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Being practical is not really easy
It depicts you as sassy
People think you don't have heart or feelings
But they forgot it takes a lot of courage to control your feelings.
It's like you are dying to do something
But your practicality resisting you
Also people taunts you about it
It catalyse the pain.
No-one can understand a practical person expect another practical person.
Sometimes practicality can save us from many problems.
What choice have I?
Presented with my dreams in waking light.
What hope have I?
I could not resist you with all my might.

What choice have I?
When looking at your face makes me crumble?
What hope have I?
In your stare I forget to be humble.

What choice have I?
When the years denied me beauty like this?
What hope have I?
When I’d given up on the perfect kiss?

What choice have I?
You’re fire and light of the brightest star.
What hope have I?
I can’t believe just how gorgeous you are.
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Ma Cherie Jun 2017
I am but a poet
it is sad
but it is true
an my story
is older than time,

back before the age
of everything known
I was already taught
in the rhyme

I must have been born again
and again returned I am
to this thing
I am but a poet true
who's song
is what I must sing

I mean it's not as if it's a choice.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Idk lol
Sally A Bayan Sep 2016
I'd like to cover
our concrete fence
with white paint all over
it is right now, choking
with an overgrowth of healthy moss...
i intend to wipe the spreading green
off its surface
::::::::::::::::::: seems too cruel, though,
plucking....scraping....or pulling something
.....away from its habitation,
......................its comfort zone
i thought it similar to something
that had happened a long time ago... left us with no choice,
.........we had to leave the house
where we were born
my mother, my siblings and i,
we moved in
....with my aunt and her family, a faraway place
things weren't the same again
.............after my father died...


Copyright September 15, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Dr Strange Jul 2016
She will never know that I still love her so
That I would still give her the world if I could afford to do so
All she knows is that I became this ******* and told her to go
So she pushed me away shouting I hope you burn
Not realizing that my heart and soul were already engulfed in flames
As I secretly cried saying I hope you find mr.right
She doesn't know how I spent the rest of that night
That I watched her walk away until she was out of sight
Before collapsing to my knees and began to cry with all my might
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Dr Strange Jul 2016
I kept telling her that she could do better
That what she sees in me is nothing but an allusion of her own making
I just wished she would have opened her eyes sooner
Just so that she could see me as the monster I truly am
So she could see that I actually never gave a ****
That I just used her because she allowed me to
What a selfish ***** I am
I never loved her
Then again...
All of that is a lie
I thought that I could give her the world
That I was the right guy for the job
As time went by I started to realize
That was an allusion of my making
I could never make her smile wide enough
Couldn't really give her enough
Tearing myself apart from the inside out
So ever night I cried myself to sleep
Thinking **** what do I do
What do I do...
Didn't have a clue
So I burned away all her memories of me
Making it seems like I was just a monster who hid behind the scenes
Became something I wasn't to give her a chance
But till this day...
Till this day...
I know I did the right thing
I let her go so she could explore the world
Actually see it with her own two eyes
But still...
I can't help but to cry
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Her heart pounds uncontrollably
         Thoughts are spinning
She cannot fathom
                a right choice
   So she purposely
       silences her voice
           Why should she go through
    pain for others
When no one will walk through fire
        for her
Why should she get out of the rain
            and thunder
     When everyone shows her
            nothing but anger
   Life is not what SHE chooses,
         she has no say
The only choice she can make,
       is her dying day
           She'll be forgotten
    from then on out
Only memories of a
               pathetic useless girl
       Little did they know,
her pen met paper every night
      So she left words of sadness
for the whole **** world

— The End —