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May 2019
He...was only fifteen
A little boy desperately trying to become a man but... had other plans so he'll never get the chance
Now all he'll ever hear is that he is a monster
A killing machine because he betrayed his dreams
You see...he wanted to be a doctor
Instead he became a school shooter
Made the front page because he killed seven people
But where was his front page when he fed hundreds of homeless children
Or when the led the charge to fund the rebuilding of communities of hurricane victims
Was none of that front page worthy
Of course not,
because you rather hear about how the mighty fell instead of what made them so mighty to begin with
You rather feel like you're not such a ****** person because you're not out  here decapitating heads or molesting little children
Well congratulations,
You have successfully become part of the problem
Part of a society that glorifies mass murders and racist, sexist prickes
Yet ignore the good deeds of an everyday samaritan
But then again you're probably proud of that
So again congratulations
Dr Strange
Written by
Dr Strange  Atlanta
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