid of us
If we do that to our own kin...
God only knows what we'll do to them if we get the chance
So truth be told if we want change
We have to change as a people
And stop blaming them for the things we caused
Black lives matter
But thing is...
We have to believe that ourselvesl
Jul 2016 · 2.0k
Not long enough
Dr Strange Jul 2016
I can't breath, I can't breath!!!
But because I'm big and black they continued to terrorise me
Choking me until I seized to gasp for my final breathe
Now I'm dead
Looking down from the heavens wondering how could this be
How could this be?
So let me get this straight
I died for so called selling illegally
And you would think it was at least **** I was selling
I was selling the american dream of creating
Creating a profit..
To take care of my family
Then they shot me
And I couldn't stop it
I saw death as clear as the time
What is this

And if that's not a crime
Then what is...

I told him I had a gun
Even asked him if I could get my license from my pocket
He said sure why not
But as I proceeded to reach for my pocket he shot me anyways
Now I'm dead
Looking down from the heavens wondering what did I do
What did I do?
Why am I looking at myself stained red
I got pulled over for a taillight but ended up satisfying someone's bloodlust
There wasn't even a fuss
But look at me now
Dead six feet under

And if that's not a crime
Then what is...

Can't you see
They're picking us off one by one
Getting off scott free by saying they feared for their lives
What about our lives
Shouldn't we be the ones panicking behinds our guns
We can't even take a jog down the street without being accused of something
Don't we have rights
Last time I checked we're human too
Not animals who deserves to be stuffed in cages
And poked with sticks like they did back in the ages
So how do we evade this
Better yet...
How are we supposed to survive this
Black lives matter
How many times do we have to say this
Jul 2016 · 1.7k
Just Friends
Dr Strange Jul 2016
So it's late
Time for bed but I can't sleep
Instead I'm up writing these poems meant for thee
Poems you'll probably never get the chance to read
So I mine as well burn these words
Just to watch them float away in the simple breeze
Because you and I will never be
We're just friends...
But I guess that's the tease
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